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Dogs are unable to talk just like we do, but we can still understand their feelings by observing their behavior and body language. It is compulsory that an owner is aware of his dog's body language, as it will not only strengthen their bond, but will also prevent tragic results where the owner is forced to abandon his dog due to behavior problems. In this category, there are questions relating to the different body languages of dogs, their behavior, etc.

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If K-9 refers to a dog then what does K-6 mean?

'K-9' sounds like canine (ca-nine) and is used as an abbreviation for canine units in the police force in America and in some armies. It is also the name of the fictional robot dog featured in the four television programmes Doctor Who (1963-present), K-9 and company (1981), The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007-present) and K-9 (2009-present), and many books and other media associated with those shows. The nearest counterpart; a robot called Motoman K-6 is a real-life industrial welding robot manufactured by Welding Robots. Otherwise,...
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How do you make your pit bull stronger?

You take them out for walks, and play with them. Take them do gyms if they will alow animals and make it run in stuff. Feed it very good food. But making them become fighting dogs is never the answer, it is wrong!! ...
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Do poodles chase cats?

It depends. No certian breed of a dog chases cats more than other breeds. It depends on the dog's history and experience with cats. ...
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What does it mean when a dog turns its head left to right when your talking?

because there listening to what you are saying
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Do dogs have scent glands in their paws?

Yes they do. Just like wolves do. That is why some dogs scrape there paws backwards after going to the toilet. They are leaving more of their scent. ...
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Why do dogs pant and birds open their mouth and elephants flap their ears?

The reason why dogs and birds pant through their mouths and elephants flap their large ears, is to control (reduce) their temperature. Some animals can sweat through their skins and cool themselves as this sweat evaporates from their skin. However, dogs, birds and elephants (and perhaps some other animals) can not sweat so they either evaporate water in their mouths or pump blood into their 'radiator' sized ears to cool themselves. ...
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Can spayed female dogs still have a period?

no. Dogs don't have a period they have a cycle If your female dog has had an operation for desexing purposes she does not have a cycle at all . when you have your female dog desexed your vet will make sure that all her reproductive system can no longer function to have a cycle, if your female dog is having a cycle and you have had the operation done by a vet then I would take her back to...
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Are pit bulls illegal in Texas?

No they are not i thought the same thing and almost moved my 4 month old pit to Oklahoma with my cusen...thank god i did some research There are some cities in Texas that do not allow or restrict pit bull ownership, though. The only two at the moment are Garland and Madisonville City. ( ...
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Why do dogs lick air?

If a dog smells something he likes, then he may lick the air to try and taste it. There's also a behavior called "licking intention." it can mean "Consider yourself licked," "Hello over there," or "I'lm sorry for whatever I did, let me come nearer." ...
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Name something you might see a dog holding in its mouth?

bone, newspaper, shoe, ball, food, chew toy, stick.
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How do you get grass out your dogs eye?

Use saline solution like what you'd use to clean contact lenses. The dog will blink out the grass. ...
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How long does it take for a pug to get pregnant?

when she is in heat. (on her period) most fertile days are the 11th-15th
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What does it mean when your dog nudges another animal with his snout?

A dog may nudge another animal with it's 'snout' because it may want it's attention for any ceritain reason. I'm not entirely sure, in some cases they nip, or lick. My dog nudges my cat purely because it wants the cat to knowledge it's existance. The cat completely ignores him, which then causes him to bark. --- It is part of their conversation. My German Shorthair, Allie, nudges me when she wants to say something. She has certain sounds and whines for certain...
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Lately my dog will act confused and hide under the bed after being outside He has his own bed that he normally sleeps in Do you think he might have eaten a frog?

It's hard to judge why your dog is confused. He may have eaten something weird, but you wouldn't know from that one symptom. If he has diarrhea (if his poop isn't solid), then it might mean he's eaten something bad but it usually doesn't result in confusion, so I doubt he ate a frog. If his sleeping, eating, and living habits change, then you should seriously consider the problem... Your dog may be confused from a fear of something, which I...
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How do you train my blue nose pit bull?

well it depends on how you want to train them if you want to make them protective over you that's easy you only keep them around you don't let anyone pet and love on them exept for you pit bulls are easy to train. but if you want them to be nice take them around people for they will be use to people really it all depends and some pits don't have a mean bone in there body like my...
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What does it mean when a person puts dog mess at your front door and a trial of ashes in your yard?

It means you have terrible neighbors with too much time on their hands. With all the misery on this planet, you would think people would find something more constructive to do. GROW UP WORLD! Or it could mean that your dog defecated in someone else's yard, and you refused to clean it up. So they put it in your yard to send a message. ...
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Who picks up guide dogs poop?

The blind person does
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What if a puppy only opens one eye?

Most puppies have slightly different open times for each eye, generally separated by less than 2 hours. However, it is possible for a puppy to have one eye open on one day (say, a Monday) and the other eye not open until the next day (in this example, Tuesday). However, if one eye remains closed after the other has opened over 24 hours prior, you should take your puppy to a veterinarian for examination. Sometimes puppies can be born with congenital structure...
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Can adult dogs eat puppy food?

No, puppy food is for growing pups, it helps the pup develop a healthy brain and strong bones. Full grown dogs should be eating food for DOGS. puppy food is not enough to fill a Full grown dogs stumach. Puppy food is good for and should be given to pregnant dogs for about a month before she has the puppies, and it's good to continue with puppy food for a while after she has them. By feeding your adult dog puppy food,...
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Can wolves be trained to be loving house dog pets?

NO. Wolf cubs taken from wolf dens even as young as five days old will be quite fine until they're 8 weeks old, and then rapidly become quite wolf-like, independent, and difficult. Since they are among the strongest of the canines, like any other large breed of dog in terms of strength, speed, and power of biting jaws, with their uncooperative attitude, they can be extremely dangerous. It takes a minimum of eight generations of very careful selective breeding to create a...
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Why do male dogs hike their leg to urinate?

To mark there territory ---- This also allows the urine to be aimed at the object being marked, as opposed to a spot on the ground. ...
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Why are dogs so forgiving?

Dogs love you and look up to you, and they love attention. They also treat you like one of their pack. ...
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Can dogs have five fingers on there paw?

Yes. Generally, a dog has five toes on the two front paws and four toes on their back paws. Some owners have their dogs "thumbs" removed as puppies. ...
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How can you keep your dog from licking stitches?

Put a plastic cone around your dogs head and that should stop him/her. Avalible from most vets. ...
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Why is your dog drueling brown slobber?

If this only lasted for like 15 minutes at most, he could have just ate dirt or something. Was he just outside, is that a possible answer?? If this lasts for very long, GO TO A VETERNARIAN IMMEDIATELY!!!! DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES. I'M SURE YOU LOVE YOUR DOG. IT IS VERY POSSIBLE THAT HE COULD BE SICK. I hope you make the right decision. <3<3 Lots of love to your dog, and good luck. ...