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Slugs and Snails

Characterized by their shell and slow movement, snails are a common garden dweller and even a delicacy in some countries. Snails without shells are called slugs.

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What role does the shell play for the snail?

they are their home to protect them from predators. I also provides support for their orgns and muscles. ...
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Can garden snails hear?

No. Gastropods do not have any sensory organs for hearing.
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Control reproduction of fresh water snails?

Next to impossible. I pull out as many as I can whenever I do a monthly cleaning of my tank. That, coupled with frequent gravel vacuuming and the immediate removal of any egg sacs you find, is probably the most efficient method. Another trick is to put in a piece of lettuce or cucumber, wait 30 minutes to a couple of hours, and take out the vegetable and all the snails on it, then throw it away. You can also put...
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Why do slugs and snails eat food?

to live just the same as you
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What is the slowest moving land animal?

Slugs are actually the slowest moving land animal. Others on that list include sloths, giant tortoises, starfish and manatees. ...
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A snail is climbing up he manges to climb 3 feet each day but at night he has to rest?

Snails are nocturnal, so it is probably climbing 3 feet a night and resting in the day, ...
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Do slugs eat delphinium flowers?

No, slugs are generally found in moist, damp environments. Wild delphinium flowers grow in meadows and meadows are not a suitable environment nor are they damp and moist enough for slugs to thrive in. ...
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How do you tell a gender of a slug?

Slugs are hermaphrodites. This means that every slug is both male and female. ...
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Why do snails eat fish?

If your snails are on your fish then it is a sign they can't find any other food so they are most likely eating the algae off your fish which ends up killing them because it removes the protective slime on the sides of your fish. ...
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How the snails body get supported?

Snails use their shell as the primary structure for their muscles to attache to. this provides a rudimentary skeletal support system. ...
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Who buys snails?

Anyone who likes snails like to buy them.
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What is the fiercest animal on earth?

killer whale, leopard seal, but I would say the honey badger is the top fiercest animal around. ...
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What is a buccal ganglia?

These words had to be defined before the question could be answered. So, defining the two terms: "Buccal" means "mouth" and "ganglia" is the plural of "ganglion" which is "a group of nerve cells" that is sort of a "sub" brain. So... the buccal ganglia are a two (one on each side) ganglia located under the back of a snail's mouth. They control the eating movements of the creature. ...
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Do slugs eat ferns?

Yes, some types of slugs DO eat ferns. There are several different types of land slugs, so the answer to the question of what do slugs eat depends on which slug you are referring to. The Selenochlamys ysbryda, also known as the ghost slug, can grow over two inches long. It is white in color, and actually is nocturnal. Due to its color and its nocturnal habits, it was named a ghost. It is a carnivorous slug, and feeds upon earthworms....
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Baby put a slug in mouth what will happen?

take baby hospitle you dont know if slug got a dissess call lungworm which could slowly harm baby you not herd the story a true story a little girl put a slug in her mouth trying eat but could not weeks later she got very very ill. ...
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What is the locomotory organ of snail?

The contractile motions of the foot of snails and other mollusks provides locomotion. ...
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How do you keep a pet snail?

Get a container with some holes punched in the roof (not too big or the snail might escape) and fill it 1/3 - 1/2 with soil or compost. Put some places for yourpet to hide-rocks and vegetation are a good idea. Then for food, some fruit like strawberries or some damp paper or cardboard. Hope this helps! x ...
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Can snails and goldfish live in the same tank?

yes they can they can because the fish wont harm the snails anytime or day. the fish dont really notice the snails they just think they're rocks ...
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What is the study of snails called?

Malacology Here's the link:
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Are snail eggs white?

Sometimes but they can be other colours.
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What do snails eat?

There are two very basic kinds of snails. Some snails live on land and the second basic category of snail lives in water. Land Snails like damp spots, especially in the garden. These snails eat decaying vegetation, fungi, lichen, plant leaves, damp paper and cardboard. Becuase these snails live in the garden and feed on garden plants, people often consider them a pest. Snails also live in a water. People can use them in an aquarium and they live in the wild. These...
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What do apple snails eat?

Most apple snails are plant eaters that eat a wide range of vegetation. You can feed them common vegetables and fish food. ...
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Who are sea slugs prey?

What I think is that slugs are almost the same as insects so I would say they belong to the insect family. ...