Garden Pests

The term 'garden pest' generally refers to whatever is not wanted in the garden. Specifically, it tends to include destructive bacteria and fungi; invasive plants; and voracious bugs, birds and animals. Questions typically refer to a pest's characteristic presence, potential damage, and timely control.

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Garden Pests

What bugs will attack a cilantro plant?

Bugs that attack cilantro plants are fungus gnats.

Garden Pests
Rabbits and Hares

Can rabbits eat parsnip?

no if you do your rabbit can get sick

Garden Pests
Rabbits and Hares

How do you stop rabbits from eating your lawn?

Sorry, but you have only one option - a rabbit proof fence. But hey, they are just looking for food to survive!

Garden Pests

Why do stink bugs even exist?

Feeding chains and food webs describe why stink bugs exist. The members of the Pentatomidae family function as prey to arachnids such as spiders, crustaceans such as pill bugs and insects such as parasitoid wasps and wheel bugs. Many irritate people by preying upon plant parts even though some serve as ingredients in Asian cuisine and as predators of voracious caterpillars.

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Pest Control

How do you rid the garden of frogs?

By violent means - which have equally "violent ends"* - the gardener or cultivator may get rid of frogs (order Anura) within the garden.

The frogs may be rendered hungry by removing their mosquito and slug food sources. Just remove as much moisture as possible. Stop supplemental watering. Break down all water features, swimming pools and natural water bodies.

Render the frogs homeless by removing their preferred habitats. Specifically, increase the amount of impervious surface, against all possibility of underground burrows. So link the indoors with such "outdoor rooms" as patios, gazebos, gardens and decks. Build such gardening structures as potting sheds and greenhouses. Add paved footpaths and enlarged driveways.

Render them helpless by resorting to chemical controls of garden problems. Frogs easily may secrete defensive toxins. They just as easily may absorb environmental toxins, such as pesticides. Specifically, they tend to be as sensitive as such other beneficials as bees.

Render them frightened by killing all their eggs or by installing whatever traps or controls are recommended against nuisance populations.

The choice of any one of the above means may be understandable within the context of having to fill up frog holes or risk ankle injury by walking through them. But the holes serve a purpose. They actually are access points for the frogs to overwinter underground or between the roots of trees. In other words, the frogs are just doing what they can to survive.

So if none of the above appeals to the gardener or cultivator bent on control, there is another more environmentally-friendly possibility. This approach is based on what those frog holes do for the soil. Specifically, compacted soils that prevent adequate movement of air and moisture are side-effects of the development that allows civilization and its contents (and discontents). Frog holes create air and moisture spaces for the soil and its soil food web of plant roots and underground critter.

So another option is respecting the good that frogs and their holes do and just patiently filling in each hole with your favorite plant.

*William Shakespeare, "Romeo and Juliet," II:6:9-11.

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Lawn Care

What animals dig holes in backyard?

All types of animals dig holes. According to where you live, you may have groundhogs, gophers, moles, and chipmunks, just to name a few. If you have any of these and have dogs, the dogs may be trying to dig them out.

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Food Poisoning and Foodborne Illness

Are gnats harmful if they get on your food and you eat the food?

Yes! They carry many germs. Don't eat after bugs! This is common sense. No offense.

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Will acid decompose a dead animal in a roof vent pipe?

Yes, acid will decompose a dead animal in a roof vent pipe. Lye or refined lye caustic soda will dissolve organic materials without hurting the pipes. But the best way to remove the obstruction would be the hook end of a coat hanger, the retriever head of a sewer snake, or the treble hook of a strong cord.

Garden Pests

How do you keep lizards away from the house?

Lizards are harmless and help keep the your home and garden free of insects. However, if you would rather not have lizards in your home, make sure that you have closed all holes that may lead into your home. Having plants too close to the house may also encourage the lizard population. They are relatively easy to catch and relocate, however.

1)Keep your house insect free close each room everyday and spray insecticide. I have my house done by a company once every three months no lizards, mossies or any insects. 2)To drive away common house lizards it would be handy to try this method..

its very time consuming to drive away the lizards using peacock feathers,empty egg shells or other repellents!!!...

so what i would suggest you is dat to deal directly using a vacuum cleaner through which it can hardly elude the sucking pressure..

if you dont have one (vacuum cleaner) ask your servant to drive away those lizards using a broom stick.. 3)Keep peacock feathers near the places where you have observed lizards and they will get out from your home.....try it 4)cut onions into halves, n place these halves (or u can even cut an onion into quarters, actually) on high on top of a tubelight or bulb or chandellier..anyplace where the lizards can smell it..u'll soon have all the lizards scampering outta your house.

5)You can make a duplicate insect made of cotton tied with a string. wet it by water and through it on the wall, keep one end of string in your hand and wait for the lizard.the lizard will try to swallow it mistaking it to be an insect. Now you can pull the string and catch the lizard in a bag to through it away.

But mind well, don't kill it. Just through it away because killing animals is not god. you know! TRY IT 6)keep your house insect free close each room everyday and spray insecticide. I have my house done by a company once every three months no lizards, mossies or any insectskeep your house insect free close each room everyday and spray insecticide. I have my house done by a company once every three months no lizards, mossies or any insects

Garden Pests
Lawn Care

What makes silver dollar-sized holes in lawns?

Maybe what's making holes in your lawn the size of a silver dollar are bugs or something like that. Just fill them with fresh dirt and put grass seeds in it. If it doesn't work just call someone who is specialised in those kind of things. They could really help you!

Squirrels and birds when digging for nuts and worms usually make small holes like that. Or it could be gophers and moles.

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Garden Pests

How do you kill frogs in swimming pools?

Although frogs in your pool are inconvenient, there is no health risk due to the pool chemicals. You just remove the drowned frogs.

You should check your yard for standing water where the eggs can hatch and tadpoles mature. If you do not have this, then the frogs are migrating toward your pool for some reason. If you leave the lights on, that attracts bugs and the frogs come for the picnic. Clear out any weeds and debris in your yard. Some believe using ammonia based fertilizer is a deterrent. Also, a wooden or block fence will prevent frogs from coming into the area.

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Lawn Care

How do you rid the lawn of crayfish?

Crayfish, as mole crickets," can be deterred with environmentally safe pesticides. Crayfish as small lobster-like invertebrates can be used as bait.

Garden Pests
English to Italian

What is 'tulip' in Italian?

'Tulipano' is an Italian equivalent of 'tulip' [Tulipa spp].

The Italian word is a masculine noun. Its singular definite article is 'il' ['the']. Its singular indefinite article is 'un, uno' ['a, one'].

It's pronounced 'TOO-lee-PAH-noh'.

Garden Pests
Gophers and Groundhogs
Pest Control

How do you capture a groundhog?

A cage that contains favorite woodchuck foods, such as clovers and dandelions, and that will be transported to a safe home range away from problem areas, is a way to capture a groundhog.

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Garden Pests

What are tiny flea-like creatures in the pool that get in your hair after swimming?


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How do you get rid of squash bugs?

Basal traps, canola and horticultural and neem oils, crop rotation, diatomaceous earth, floating see-through row covers, litter pick-up, manual removal, mulched newspaper, natural enemies, resistant cultivars, soapy water, squashing boards, and vine trellises are ways to get rid of squash bugs. The insects in question (Coreidae family) congregate around plant bases, which can be cleared of bodies in the morning by removing and replacing mulched newspapers or board traps. The most effective treatments demand early intervention against eggs (by horticultural oils or manual removal) and nymphs since adults are crafty in seeking the more inaccessible garden debris and plant parts.

Garden Pests

How do you get rid of scissor bugs?

kill them

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Slugs and Snails

What does a garden slug look like?

A gray and yellow-striped tube with a black-and-blue head topped by two sideward-leaning tentacles describes a garden slug. The shell-less gastropod in question (Gastropoda class) measures anywhere from 0.25 to 2.0-plus inches (0.64 to 5.0-plus centimeters) in length. It uses file-like mouthparts when feeding and will be recognized by the silvery, mucous-y, slimy trail in its wake.

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Does termites eat acacia trees?

YES THey do well im guessing so ..........yea

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Chickens and Roosters
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How do you kill wild chickens?

The same way that you would kill a regular chicken. Grab and snap its neck.

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Food Chains and Food Webs

What do aphids eat?

Plant fluids are the foods that aphids consume. The insects in question (Aphidoidea superfamily) have piercing, sipping moouthparts for puncturing plant tissues in leaves, stalks and stems. They prey upon the nutrient-rich, up-flowing xylem and the sugar-rich, down-flowing phloem that keep plant interiors developing as life cycles and natural histories intend.

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Fruits and Vegetables
Pest Control

How do you rid the orchard of birds?

Hanging shining things such as empty foil pie plates or IrriTape foil strips, making branches stickily unpleasant with non-toxic BirdProof spray, and using netting are among the best ways to rid orchards of birds.

Garden Pests
Organic Gardening

What does sclerotinia sclerotiorum need to grow?

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, like many other fungi, need moisture and available nutrients (carbohydrates) to germinate. They then invade nonliving organic matter, and use this as a base to infect living plants.

It is impossible to remove all support for the scelrotia as this would kill the desired plants.

Tilling or hoeing the soil around the plant can spread the sclerotia by making its spores airborne and by damaging stems and roots.

The opportunities for sclerotia growth can be reduced by spacing plants out and clearing material from underneath them to allow free air circulation and drying.

Care of Rabbits
Garden Pests
Rabbits and Hares

What will protect your lettuce from wild rabbits?

Spread fox urine and fox hair around the garden.

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Butterflies and Moths
Tree Care

Can bagworms kill trees?

Yes, bagworms can kill trees if they are not controlled by removal or sprays.


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