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Though paintings and sculptures are most often the first things that come to mind when fine art is mentioned, architecture, music, dance, photography, printmaking, and theater created for their beauty, rather than utility, are also fine art. Stroll on in to our Fine Art category to ask and answer questions about fine art in all its forms.

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What symbolizes art?

Expression symbolizes art. Whether it be pop art, poetry or any other art form, it is what the artist is trying to say that makes all the difference.

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What colors make brown?

Mix equal proportions of red and green to make brown.

If you want it more of a reddish hue such as "burnt sienna", then add more of the red.

If you want it more of a darker brown hue, add more of the green.

Here's a tip : use the darkest red (like alizarin crimson) and the darkest green (like Sap Green).

The related link on understanding mixing colors will give you an overview of mixing starting with the primary colors. It has visual demonstrations for you to see along with written explanations.

Another mixing solution

You must mix varying proportions of all three primary colors, red, blue and yellow, to get brown. Depending on the ratio of the three colors, you can vary the brown from a reddish brown to an orange brown, blueish and purplish brown. When adding white to the brown you have made, you will get the corresponding light brown or tan.

Another Mixing Suggestion

Instead of red and blue, you can just mix equal portions of purple and yellow to get brown.

Another Mixing Suggestion

  1. Mix yellow (primary) and blue (primary) to get green (secondary).

  2. Mix green (secondary) and red (primary) to get brown (tertiary).

Another way to make brown is to mix orange or red paint with a small amount of black paint.

(see related links below)

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Is there a difference between folk artist and naive artist?

Folk art encompasses art produced from an indigenous culture or by peasants or other laboring tradespeople. In contrast to fine art, folk art is primarily utilitarian and decorative rather than purely aesthetic.

A naive artist can choose any subject. They have had no professional art training. A good example is Grandma Moses.

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Why we study general knowledge in art?

Art does not exist in a vacuum; it connects to other aspects of life. Many things inspire art, and art in turn refers to many things. It's all interconnected.

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What is a term for an infinitely repeating image such as the label on land o lakes butter?

The term used to describe an infinitely-repeating images such as the Land O'Lakes butter packaging design featuring an Indian maiden is an 'infinite-loop motif' also known as the 'Droste effect'.

The first term is self-explanatory; the second is named for the logo used by the Dutch brand of cocoa powder, Droste, which features an image similar in concept to the Land O'Lakes butter logo.

The infinite-loop motif has long fascinated artists and viewers alike. We know the motif doesn't really keep repeating forever, but the idea that it appears to do so fires our imagination.

A link below gives more information on the Droste effect.

Professor Mandelbrot, the mathematician who died in October 2010, coined the term 'fractal', describing the boundary of the Mandelbrot set named for him: this describes an 'interated function', a mathematical function, an iteration, repeating itself indefinitely. There is an inviting similarity between fractals and the infinite-loop motif, even if viewed solely as an art form.

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What license number of photo to cartoon?

KHT 2853

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What are camera aesthetics?

Camera aesthetics are the ability to pick up and move a camera through space before it was problematic to experience the changing in the world of the movie but now with the aesthetics of the camera you can see the movement of the world.

Camera aesthetics often refers to the look and feel of the camera. This applies to all human interactive aspects of the camera.

  • Does the camera fit in my hands; and is it easy to handle?
  • Is the camera too heavy or too light?
  • Are all the buttons in good places, or do I sometimes accidentally hit buttons because of poor placement?
  • (Digital) If the camera has a screen, is the screen size good and is the display quality good?
  • (Digital) Are the settings menus easy to navigate and understand?
  • Even little things like: Do I like the feel of the texture on the camera?
  • ...and "Do I like the color?"

Everything about the user experience (look, feel, ease of use) make up the aesthetic of the camera.

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World best known animator?

Top ten famous animators:

  1. Seth Mcfarlane (Known for Family Guy,The Cleaveland show, etc.)
  2. Walt Disney (Known for Monsters Inc., Tangled, Mulan, Mickey Mouse etc.)
  3. Matt Groening (Know for the Simpsons, Futurama etc.)
  4. Hayao Miyazaki (Known for Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, Spirited Away, etc.)
  5. Mike Judge (Known for Beavis and Butt-head, King of The Hil etc.)
  6. John Lasseter (Known for a Bug's Life, Toy Story 1 & 2, Cars 1 & 2 etc.)
  7. Tex Avery (Known for Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Droopy etc.)
  8. Nick Park (Known for Wallace and Gromit, Shaun The Sheep etc.)

These are the top ten best animators of all time according to The top tens website.

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How do you make your own fundoshi underwear?

I was interested in this as well so I did some digging. There are a number of good websites on this topic but very few of them give you everything you need, specifically I found it difficult to determine how much cloth to use. From what I can tell you need about 2 metres (7 feet) of fabric with a width between 6 and 12 inches (depending on how much coverage you want, how "skimpy" you want it do be, the size of...what you're covering... etc. Here is a website with instructions on tying one.

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What is visual rhythm in art?

Visual rhythm means that your eye does not go to one place and stay there. There may be one focal point, but it is softened with other elements around it that continuously draw your eye from place to place and allow you to enjoy the entire piece as a whole rather than just one aspect of it.

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Where can you buy nesting dolls?

hobby lobby

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What is the difference between decorative art graphic art and fine art?

"Graphic art" is to the art of printmaking and drawing. In contemporary usage it refers to the applied trade-skills of a pressman, pre-press technician, or typesetter. The term can include the trades of lithography, serigraphy and bindery, among others. Graphic arts as a trade can be traced back to the first instances of the stamped image or word. Traditionally, graphic art is the production of a design on a medium like Rubber, Plexiglas, or other materials in order to transfer the images and/or make an impression/print to the materials of choice such as paper, cloth, wood, metals, and plastics etc. More recently graphic art refers to the generation of two-dimensional, computer-generated images. These images most often contain text along with other drawings. Graphic art is most often used in marketing.

"Fine art" (or the fine arts) describes an art form developed primarily for aesthetics and/or concept rather than practical application. Art is often a synonym for fine art, as employed in the term "art gallery".[1]

Historically, the fine arts were limited to painting, sculpture, architecture and engraving.[2] Today, the fine arts commonly include visual and performing art forms, such as painting, sculpture, installation, Calligraphy, music, dance, theatre, architecture, photography and printmaking. However, in some institutes of learning or in museums fine art, and frequently the term fine arts (pl.) as well, are associated exclusively with the visual art forms.

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How does an art medium transmit feelings?

Art mediums transmit feelings in a psychological or say mental way. Its the magic of color and humanity including our sense of sight and touch. Different mediums share principles of art and we can feel different mediums through different ways such as sight, touch which are the most common. These mediums have color for the sense of sight in order to convey or transmit the feelings what we call art appreciation, Texture is meant majorly touch but can also be felt with the sixth sense known as telepathy with the help of sight making the feelings more intense.

For example if a medium is Blue in color its brings a feeling of coldness and red bringing a feeling of warmth or say hot. with the right colors in the right place art mediums bring for the desired feelings by the artist towards his audience. In that way we can say Art mediums transmit feelings through our senses majorly through sight and touch which from these the medium is interpreted in an individual manner there after creating different emotions from there own make up of the medium they are exposed to. Meaning everyone interprets a medium in a different way hence different feelings transmitted.

Addition by Evelien: Goethe's color theory can make this kind of color effects comprehensible. There really is an objective side to the effects of color, form, proportions, scales etc. This is mathematics, but in a living way. like a snail growing a shell in a perfect spiral, without having to calculate it. The snail has no awareness, but the artist does in some degree.

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Where did John Cage live most of his life?

He was born in Los Angeles, California. He was in Europe and in Chicago in United States.

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Deal or No Deal

Did Noel Edmonds kill someone a long time ago?

Well he didn't

but some one died when he was doing a show...the safety ropes was on probley and the man died....

No, he didn't kill anyone, but during a show he used to host a few years ago, called 'The Late, Late, Breakfast Show', a man was killed whilst he was practicing for a stunt on the show during the "Give it a Whirl" slot.

From memory, viewers wrote in to be considered to appear on the show, and every week a different viewer was selected. They had to perform some sort of stunt during an outside broadcast - not in the studio - and this particular week, the stunt went wrong.

I seem to recall that the stunt involved the man getting into some sort of box which was attached to a bungee rope, which I think, was attached to a very high crane. Unfortunately, either the box or the rope (I'm not sure which) became detached, which resulted in the box hitting the ground with the man still inside. He died of his injuries.

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Are Azov Films legal?

The company itself may have been legal, but they were involved in illegal child pornography. Authorities from many countries were involved in an investation of reported illegal activities for which there were 348 people arrested by November 14, 2013.

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What is an elaborate style of ornamentation called?

Baroque - elaborate and extensive ornamentation in decorative art and architecture that flourished in Europe in the 17th century

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What design elements can be found on the us flag?

Repetition, pattern, and rhythm are design elements that can be found in the American flag.

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Where can you sell carved ivory?

The best idea is to have the piece appraised. Auction estimates, Retail and Insurance values will all be different but the appraiser can point you in the right direction.

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Was the Orphan Works Bill passed into law?

Thankfully, no, according to this website:

-Livid Imp

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Why did Francesca woodman commit suicide?

She went loco, bro

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Who painted the crucifixion where christ is seen from above?

The most famous depiction of Christ in this way is that of Salvador Dali.

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Where do you mail your art to have it seen?

It depends on the type of art. Most of the time you can contact your local art curators or museums and they can give you more information on how you can get your art on display.

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What are the 4 ways of interpreting designs?

there are four principals of design (if that is the same as what you are looking for)

they are: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and proximity.

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What do you get when you mix Purple and Green?

A brownish color.


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