Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Suicide, or the taking of one’s own life, can be a difficult thing to understand. Here you can ask and answer questions about the warning signs of suicide, where to give or get help, how to deal with the after effects of someone you know killing themselves, statistics, and moral or religious views. The intent is not to offer answers to how to harm yourself. If you feel like you need to talk to someone or are worried about someone you know, a listing of hotline numbers can be found in the answer to What should you do if you are contemplating suicide?

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Criminal Law
Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Why is it illegal for people to kill themselves?

it shouldn't be illegal for people to kill themselves as this doesn't go against anyone else but the person who is trying to kill himself. It is not good to give up and kill yourself because tomorrow is another day and things do get better sometimes depending on your situation and your approach to things. Sometimes we convince ourselves that there is no other way because we had enough and we are tired. At the end of the day it is your life and your decision. There shouldn't be any laws in our constitution that forbid killing yourself as it is a very personal decision. If people follow the law, there would be no suicides in this world.

Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Can scabies drive someone to suicide?

Suicide is a very drastic, end all action. While I imagine scabies could drive a person to the brink from the itching they cause, I believe treatment will be sought out before anything as drastic as suicide unfolds.

Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

How do you commit suicide without feeling any pain?

Actually it's surprisingly hard to do. Over the millions of years humans have been evolving, a significant part of that development has been systems that keep you from dying easily. One of those systems is pain. And so, most methods HURT.

And, for the same reasons, most methods are less than sure. Humans survive amazing injuries, including self-inflicted ones. And while some people consider suicide, very few want to injury themselves grievously and then survive it for 10 or 20 years.

To give an answer to an honest question:

The methods that ensure near instant (and hence painless) and relatively sure death tend to only include catastrophic, gruesome means and require either significant threats to others or the use of chemical energy or both.

An example would be servering the first cervical vertebra from the cerbral cortex by inserting a gun in one's mouth and inflicting a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The projectile will remain lethal for some distance after exiting the body, however, and may strike others and produce fatal wounds, depending on caliber. Missing the correct point is likely, but the release of proplenant gasses in the mouth will inflict such excessive damage that death will be highly likely and very rapid.

Falling from a great height onto a hard surface, will produce exceptional instant trauma, with the attendant risk of striking a person below.

Explosives will produce similar instant results with virtual surety of lethality given a significant charge, with an attached extreme danger to others.

Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Do any animals other than humans commit suicide?

Animals and SuicideThis is a very sensitive and charged topic, and has many perspectives from different philosophies and religions, with disagreement even among professionals in the fields of animal cognition and behaviorology.

Suicide involves a sense of awareness and emotion; both of which are hard to measure in general, and become an even more complicated issue when dealing with animals.

These kinds of questions are philosophical, in part religious (what is death? What does knowledge of it mean? What is consciousness?), and crucially even have sharply divided answers within the fields of behaviorology (depending not on the science, but on the religious and philosophical perspectives of the researchers).

To give a single "No" answer to this , would seem just as misleading as to give a single "No" answer to the "does god exist?" question. Assuming a negative because we can't say for sure on a topic doesn't seem to be precedent.

The most important point is that because we can't determine what's going on in the mind of another - any other, even other people (see Solipsism) - the question is essentially unanswerable in any absolute sense.

Something like this would be more consistent, to provide a more broad and comprehensive perspective:

Some say NO...

In order for an act to be classified as "suicide," the agent must know that what it is about to do will end its life; it must possess some concept of death. So the crucial question becomes whether or not non-human animals possess such a concept.

In order to have this awareness, the agent must also understand that it could exist in one of two possible states: alive or dead. Some scientists believe that these sorts of thoughts are far too abstract for any known animal to think, even including the more intelligent, non-humans like Chimpanzees, Bonobos, and Dolphins. So, No, many people believe animals do not commit suicide as such.

Some Say Yes...

Yet, How can you deny the numerous stories of animals who deliberately hurt themselves when put in captivity, or pets who starve themselves and die after the loss of their master? The animal puts it's life in jeopardy because it is 'unhappy.'

Whether this is conscious or unconscious is the question at hand and whether this 'unhappines' leads to death, or suicide is hard to prove.

The real answer is NO ONE KNOWS

But we can try to understand this topic better by looking at research, stories, science and contributor input ......

Additional concerns:Suicide, with regards to a seemingly deliberate action ending one's life with no other apparent purpose, is regularly engaged in by many species of animals (see some examples in the next section)- the contentious issue is whether those creatures genuinely understand the concept of death, and that their actions will result in it- that is, while the action itself may have been apparently deliberate, we can not know for certain if the desired effect was deliberately suicide (and not, for example, merely self harm). 'Yes' Reasoning:Due to the ubiquity of fear of death among humans, and our knowledge of evolutionary biology and behavior of near-relatives, we can intuit that fear of death is on some level instinctual, and as such, that knowledge itself could be understood in the same way for humans and many other animals- as an instinctual fear. In that sense, even when we cannot survey other species of animals on the topic, we can understand that a dog jumping from a building is probably confronting that same instinctual fear- in the presence of essentially the same knowledge of mortality as humans possess- and is committing suicide.

Beyond the instinctual knowledge argument, many animals have been taught human language, and can express basic knowledge of life and death and very acute self-awareness in rigorous testing.

Some argue that this knowledge is not sincere, but a form of parroting- not only is this argument flawed due to also being an argument for Solipsism (the belief that one's own consciousness is the only consciousness, and all other people and other animals around one are essentially automitons); but from a cognition perspective, actual knowledge is also much simpler than such complex parroting, and so should be assumed as the simplest scientific explanation (as per Occam's razor).

From this perspective, the answer would amount to a resounding 'Yes' with regards to some animals being capable of suicide, however, some believe that the knowledge itself is contained in linguistic memes and the abstract thought granted a mind by a language, which could mean only those other species which have been taught human language and abstract thought would necessarily inherit that knowledge from humans. That is to say, the signing gorilla Koko would understand the concepts, but a wild gorilla may or may not- this would depend on whether the animal languages used by the species contain a concept of death (which, because we have a poor grasp of those languages, would be impossible to say at the moment).

Many Eastern religions which relate sentience to reincarnation and shared souls would also argue for that fundamental self-awareness, indicating that other species of animals can commit suicide, while most of the Abrahamic religions are silent or inconclusive on the topic.

'No' Reasoning:If very precise and intellectual knowledge of death is required to qualify death as deliberate (rather than a general instinctual one), the issue becomes much more complicated. Quite controversially, this could even disqualify many people as having committed suicide because they, "do not understand what death is"; a theist and atheist could equally suggest that the other doesn't understand death, and so is acting on false pretenses in engaging in what would otherwise be a suicidal action, obfuscating the intent. If death really means oblivion, then is attempting to transport oneself to another spiritual universe really suicide? Conversely, if death means passing on to another realm, is attempting to annihilate oneself really suicide?

Some theists within a religion believe that animals share inherent knowledge of the true nature of life and death with humans, while others believe this knowledge is exclusively divinely gifted to humans or even that it can only be understood in the context of a single true human religion, which would make it incoherent to imagine animals possessing this knowledge (or people of another religions possessing it)- as such, this issue is contentious in almost all circles, because it is rarely conclusively addressed by scripture.

Some religious sects also believe that non-human animals are automatons without any real knowledge or emotion at all (philosophical zombies), which are incapable of acting with genuine intellectual deliberation because they lack free will as granted by humans through the 'soul' (which has various theological origins, from inception, to creation, to temporary habitation by divine spirits)- this, likewise, would make animal suicide only apparent reflex rather than deliberate action.

Whether death, and the knowledge of it, is understood rationally, scientifically, philosophically, or spiritually is of crucial importance to the question of animal suicide.

Additional Input and Examples:Some animals, such as birds and mammals display obvious signs of emotions such as happiness, excitement but also sadness, depression, and loneliness. When driven to extremes animals will terminate their own lives be it by starvation, suffocation, or blunt force trauma. The most common type of animal self-termination is that in which an animal (like a dog) forms a very strong bond with either a human being or another an animal and then loses that significant other. Many intelligent animals form such bonds and they engage in a broad array of behaviors indicating that they are aware of the absence of their companion. For example, dogs in such situations sometimes go into depression and reject food and attention until they eventually die. The inactivity caused by depression is not the same as suicide, even though it may lead to death. If dogs were to actively engage in behavior that would obviously lead to their own demise, like throwing themselves under cars or running off cliffs, then this could indicate awareness of death and thus be considered suicide. A much more plausible explanation for the fatal inactivity of dogs and other intelligent mammals is that they are paralyzed by feelings of grief and loss. Observed behavior does not suggest that they know that their lives will cease.
  • Tarsiers have been known to intentionally injure or kill themselves due to unhappiness or stress of being in an enclosure. Because of this reason they are not in zoos. In captivity, the tarsier can be so extremely distressed it may die of psychological trauma and have even been reported to smash their heads against objects resulting in fatality.
  • Some zoologists have noted that African Elephantsdeliberately pick up and scatter the bones of deceased elephants. This could be taken as a sign that they are aware of their own mortality, but elephants do not engage in nearly the range of behaviors we would expect if they were truly aware that they could die. The bone scattering could be explained in a variety of other ways. It could, for example, be a simple survival behavior that hides their migration routes or feeding patterns.
  • As opposed to elephants, all known human cultures indicate their awareness of death in many different ways. Even though the world's cultures have tremendously different ideas about what happens to an individual after life ends, they all agree that some dramatic change of state occurs at the moment of death. Moreover, each culture indicates its awareness of mortality through a combination of rituals, taboos, myths, and linguistic expressions. In order to conclude that a species is aware of either life or death, it should also exhibit a broad range of indicative behaviors. No known animal engages in a sufficiently wide range behaviors that could exhibit awareness of either life or death. Without such an awareness, animals cannot be said to commit suicide even though they may inadvertently kill themselves.
  • It has also been observed that, under the right circumstances, scorpions

    will commit suicide by repeatedly stinging themselves in the head. These circumstances generally involving very high temperature situations. This behavior is likely an attempt by the scorpion to use its neural toxin to alleviate its current discomfort. Because scorpions show no other signs of being aware that such a thing as death exists, we have no reason to call this suicide.

  • Some animals die because of their own actions but it is difficult to classify that as Suicide. When certain bees sting or mate, they lose their stinger and die from that injury. There is little evidence suggesting that bees know that the use of their stinger will result in their own death.
  • The same occurs when some types of spiders mate. The male is sometimes eaten by the female shortly after the copulate. Then in other situations the female has her eggs hatch within herself so they can have a nutritious meal as they eat their way out. The same is the case with Praying Mantises. Either after (or DURING) the mating process, the female eats the males head and eventually the rest of his body.
  • All of these examples suggest that animals can kill themselves under certain circumstances but that they do so inadvertently. Even depressed animals who are clearly suffering great emotional pain, do not seem to be aware that their inactivity will lead to their own death.
  • Lemmings also are said to take their own lives. Seeing as these fat little rodents can't swim, they sink. So when they leap into the water -forgot why the heck they do- they sink.
Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Can someone kill himself with Xanax?

You pretty much don't. I suppose it may be possible at some astronomical dosage measured in kilograms instead of milligrams, but I can't begin to guess where you'd find that, nor how it would kill you without your vomiting it up.

Alprazolam has its dangers, but lethality is not apparently one of them. The LD50 (Lethal Dose for 50% of the test group) measured in mg/kg, comes out to pounds of the stuff. Overdoses tend to induce intense sleep or coma, but not death.

*every human being is different, and whether they die from an overdose of Xanax would depend on the person's age, health status, weight, and many other variables. There is much research currently being studied in earnest regarding why some human beings die at a "non-toxic" level of a medication while others do not. If a person is on any other medications, including Over the Counter and mixing these meds with the Xanax, that could have a large effect on the outcome.

Medication and Drugs
Alternative Medicine
Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

How many pills of 5mg-Melatonin can cause absolute and certain death?

Melatonin is routinely taken by cancer patients at a rate of up to 80mg's (per day) an hour before bedtime, so an overdose would be difficult. We're talking bottles of it to even begin to cause a problem. And experimental (unpublished) studies show that AIDS & cancer patients are taking 100's of MG's per day, but this is a strictly 'under a doctor's care' situation (not only would it be a prescription situation at that point but the patient is in a hospital bed).

There are studies done on mice that increased their life span by 25% by adding melatonin to their water bottles, and it was saturated in some mice to an equivalent of a human swallowing a melatonin pill the size of a house brick.

Suicidal teens are given melatonin to lessen depression (they also get more sleep by taking it, as do colicky babies to get more sleep, which may reduce SIDS, plus not putting a fan directly on a sleeping infant as this triggers a gasping-to-exhaustion situation, putting them in stress and they later dream of when they were back in the womb when they did not breathe [the autonomic system reverts back and they stop breathing]).

So if you are thinking of taking enough melatonin to kill yourself because you are depressed, you would not be able to do it, and in fact the joke would be on you because you would feel better than ever after taking it for a while, because by increasing the percentage of melatonin in your blood you would no longer want to kill yourself.

Colicky babies, depressed children, and ADAH situations can have a lower-than-normal producing pineal gland (which produces melatonin), so simply taking melatonin can raise the level and bring back an infant (from crying so much), wild child, teen, or ADAH situation without harmful 'drug the kid into a coma' type pills. For more information about melatonin see the related questions below.

A little more..Studies at U of Maryland have shown that melatonin may act as an antagonist to certain antidepressants.

Regarding lethality, the lethal dose seems to be unknown.

Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence
Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

What should you do if your abuser attempts suicide?

You need to call the police and give them all the information you can, perhaps notify an adult family member of the abuser if appropriate, and then accept that there is nothing else you can do. The abuser needs professional help- he is not your responsibility. His attempts may not be real and he may be just trying to manipulate you.

Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Which profession has the highest suicide rate?

elderly white males

dentists, white male physicians, and third are veterinarians. Easy access to drugs, high stress job.'Acceptance of euthanasia' cannot be considered a factor. Dentistry is considered the highest as most of their time is spent staring into someone's mouth, with little else to do in their job. Despite earning a lot of money, this cannot make up for the little job satisfaction available.

Answer two:

"health care professions in general show a higher than average suicide rate. This is especially true of those in emergency services, EMTs and paramedics who respond to crisis calls." per an Associated Content article by Michelle L Devon

Law & Legal Issues
Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Should you have the right to commit suicide?

there are re sons that suicide is illegal no one cares if someone dies without involving the public but you must understand that if you lets say jump off a building and you fall in front of a person who is just walking home from their job or doing something other and they see the lifeless person that has fallen from the sky because well they could just not take life anymore either because they were going through a rough patch or because they fell as if they are already dead now you tell me how you would feel if you saw this and I'm not talking about the TV shows in real life i suppose it is an unbearable thing to see. i myself am going through a rough patch but I'm 13 and i know there is more to life than i would ever think of and ever be able to think of i have also had death thoughts but i have seemed to think my way through them and i realised while realizing how much others in different country's are suffering i realize that my life is quite wonderful.

Anxiety Disorders
Dreams and Dream Interpretation
Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

What do you do when you have a panic attack and you can't see?

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Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Is suicide the answer?

No. I cannot think of any instance where suicide is an answer or a solution to a problem. There is no problem that cannot be fixed or at least made tolerable.

The first step to finding an answer is to talk with someone. Make a connection by phone or in person.

Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Is suicide ever a good option?

It may seem so and it may be really tempting but the truth is, suicide is a final act. After you commit suicide, you have no chance to fix whatever was bothering you in this lifetime. Remember that your pain is temporary pain.

Suicide for you is never a good option for your family, and you will negatively impact them if you decide to take your own life.

Hes right, dont think about yourself think about all the ones who love you, you cant screw them over by ending something a precious as life. Get away from whats bothering you if you can, if not seek help , not necessarily from a doctor. But from a loved one, remember you cant fix it after its done. Ive thought about it, almost attempted it, but i realized that there's so many more beautiful things in the world, life is short enough it Will get better.

Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

How many diet pills does it take to overdose?

That would depend on the kind of pill and the strength. BTW: it's a really unpleasant way to go.

Mental Health
Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

If someone actually intended to commit suicide why would they tell people about it?

I don't even know if this question is still "fresh," but suicide is such a personal decision that it surprises me that someone would think the mind of the potentially suicidal is open to others. Two people may both feel suicidal (or have felt suicidal) without sharing the same motivations. And yet there may be recurring themes among the suicidal. Regardless the epidemiology of suicide, I hope we won't assume that one set of characteristics fits all suicidals.

I agree with the posters who've intimated that suicide may be a response to overwhelming (and chronic) emotional pain. I also agree that sharing about suicide may be a way to see for oneself whether one's loved ones care--or rather how they care. I don't at all mean to imply the suicidal are manipulative. When I shared my suicidal ideation with those I love, they either told me they had to get on with their own lives, that I was bringing them down; or that it was my decision--that only I could decide to stay alive. And my partner at the time was a suicide hotline worker. We're social animals. Whom else are we going to turn to in our despair--especially those of us who aren't religious, other than one another. It's, at least to me, especially pitiful when those hurting so much they're deciding to end their lives reach out to their support network and find that the network is either too busy to care or sincerely disinterested.

I think I'm new here. I suffer amnesia so I don't even remember who am sometimes. So I apologize if I don't observe protocols that everyone else does. Another reason I don't observe protocols is that I have the autism spectrum disorder, Asperger's Syndrome. Hence my reason for wanting to add my half-pennyworth to this answer as people with autism spectrum disorder are two and a half times as likely as normal people to die prematurely and those without developmental delays, such as like me, with Asperger's Syndrome, run a high risk that our premature deaths will be self induced - 28 times as high in childhood and 9 times as high in adulthood - I'm no exception - I had a horrendous history of suicide attempts in my childhood and a reduced history of them in my adulthood, but still a history. These trends are relatively well known in the autie / aspie community, so we rely a lot on self help by using the internet. Those of us who accept what we are and what this means have little difficulty in our internet community forums discussing suicide and if we are feeling suicidal. I used to belong to a society in the UK that was a haven for auties and aspies and accepted that premature death by suicide was our worst risk, and therefore taught suicide avoidance and prevention. My history of suicide attempts was so bizarre that I was asked to become an instructor of suicide avoidance and prevention at age 49, its chief instructor at 50 and its only instructor at 52. Anyone wishing help to avoid and prevent themselves from killing themselves is welcome to contact me by email if you can find my email address from my profile page in Answers.

Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Why did Michaela McAreavey commit suicide?

Michaela McAreavey did not commit suicide. She was murdered whilst on her honeymoon, five staff members from the hotel she was staying in were arrested, one was released without charge, the other four are still being held in connection with her murder.

Mental Health
Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Is it normal to think about suicide?

== == It depends what "think about" means. Are you thinking about doing it, or are you thinking about the topic of suicide for a school report? ... or what?

My guess is, if you are asking the question, you might have your question better answered by a professional counselor. Of you don't know one to speak to, then any medical clinic can advise you and direct you to speak to the right person.

If it's critical, any hospital emergency room would help too.

All information is held in the strictest confidence.

== == == ==

Generally no, it isn't normal to think about suicide. But if you are thinking about commiting suicide, don't do it. Think of all the good times in your life. Next think about how your parents would feel. And then consider your friends and family members. Wouldn't you like to watch your little sister grow up and say she wants to be like you. If you think about suicide, think about the good things in life and forget about suicide. == == == == yes it is perfectly normal

everyone wonders what it would be like if they didnt exist at some point in their life

what it will be like to die and not exist

especially when you are going through really hard and upsetting times and or have depression

if you feel like this or someone you know feels like this

talking to someone helps a lot

getting all your issues, worries problems and thoughts out

having someone elses opinion on them and on life and on what you can do

when your serotonin drops,

which is what happens when people get depressed,

suicidal thoughts are common

depression can be treated with medication, its easy to treat when you find the medicine that works for you,

this is a physical problem too and NOT simply just a mental or emotional problem,

the persons serotonin has been reduced and it needs medication to help them feel better by increasing the serotonin back in the brain.

so dont assume that you can somehow coax them into feeling better or doing anything, this is not something you can do and its not something they can control or 'fix'

if there are problems in your life that you cant deal with at the moment again talking to someone, ask for their help, having other peoples perspective and knowledge will always benefit you

times get tough in life, its not going to be easy when you have serious problems going on, but we all go through them

ive had my fair share, including depression and suicidal thoughts which tend to make every problem you have feel one hundred times worse

sometimes these the problems you are going through wont get better and you have to just go through them, its tough, but you can do it, we all do, we all have to

the most important thing to do is to get some help, ask for help, tell someone how you feel and tell someone else if they cant help

you need help with this, it wont get better on its own and you wont feel better by yourself

Additional Response Yes. It is normal to think of suicide, but as mentioned above, when thoughts become obsessive, seek help. When one is depressed and suicidal, thoughts may not be accurate or realistic about those around them. Love could be pouring over the person like thick syrup, but if one is thinking of suicide, he/she may not see himself/herself as lovable and may view himself/herself only as a burden and disappointment to those they love and who love him/her (when the opposite is actually the reality). Seek help immediately. Individuals such as those mentioned here should not be blamed or deemed "selfish" because their perceptions are distorted. Imagine the pain and suffering of someone who genuinely feels they only bring pain, suffering, and disappointment to the world and those they love. Unfortunately, they are unaware that the opposite may actually be more of a reality. Many of these individuals are loved infinitely and beyond description and are missed more than words can describe. Please remember; however, that if someone takes their own life while you live with it, you most definitely did all you could do. It is a different frame of mind, thinking. No matter what your efforts, you most likely could not prove your love; you probably could not save them. Do not blame yourself. If you are depressed and thinking of suicide, please take heed to these words, your life is valuable whether you believe it or not, and most certainly you are loved and needed more than you realize!

== == == ==

Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

What if you want to kill yourself?

If you feel depressed and hopeless you should talk about how you feel and what you can do about your situation. Call this toll-free hotline in the US for assistance: 1-800-784-2433.

Below is a link to the national suicide hotline if you want to kill yourself dont do it your wasting your life.

life is good and important and it would be way to early for you to die

i would know i wanted to do it Don't get onto a hot line and talk to someone, call a friend or someone that cares about you, you may think that no one cares about you but there is some one out there that caes, Take Care. dont kill yourself.... and if you seriously are... go get a therapist or help... and if this doesnt change your mind... think of all the ppl you would hurt if you did... do something crazy and outgoing! like rock climbing First of all, call 911 right now. Then seek counseling about this deep depression thought. Nobody can answer whether you will go to heaven or hell since nobody has ever been to either place and returned to earth as a mortal, except Jesus himself.

Nothing in life is that bad to warrant suicide ... get professional help right now ... not in a minute or two or tomorrow, but right now. Well, I don't really believe in all the heaven and hell stuff, But, I do know one thing for certain, This is not up for discussion, Its A proven fact!:

If you kill yourself You are gone for good. There is no reset button, or doover, or Sorry I won't do it again.

If there is A god and its the way believers claim, then YOU GO TO HELL if you kill you.

If its not as believers claim, Then YOU ARE OVER FOREVER. NO SCORE. NO POINTS.

If you are really upset enough that you want to die, What I suggest you do is:


Run away,

Get completely away from the life you hate so much, Do whatever you want, Don't talk to anyone in your current life.

Its like this:

If you are dead then you can never try again, or forget and forgive.

If you just get the hell away, You can go back anytime you chose.

While I agree with both of the contributions above, I also want to make a point. If you are a Christian (if you have claimed Jesus as Lord of your life) you will not go to hell no matter what. If you are not, and you die without fixing this situation, yes, you will. God loves you and wants you to come to Him. He can give you unlimited peace and contentment. He is understanding and will listen to whatever you say. The Bible says,"Cast allyour anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-8" He can help you deal with any problems. Contact someone who you know to be a strong Christian to help you.

(and make sure that they aren't self-righteous, because there is nothing worse than an arrogant, I'm-better-than-you-and-you-have-to-do-this-and-you-have-to-do-that Christian) Tell yourself it's OK to have these thoughts; just about everyone does at some point in their lives, but it's not OK to act on them. Try to get yourself involved in something you enjoy. Call a friend, talk to someone, get around people. Being alone with these thougts just makes you think about it all the more. If you have a plan, and have what you need to carry out your plan, call a hotline. There are also suicide web sites that will write back to you. I know this sounds trite, but these thoughts will pass. Depression can overwhelm at times, and it's OK to ask for help. There is help that is free or for little cost. There are people who care. Seeing a counselor would be good; ask your regular doctor for the name of one. She or he has heard this request many times, and will be understanding. Please realise that just about everyone has had these thoughts, and you are not alone. You are a person of worth, and depression can be treated. PRAY TO GOD FOR GUIDANCE AND HELP. YOUR LIFE IS WORTH LIVING NO MATTER HOW BAD IT MAY SEEM AT THE PRESENT TIME.

Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

How do alcoholic fathers affect their daughters self esteem?

Children develop their values and social culture from the environment within which they are raised. Your emotional intelligence is shaped by the quality of care and attention you receive from a baby to approximately ten years of age.

If you become fixated in the negative things in your life, you could get lost in self-pity and you may be psychologically drawn into relationships with alcoholic partners.

You have to consciously remove yourself from the negative aspects of your situation and focus your attention on the positive direction you want for yourself.

Medication and Drugs
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Can intake of a heavy dose of sleeping pills kill a person?

Probably, but the answer isn't as clear as you might think.

In the 1960's, the popular sleeping medications of the time were surprisingly lethal by themselves, and even moreso when mixed with alcohol. And the typical month's prescription was easily a lethal dose for most people.

However, this class of medication is almost unused today, and is extremely rarely, if ever, used as a sleep aid. Modern sleeping medications are not typically acutely lethal in any reasonable dose. Most overdoses, in fact, result in a coma-like sleep, followed by a complete recovery.

This is NOT to say it's okay or safe to overdose on these medications. It's just that the state of the art has improved, and it's quite unusual for an overdose of modern sleeping medication to prove lethal.

Suicide Warning Signs, Statistics, and Prevention

Does Seattle have the highest suicide rate in the country?

Not consistently. It varies from year to year.

Depression and Bipolar Disorder
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Why do people think suicide is the answer to their problems?

Because they feel so sad, it not being overwhelmed by your problems, It is a mental disease, an imbalance of chemicals in your brain. The answer below is totally wrong. People who have suicidal thoughts and have sought treatment really know the difference. A person with a healthy mental state can handle problems without thoughts of suicide. The answer just below is from someone who is just guessing at this answer. Skip to the next answer below this

  • People who have committed suicide or have been thinking about committing suicide probably feel overwhelmed by their problems. They might not be able to handle that kind of pressure and feel that death would be the only way to escape it. Another possible explanation is that the person in question might have experienced some sort of loss and might feel that they have nothing left to live for and simply wish to join them. They also might have some kind of drug problem and not know what they are doing at the time or they might feel that dying is the only way to end that particular addiction. The last reason I can think of is that they might just want attention or a way to get back at someone that hurt them. For example, a teenager is abused in some way by his/her parents and thinks that if they kill themselves then the parent would know that it was their fault.
  • Suicide is not about problems, everyone has problems and many people triumph over adversity. Suicide is about PAIN and CONTROL. When you feel that you have no control over your pain, that the pain will never stop or get better, that is when suicide looks like a way to gain control and end the pain. Calling it depression diminishes the real, raw, tearing power of the pain one feels constantly, endlessly with no hope of it ever getting better or going away. It is an insanity that drags you into a black hole and you know that no matter what anyone says or does, you will stay in that black hole forever. Sometimes suicide is the bravest thing that one can think of to do for ones self. At that point, one is not thinking of those who are left behind or how those people will feel. The world of torture has become to insulated for those concerns. It equates to asking a person to take time to consider the consequences of what they are doing when they are already plunging down the cliff at 200 miles an hour.

The idea that depression is due to an imbalance is one of those things social workers and psychologists tell each other in order to feel important. The psychiatric association in the UK as one example has finally dropped this nonsense. I feel that suicide is justified in some cases ie. age, terminal disease, or hopeless depression. Certainly anything is better than being tortured with pills or shock "treatments".

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What is the strongest pain killer for extreme chronic pain?

The pretty much only one you could get your hands on is Ohmefentanyl, which is about 6,3 thousand times more potent than morphine. You obviously can't get it in any pharmacy, nor is it available on the streets. You'd have to synthesise it yourself.

Mental Health
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Are sociopaths more likely to hurt themselves or others?

Themselves, logically.

Another answer:While logic would dictate the above, the actual picture is somewhat more complex. I'll explain:

First, Sociopathy is no longer a diagnosis in the US (according to DSM-IV). Instead, it falls under the heading of Anti-Social Disorder (ASD), which includes a spectrum of related behavior. Some of the symptoms of ASD are shallowness of effect (persons served don't react deeply to powerful stimuli), a lack of empathy, and a general failure to grasp causality, i.e. cause and effect. So it's not uncommon to see ASD suffers committing acts we would consider to be grievous, and them being surprised at others' reactions. This is one reason you see serial killers stating their innocence, yet confessing the murders; they don't quite get the idea that murder (the cause) will get you convicted (the effect).

As such, regardless of intention, ASD sufferers don't have all of the limiting factors built in that non-ASD folks have, and this may lead them to harm others, physically, emotionally, etc. These acts will of course make life more difficult for the ASD sufferer, and so we can say they harm themselves thusly, but I'll stand by my statement that they are more likely to harm others than themselves, at least arithmetically.

I should also note that, while sociopaths (in the old parlance) typically have a lower rate of survival (maybe -- the numbers are questionable as are the studies and even the diagnosis), they surely do not lack in a survival drive.

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What should you do if a friend is threatens to commit suicide but just for attention?

The problem with suicide threats for attention is that, you never know when it is no longer just for attention for that person. I would inform the parent(s), a school councelor, minister or a person the friend highly respects. It isn't snitching off your friend at all. It shows that you are concerned. This is an inner cry for help actually. The person may laugh it off, but deep down they are really crying out for help and need to seek professional counciling. They may just decide one day, that no one is paying attention any more and actually "just try it to show them I'm serious" and have it go horribly wrong.

Law & Legal Issues
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Is suicide or attempted suicide against the law in Washington?

Suicide is not against the law, as there can be no human punishment for someone who has successfully committed it. Attempted suicide will not bring criminal charges against you, but you will most likely be taken in for psychological evaluation whether you want to be or not, and can be held until they feel you are no longer a threat to yourself or anyone else.....which could be days, weeks, months and sometimes years.


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