History of Central America

History of the region between Mexico and South America including Houduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and Panama

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US Presidents
George Washington
History of Central America

Did George Washington have any black kids?

No, none that he fathered. He did have a number of black slave kids.

History of England
History of Central America

How was society organized in medieval Europe?

By the feudel system it was like a big pyramid Kings on top, then the priests, then the knights, then the merchants and finally the peasants

History of Central America

Was Ecuador ever subjected to colonial rule?

Like most of Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina (except for Brazil, Surinam and Guyana), it was part of "New Spain," and claimed by Spanish explorers.

Preguntas en Espanol
History of the United States
History of Central America

What did the Spanish hope to do in California?

They tried to convert Indians into Catholics by building missions

Performing Arts
History of Central America

Why did the American Indians Dance?

The American Indians "Amerinds" danced because they told stories through it.

It was to them an entertaining way to pass on the tribes legends .Tribes were also very much into communicating with thy re ancestor spirits for many reasons. By dancing they manifested energy to use in magical ceremonies. This is the reason for many of the dances that have been forgotten or no longer practiced due to the boarding schools that prohibited the use of native language which in turn severed communication with the ancestor spirits .The ancestor spirits don't understand English They only understand the languages that they knew when they died , which would be their native tongue.

Ancient History
History of Central America

Aztec time period?

2,000,000 BC to 2,000BC

US Presidents
History of Central America
Woodrow Wilson

Did Woodrow Wilson repeal the Panama Canals Tolls Act?

According to my history textbook, American Pageant:

"In a similarly self-denying vein, Wilson persuaded Congress in early 1914 to repeal the Panama Canal Tolls Act of 1912, which had exempted American coastwise shipping from tolls and thereby provoked sharp protests from injured Britain."

US Coins
History of Central America
Century - 1800s

What is the value of a 1837 large penny?

Older copper coins of this type need to be seen for the best idea of value because per grade the prices increase from $21.00 to $240.00 depending on the grade of the coin.

Take it to a coin dealer or collector for grading.

History of Central America

What is a large spanish plantation house?


Parenting and Children
History of Central America

Did hector lavoe have a daughter?

Yes he did and her name was Leslie Pérez. There is not much information on her, she was born the same year as Hector Junior while he was married to Puchi. : Yes Lavoe and Puchi had a daughter. She lives in Puerto Rico. I met her and I interview her.

South America
History of Central America

Where was the Mayan civilization located?

The Maya were located in central america.

They were also located in what is presently Mexico.

English to Spanish
History of South America
History of Central America

What are the three civilizations that flourished in Spanish America before the fifteenth century?

Aztec, Maya, Inca

Holidays and Traditions
History of Central America
Spanish Language and Culture
Mexican Culture

How did day of the dead start?

Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, started about 3000 years ago. The indigenous people of what is now known today as Mexico, where interrupted by the Spiniards in a ritual thet were practicing. The Spiniards noticed they seemed to be mocking the dead. Then about 500 years ago, the Spanish Conquest brought together the indigenous and Catholic beliefs.

US Civil War
History of Central America
History of US Immigration

Which countryis south of the US?


History of Central America

Did the Crusaders come to the US in the 1500's?

Yes and No. History will tell you that the Crusaders went to Israel with no intention on going anywhere else. Some people argue however that they must have come over at some point due to the rock inscribed with the Crusaders holy cross found in Indiana.

Most people, myself included, want to believe the finder of said rock made it himself.

There's a whole 2-hour special on the History Channel about it, The Holy Grail in America , i think it's called. Hope that gives you an idea.

Boats and Watercraft
History of Central America

Who made the first canal boat?

come on ! lets all help get info!!

History of Central America

What sport was invented during the prohibition era?

nine-ball billiards

History, Politics & Society
History of Central America

Mexico's early settlers and important dates?

History of Central America

In what country does the sun rise in the west set in the east?

the face

History of Central America

What was the law and order for the Aztec?

The ancient Mexicans which by the way is the correct way of describing these people, had a very strict control over the people they had a complex legal system which most people obeyed, and nobody thought in those days, of breaking the law, most cases were judged by three magistrates who decided over the innocence or declared the person responsible for the felony he was charged with.

The last word was on the decision of the Huey Tlatoani, or what you call the Emperor himself. one example was Izcoatl.

History of Central America

What is the most famous sport on the earth?

Football, also known as soccer, is the most famous. Every country has a football team. There are about 3.3 billion fans worldwide.

{Philosophical Answer}A sport is defined as :An active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition ... So my answer would most defiantly have to be LIVING LIFE with six(6) Billion "fans" worldwide and in space ...
History of Central America
Stone Age

Did the old stone have small or large communities?

In the Stone Age, the Earth's population was supported by small groups called Hunter-Gatherers.

History of Central America

What has one entrance and three exits?


Society and Civilization
History of Central America
Panama Canal

When the US decided to take over Cuba Panama Canal Somoas Philippines Hawaii ect. didn't like it cause racism and sterotypes and more people to hate us?

Generally speaking, no. Michael Montagne

why America decided to take over panama

The Americans took over the Philippine's, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Guam, after the Spanish American war, which had no bases, these were Spanish Colonies, the last ones they had over almost 400 years, but the Monroe Doctrine, wanted America for the Americans, the ones who lived in the USA of course so they took these lands and made these countries part of the USA empire, as Panama was part of Colombia but since the Colombian Government did not allow the building of the Panama Canal, they invented a country that we now know as Panama, and of course that way the canal was built, as far as Hawaii is concerned they had trade with the Hawaiian king but when he wanted to raise the price of the Hawaiian goods the Americans took over.

That is the way of the brave and the free, yeah right.

Native American History
History of Central America

Was Pocahontas on the back of the 20 dollar bill in 1875?

Yes she was


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