The Aztecs were active in Mexico from the 14th through 16th centuries. They are most famous for their practice of human sacrifice.

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How are the Aztecs and the Mayans alike?

well they both believe in multiple gods and there aquaculture is the same and style.

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Why was Cortes impressed when he arrived in Tenochtitlan in 1519?

Compared to European cities of the time Tenochtitlan was a very large city. Population estimates vary from 212,000 to 350,00 making it one of the very largest of it's day.

The city was well organized, with many squares where markets were held and trading carried on. They were not a savage civilization as once thought. It was a planned city with specialized workers.


From the halls of Montezuma lyrics?

The lyrics come from the war with Mexico. "One battalion of Marines marched with General Scott to Mexico City participating in the final attack on the Castle of Chapultepec and the march to the National Palace, the Halls of the Montezumas. Source; Guidebook for Marines, 18th Edition, 2001. Published by the Marine Corps Association, Quantico VA.

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Who were the first settlers in the valley of Mexico?

The Olmec, they were the fathers of the mesoamerican culture.

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Where did the Aztecs live?

The Aztecs established in the Valley of Mexico, near Lake Texcoco. They built their first temples in Tenochtitlan which was in the middle of lake Texcoco which is now modern day Mexico City. They were a warrior based culture, and continued to conquer and expand. At one point their empire spread throughout most of of Mexico. It is believed that they may have even gone as far north as what is now known as the southwestern United States.


Did the Aztecs thrive Before the Mayans?

Well the Mayans weren't an empire, one uses the name of Maya to refer to all of the mesoamerican city-states that were in center America and had common cultural aspects.

The Aztecs appeared in history at about 1100 A.D and some Mayan cities are from as far as 200 A.D so obviously the Mayans came first.


What do the Aztec codices tell us about Aztec life?

Well, I know that Aztecs were trading to get what they needed and also that they grew crops in Chinampas; crops like: maize, pumkin, tomato and peppers.

Rich Aztec men were proposed to be Aztec priests and they were the ones that made sacrifices.

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Also, Aztecs never wrote, they just used diagrams and pictures to tell their story.


Was Montezuma II a good ruler?

It depends on your point of view if he was good or bad but I can tell what he did during his government.

Montezuma basically tried to separate the nobility (pipiltin) from the commoners (macehuales), he wanted more power so he boosted his own status. He replaced the officials appointed by his predecessor for his own followers

Montezuma always supported the nobility, over the commoners who weren't favored during his rule, for example he eliminated the right of the macehuales to wear special clothing if they proved themselves in battle.


How far are the Aztecs ruins from Cancun in Mexico?

There is a long, long distance. "Aztec" ruins are some 2,200 kilometers (1,370 miles) east of Cancun.

However, if you really meant "Mayan" ruins, there are many close to Cancun: the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza are 193 Km (120 miles) east of Cancun; Tulum is some 130 Km (81 mi) south of Cancun, down the Cancun-Chetumal highway.


What was the capital of the Aztecs?

The Aztec capital was Tenochtitlan, also known as Mexico-Tenochtitlan. Built atop a series of islands in Lake Texcoco, the ruins of Tenochtitlan are in present day Mexico City.


What was the Aztec objective of the flowery war?

The objective of the flowery war was for the Aztec society to please the gods. It first began with the Taxcalas, a neighboring village, a decree was signed that granted both the Taxcalas and the Aztec empire to take prisoners of war to later be sacrificed in the traditional manner. The point of the flowery war was not to kill or acquire land, instead it was to merely capture other warriors to appease the gods with human blood. The reason it first came into play was a result of a long drought. Flowery is in reference to the lack of violence involved on the battle field. It could also be in reference to the hallucinogenic drugs sprinkled on the victim before they were to be sacrificed. Basically it was to restore the natural order that had somehow failed to continue on its normal path.

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Which Spanish explorer conquered the Aztec Empire in Mexico?

Hernando Cortés.
Hernan Cortes (also known as Hernando Cortez)


What was the Aztec lunar calendar based on?

It was based on religious beliefs

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Who explored much of Mexico and conquered the Aztec empire?

A Spanish Explorer, named Hernando Cortes set foot in the Aztec empire in 1519. His expedition was to set across the land to find gold and bring the treasures to Spain. He conquered surrounding civilizations such as theTectonacs and Tlaxcalans. This may of been why he was able to defeat the Aztecs, as they were a very powerful empire. He also ruled parts of Mexico .


How far did the Aztecs and the Mayans live apart?

Umm. . . they lived in different times but the Aztecs lived in Mexico and the Mayans had the whole northern South America thing going on.


What were the names of Montezuma's family?

Montezuma, more properly called Moctezuma II, was the ninth emperor of the Aztecs and was in power when the Spanish Conquistadors encountered that Empire. His father was Axayacatl.

His children included:

  • Tecuichpo, later called Doña Isabel Moctezuma
  • Chimalpopoca
  • Taltecatzin
  • another daughter

How did the Aztecs treat their people?

The Aztec's ruler treated his people well. If their was a sacrifice to make, the ruler and the person who was going to be killed both knew that they had to do it. The person who was dying was happy because he would go to one of the 13 heavens that the Aztecs thought to be.


What were the 3 civilizations mesoamerican?

Tne Olmec, the Zapotec, and the Toltec.


Why did the Aztec civilization fall all at once to the spanish while the Maya civilization took much longer to be conquered?

The Aztec civilization was a large empire with a very centralized form of government and a very distinctive capital city (Tenochtitlan), while the Maya civilization was composed of a series of city-states with no centralized government.

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How do you say bird in Nahuatl?

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Did the Aztec have roads to Tenochtitlan?

Not necessarily roads, they had very long wooden drawbridges that led back to the mainland, and they could pull them back if they saw enemies coming by land, slowing them down.


Montezuma II did not immediately order an attack on Cortez?

Because he wondered if perhaps the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl was coming true.


Did the Aztec eat people?

NO! The Aztecs were a sacrificial nation. They'd sacrifice humans (sometimes as a punishment or volunteerment) then get their skulls and decorate their temples to honor the gods with the skulls. They never ate people.


Why did Hernando Cortes fight the Aztecs?

the Tlaxcalans help Hernando fight the Aztecs because Hernando had a terible thirst for gold


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