Sauces and Gravies

Sauce derives its name from a Latin word meaning salted. Sauce is used in different countries in different ways but has normally the same thin consistency. Sauces can be served hot or cold and can be made from a variety of ingredients more well known are mint sauce and tomato sauce. Gravy on the other hand is usually made from the juices from cooked meats incorporating flour and milk to make a thicker gravy to accompany meats such as roast beef, pork and chicken. Gravy is coloured brown by the use of sugars contained in the meat juices that are caramelized to a brown colour. Gravy is then thickened with flour and butter known as a roux. Not all sauce contains a roux such as apple sauce which is often served with roast pork. Although we might think they are the same both sauce and gravies can be made and used in totally different ways. One sure thing no matter sauce or gravy, they both add to the flavour of the dish being eaten. Did you know a chef, who is solely responsible for making sauce in commercial kitchens is known as a "saucier."

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Sauces and Gravies

Is mariana sauce the same as cocktail sauce?

No, marinara sauce has herbs and simply cooked tomatoes. Cocktail sauce has horseradish in it. I don't recommend alternating them.

Sauces and Gravies

Why does white sauce go runny in a fish pie?

Most likely, the sauce went runny because there was too much liquid when the pie was made, or because the pie didn't have enough starch in it to help thicken the white sauce. Also, if the fish in the pie is still releasing juices during the second cook, it could thin the sauce as well.

There are a couple of ways of dealing with this, depending on your recipe. You could always make a roux, an equal mixture of butter and flour, brown it in a small saucepan to remove the "flour" taste, and mix it into the white sauce mixture. Alternatively, you can mix some cornstarch in a small amount of cold milk, then mix that mixture into the white sauce (don't use "hot" milk, the cornstarch will seize up immediately). Assuming the fish pie recipe has potatoes in it, be sure and use a starchy potato like a russet in the recipe. They will release a limited amount of starch into the pie as they continue to cook.

Whatever you do, don't make the sauce as thick as you want it to end up before you assemble the pie, moisture will evaporate and it will become thicker, and then it'll be clumpy. You have to experiment a bit, maybe start 1/2 as thick as you want, and see how it comes out once the assembled pie has cooked.

Or you could do as I do, and pre-cook the fish, then all the liquid will come out, do not overccok though

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Sauces and Gravies

What sauce could you serve with pesto stuffed chicken breasts and roasted vegetables?

Either a light marinara or a nice cream sauce would be good.

A little pesto mixed with a little more oil would work too, add olives, capers, onions or pinenuts (pignoli) to dress it up a bit maybe too.

Sauces and Gravies

Can worcestershire sauce go bad?


Sauces and Gravies

How many type of gravy?


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Sauces and Gravies

How do you keep lemon cream sauce from separating?

Adding acids to milk products can be tricky. There are a few tips that will help.

  • creams are more stable than milk
  • thicken your sauce before adding the acid (lemon in this case)
  • reduce the amount of lemon you use and replace part of the juice with the zest
  • remove the sauce from heat and allow it to cool a little before stirring in the lemon
Sauces and Gravies

Is there alcohol in Worcestershire sauce?

The ingredients of a traditional bottle of Worcestershire sauce sold in the UK as "The Original & Genuine Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce" are malt vinegar (from barley), spirit vinegar, molasses, sugar, salt, anchovies, tamarind extract, onions, garlic, spice, and flavouring. The "spice" and "flavouring" is believed to include cloves, soy sauce, lemons, pickles and peppers. Notes from the 1800s were found by company accountant Brian Keogh dumped in a skip, which he rescued. The documents are to be placed on display at the Worsestershire Museum. Apart from distribution for its home market, Lea & Perrins supplies this recipe in concentrate form to be bottled abroad.

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In addition to the above and more specifically to the question, No. As listed above is 'SPIRIT VINEGAR' which could very well be a by-product of a distillation of (as in our area) ethanol, and there are many uses from the start of grains (corn, wheat, barley) to end product. Spirit vinegar is just one. No true ALCOHOL for consumption.

Sauces and Gravies

Can you use marinara sauce on pizza?

Yes, most people actually prefer marinara.

Sauces and Gravies

What is continuous stirring necessary when preparing white sauce?

The reason you have to stir the white sauce continually is so it doesn't get lumps through it and so it gets thicker :)

Sauces and Gravies

Brown stock can make what sauce?

If you are referring to the Five Mother Sauces, then, brown stock can be made into Espagnole sauce, by adding roasted mirepoix (onions, carrots, and celery), as well as a rich brown stock, and a dark roux... Tomato can also be added, if desired. Once you have made the Mother Sauce, there are many derivatives that can be made, such as: Demi-Glace (a reduction of Espagnole, that is much more flavorful), you can add Mushrooms, and Sauce Diable (which is the Demi-Glace, with chiles, tarragon vinegar, and shallots added)... You can pretty much add any of your favorite ingredients to the Espagnole, to create your own sauces.

Sauces and Gravies

Is oyster sauce halal?

It depends on the sauce ingredients. You may check it the product label or from the producer. however, eating Oyster is halal as all kinds of sea food.

Quran says:

أُحِلَّ لَكُمْ صَيْدُ الْبَحْرِ وَطَعَامُهُ

مَتَاعًا لَّكُمْ وَلِلسَّيَّارَةِ ۖ وَحُرِّمَ عَلَيْكُمْ صَيْدُ الْبَرِّ

مَا دُمْتُمْ حُرُمًا ۗ وَاتَّقُوا اللَّـهَ الَّذِي إِلَيْهِ تُحْشَرُونَ ﴿٩٦﴾

Meaning English translation:

{Made lawful to you is the fished of the sea and its food, an enjoyment for you and for travelers. But you are forbidden the hunted of the land whilst you are on pilgrimage. Have fear of Allah, before whom you shall all be assembled. (96)}

[Quran, chapter 5, Surat Alma'eda, verse 96]

Sauces and Gravies

What is the meaning of 'roux' in cooking?

A roux is a sauce made by melting butter, then adding flour or cornstarch, which is stirred in over heat and a liquid then whisked in to thicken. Usually flavoring is added to the flour (dry granules,and /or spices) or the liquid could be the source of the flavor. It is used as a thickening sauce and adds creaminess to foods.

Sauces and Gravies

Why is flour used as a thickening sauce in a white sauce?

because it absorbs some liquid and therefore makes the sauce thicker

Sauces and Gravies

Can white sauce be frozen?

As with any question about freezing - all foods can be frozen.

It's what they are like when they are defrosted is the real question.

White sauce contains mainly flour and milk, both defrost well, so yes.

Sauces and Gravies

Is teriyaki sauce acidic?

It's either acidic or alkaline (because for some reason, it etches metal fairly well). Going by taste, I'd say it's more likely to be acidic.

Sauces and Gravies

Can brandy be substituted for cognac in sauces?

Yes. The subtleties between them will be lost in the sauce.

Sauces and Gravies

What kind of sauce do you use for chili?

It all depends on the kind of chili you are making. Most chilies use a tomato based sauce, but white chili uses chicken or vegetable broth instead. Whatever kind of sauce you use, it will always include chili powder and cumin.

Sauces and Gravies

How do you keep flour from clumping in gravy?

by mixing it with small quanity of water before adding this would remove the clumps

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Sauces and Gravies

Is there anything that will neutralize the salty taste when cooking spaghetti sauce?

If you are making your own pasta sauce, just reduce the amount of salt you are putting in. If you are buying store bought pasta sauce, it will taste salty because salt used used as a preservative. Either try a different brand, check the back label for the amount of sodium in the sauce, or try making your own!

Sauces and Gravies

Can you use chicken broth to make a sauce?

Yes, traditionally can be used (as can wine, depending on the recipe) to deglaze a pan (that is, dissolve stuck-on browned bits after panfrying meat). It's then reduced, and starch may be added to thicken it, and often times butter, herbs, or garlic or onions for additional flavor. It's a simple, common technique to make things like steak sauce.

Sauces and Gravies

Is cocktail sauce a mayonnaise sauce?

In some places cocktail sauce a mayonnaise sauce and in other places it is not. There are just many different recipes for cocktail sauce. Mexican cocktail sauce has lime in it.

Sauces and Gravies

Is there a heinz 57 steak sauce?


Sauces and Gravies
Soy Sauce

Does soy sauce contain fiber?

Soy sauce is notorious for containing high amounts of sodium, but it is also rich in antioxidants, isoflavones, protein, and even a small amount of fiber. One tablespoon of soy sauce contains roughly 11 calories, 2 grams of protein, 1 gram of carbohydrates, and 1006 mg of sodium. The nutritional content will vary depending on the variety of soy sauce and the ingredients used to make it.

Sauces and Gravies

How do you make boneless chicken with ah so sauce?

Sauces and Gravies

What is the PH of Worcestershire Sauce?



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