A tomato is a red fruit popular in many cuisines worldwide. The United States recognizes the ingredient as a vegetable but because of its seeds, many consider it a fruit.

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What is fruit resembling tomato popular in china and us?



What causes leaf curl on tomato plants?

Environmental stress from bouts of cool rainyweather, herbicide damage, severe pruning, sucking insects and viruses tend to cause tomato leaves to curl.

Yo-yo watering and severe pruning may cause a tomato plant temporarily to develop thick, leathery leaves that curl upwards. In this case, the plant shows no effects on flowering, fruiting or growth. The plant should re-adjust within the week.

Herbicide damage, particularly from 2,4-D, may cause tomato leaves to curl first downwards and then upwards. In this case, the plant may show such effects as cat-faced fruit, stunted growth and twisted leaves. If the exposure is mild or minimal, such effects aren't seen, and any damage will be outgrown.

Herbicide damage may take place a couple of days after the original lawn treatment. It also may occur if the treated lawn is mowed and the clippings are used as mulch.

Sucking insects such as the sweet potato whitefly[Bemisia tabaci] may remove the nutrient-filled products of photosynthesis from a tomato plant. That's why the leaves that they so attack end up yellow in color and deformed in appearance.

Insecticidal soap is an organic control to the pest while an insecticide with the active ingredient esfenvalerate is a more potent control that yields more immediate effects. Insecticidal soap may be used up to the day before harvesting the fruit. With esfenvalerate there must be a day wait between the treatment and the harvest.

Viruses may cause a tomato leaf to cup first downwards and then up. The most recent and most problematic is the Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl virus. It's transmitted by such sucking insects as the sweet potato whitefly, which should be treated as listed above in the paragraph. Accompanying damage to the rest of the plant depends upon when during the tomato plant's growth the virus is transmitted. So it's possible that flowers may or may not wither and that fruit may or may not set.

The presence of the virus is encouraged by such weeds as jimsonweed [Datura stramonium] and nightshade [Atropa belladonna]. As long as such weeds and such plants as the tomato share space, gardeners need to consider the possible continued presence of the Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl virus.

Leaf roll, or leaf curl, is a physiologic distortion that may develop with periods of cool, rainy weather. It cause the lower leaves to roll upward and become thick and leathery. Leaf roll does not affect plant growth or fruit production and requires no treatment.

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Tomato leaf curl can be caused by a variety of things of which bugs (usually aphids) are only one. Look at the underside of the leaves that are curling. If you don't see aphids, it will either be normal for the leaves to curl or you have a fungus/viral problem. Tomato leaves curl naturally if it's too dry, too hot, too humid or too windy. In other words, the leaves will tend to curl if growing conditions are not optimum for the plant. If it's too hot and dry, water more deeply. If it's too wet, water less frequently (make sure you water deeply though). You can tell if it's a viral or fungal problem by looking at the entire plant, especially the leaves. Tomato leaves differ in color dependent upon the plant. There are some varieties with deep green leaves and others have lighter green leaves. If the leaves are lighter in color than they should be for that variety of tomato, you probably have a viral or fungal infection. The same holds true if you have spotting on the leaves. Cut off a small branch and take it to your local nursery to see what they recommend for your area of the country.

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How do you mince tomato?

how you mince a tomato is with a sharp knife.

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What percent of a tomato is acid?

About 0.2 to 0.4 percent acid (based on citric acid). It decreases as it gets riper.

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Can cento canned tomatoes spoil?


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I have a recipe that calls for a lug of tomatoes as a measure. What is a lug?

A lug is a container for packing items. It is 161/8 x 13 1/4. When used for tomatoes it holds approximately 32 lbs.


How do you get rid of white lice on tomato plants?

throw em away /fp

7 dust


Are wrinkled tomatoes safe to eat?

I found a recipe for them- was wondering the same thing, I haven't found anything else about it, but roasted tomatoes sounds good.

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Can you substitute half and half for milk in canned tomato soup?

I would say yes. My cousins were heating some up and we were out of milk and they used the (last of) half and half. They gave me some and were making faces and smirking. I think they thought it would taste nasty, but it was quite good.


Why are some tomatoes yellow and not red?

there are different types, and the different colored ones are usually heritage breeds or from different parts of the country. Some of them have very unique flavors that are good for many different recipes.


What is a sepal in a tomato plant?

a sepal is the outermost part of a flower and is predominately green and can be free or fused. Sepals are the green leaves that are basal to the flower petals. collectively the sepals make up the calyx.

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How long does tomato paste in a tube keep?

Ask Rachel Ray, she uses it all the time. Although, before using it again, I would squeeze a little out first before using what you need. I would think it would last at least 3 to 4 weeks.

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Why is there a tomato fight in Colombia annually?

The annual tomato fight takes place simply for fun. It is derived from a similar event in the town of Buñol, Spain.

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Did Andy Warhol paint the logo for tomato soup?

no he did not

However, he created a famous pop art painting using the Campbell tomato soup label as his inspiration.

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What is the procedure and what materials are needed to make dried papaya leaves into organic mulch for tomato plants?

Take the Fresh or Semi-fresh leaves and bury them in about 1/2 ft. of fertilizer and sit inside in a window of direct sunlight for about 2-3 maybe 4 weeks.

This method above will compost the leaves in your house.

Normally, to use any type of leaf as effective fertilizer it will need to break down. You could put down a layer of the dried leaves on a day with little wind. Then I would recommend covering the dry leaves with a layer of Compost Mulch to prevent them from flying away.

This is more effective over a wide area. So it depends on the size of your Garden.

Dried Papaya leaves can be used as a base for an organic mulch for tomato plants by crushing and shredding the leaves and placing them above the topsoil and below the mulch.

Tree leaves draw minerals up from deep in the subsoil, and deposit them on the surface when they fall, where microarthopod "shredders", bacteria, fungi, and red compost worms break them down so they can enter the soil again.

They can be an excellant mulch for tomato plants, as long as you lay them down in thin layers--about 1"--with a dusting of manure or soil between layers. After you lay down the manure or soil, water each layer thoroughly. If you lay down one thick layer, they'll form a slimy mat that makes it harder for water to reach the roots of your tomato plants. Thin layers with soil or manure in between will prevent this.

Do 2 or 3 one-inch layers, and put a thin layer of soil or manure on top, to keep the leaves from blowing away. Water thoroughly.

WARNING: Do NOT use walnut leaves (they release jugonesinto the soil, which inhibit the growth of plants, especially nightshades like tomatoes. Also avoid aromatic leaves of herbs, and any poisonous leaves, like oliander leaves.

Mulches help prevent the soil from drying out too much and eventually the mulch is broken down by soil organisms - worms etc - and become part of the soil organic matter. Dried leaves would provide nutrients - that are in the leaf - for the soil organisms.

Papaya is a shortened way of referring to the papaya tree [Carica papaya]. Papaya leaves are the large, seven lobed individual shoots of green colored foliage on the woody branches of the papaya tree trunk. The leaves are allowed to dry out after they're picked off the branch, or from the ground when they fall. Organic refers to something that's naturally occurring, that isn't made in a laboratory. Mulchis a ground cover that's put on top of soil in order to stop weeds from growing, even out soil temperatures, and control moisture levels. The tomato [Solanum lycopersicum] is a vegetable that's seeded, orange to red in color, and high in vitamins. Plant is a non animal that may move in the sense of spreading by roots and seeds, but basically gets its food and grows by staying in place.

A three-inch (7.62-centimeter) mulch of dried papaya leaves is considered an effective organic mulch for tomato plants.

Specifically, organic mulch is applied to regulate moisture levels, temperature ranges and weedy growths. It typically is made from bark and leaves. It will be considered successful when desirable heights are attained by the stems and proper sizes are realized by foliage and fruits.

That they're an organic mulch that affects soil pH and soil structure is the reason that dried papaya leaves are an effective choice in terms of tomato plants. Specifically, foods and soils may have a pH that's acidic, alkaline or neutral. Papaya is an alkalinizing foods. Its dried leaf mulch somewhat raises a soil pH. The result is a soil pH that's heading more towards the neutral range around 6-6.5 or 7. It's actually in that range that many plants prefer the soil pH to be

Additionally, organic mulch contributes to soil structure. That means that the soil becomes better drained, healthier and more fertile through the breakdown of natural materials. Good drainage, fertility and health make for happier, healthier plants in general and tomatoes in this particular instance.

Papayas and tomatoes have the same preferences for soil pH: 6.0-6.5. There are 16-18 nutrients in healthy soil. If the pH is incorrect, some nutrients may be present but unavailable to the plant. For tomatoes, lack of calcium or magnesium may be a problem. Specifically, lack of calcium is behind blossom-end rot. Dried leaves are sources of carbon. Organic matter improves soil structure and therefore fertility. The structure allows for the best pore space arrangements for air and water. Mulch keeps weeds from competing for nutrients and water. It holds moisture in the soil. And it evens out temperature extremes. No plant handles yo-yo moisture and temperature levels.

It always helps to keep things simple. An organic mulch that's papaya based doesn't need sophisticated equipment, complicated procedures, or big budgets. All you need are the leaves and a place in which to dry them. It can be as simple as a container, or a space, in the basement or shed. The place needs to be protected from air, light, moisture and temperature extremes. Once dried, the leaves may be placed as is, or they may be crumbled up, by any means from manually to mechanically, as with a composter.

Using organic mulch causes little to no damage to the soils and crops. The composition that enables dried papaya leaves to be used as an alternative organic mulch is three inches of thickness of the dried papaya leaves. The papaya leaves contain no papain enzymes and are large.

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Why tomato and chili are called fruit?

I don't know about chili, but a tomato is called a fruit because it has seeds.

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How can you make rejected tomatoes into flour?

Tomato PowderDry them thoroughly in open sun. When they are completely free from wetness and odor, powder them in a blender. You could also use a dehydrator to dry the tomatoes.

What is tomatoes Provencal?

They are a tomato dish from Provonce. Cut fresh tomatoes in half, core them and stuffing them with bread crumbs, herbs, garlic and cheese. Bake in the ovcen till golden. A yummy side dish!


How do you install plant stakes for your tomato plant?

One suggestion:

It's probably best to drive your stakes when you plant your tomato plants to prevent root damage once they've began growing good. Drive the stake into the ground 3 to 6 inches away from the tomato plant. Be sure to drive them far enough into the ground that they are stable and not wobbly. When blooms begin to appear on your tomato plants, loosely tie them to the stake, starting at the bottom of the main stalk. It doesn't matter what type of twine or tie you use, but a good suggestion is to use pieces of old pantyhose. They are soft, and they stretch without cutting into the plants. As your plant grows, add another tie, tying the plant higher up onto the stake.

Another suggestion:

Depending on the type of tomato plants you are planting and how large they will grow as to what type of staking you will want to use. For instance I have tomato plants that are 8 feet tall. I have used bamboo. You can wither stake them as stated above or you can make a type of trellis for the plants to grow against. You can also use wire fencing that is 5 to 6 feet high and put around the perimeter of plants. The wire holes need to be large enough to pick your ripe tomatoes. Hope that helps. ( Most of the time individuals that grow bamboo are always happy to let someone cut and harvest due to its quickness in growing very tall in one season, about 15ft or more).


How many tomatoes equal a peck?


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What is the middle part of a tomato called?

The pulp.


What are the different methods of ripening tomatoes?

* Place them in a paper bag or even just a bowl with fruit that is already ripe such as bananas, apples and other tomatoes. This allows the ethylene naturally produced by ripe fruit to ripen the others. This is preferable to the artificial ripening done commercially with ethylene which produces fruit that look ripe but are hard inside.

* I pick all my tomatoes just when they begin to change color. They are still green and I take them inside and place them upside down on a beach towel. You can wrap them as green and they will last for up to 3 months before ripening in newspaper. If you place a ripe tomato with unripe ones, they will ripen faster. === ===

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Can tomato skins be left on when canning tomatoes in water bath?

Does not matter one way or the other. They will get just as hot and seal the same way regardless.

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What do you mean when you say 4 ea ripe tomatoes?

ea is the abbreviation for each, which is the unit of measure in your example. It means use 4 ripe tomatoes.


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