The Incas were spread along the west coast of South America. They were prominent from the 12th to the 16th centuries. They are known for their art, architecture, mathematics, and astronomy.

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Did the Incas dance?

Oh of course they did dance they danced a lot . They even danced for fun when their bored


What role did Inca men and women play?

well the ancient incs men and women didn't really have jobs they usually just taught their kids women would teach their daughters to cook clean and take care of young men would teach their sons to become worriers and collect crops


What were the 3 civilizations mesoamerican?

Tne Olmec, the Zapotec, and the Toltec.


What did the Incas freeze dry?

By removing water from food and drug products, stability and degradation can be reduced. The lower the water content in a food, the longer a food can potentially last. It makes it more difficult for life to grow, by salting and dehydrating food, the food can last longer.

On a side note-

This is often misrepresented online and on children's websites. The Incas did work at high altitudes, with low humidity and lower pressure, but it was not a level that reached sublimation. Think of it as "drying while at freezing temperatures".

The Incas would freeze and then dry their food, in two separate steps, as opposed to "freeze-drying" or the modern pharmaceutical and food term lyophilization. The Incas placed their food in cold climates to freeze at night to store as you would a freezer, and then in the day it would evaporate. This process is closer to dehydration and then a freezing step, and wouldn't remove some of the internal water that modern processes would.

Freeze-drying requires a vacuum and low temperatures ie. drying while at cold temperatures. In order for this to occur, to have the water inside the food go from liquid to gas (sublimation) , a phase diagram shows that it needs to be less than .006 atm, far far below any environmental conditions the Incas could achieve. This value, .006 atm (4.56 mm Hg) is known as the triple point of water, below this pressure, sublimation can occur.

For Instance:

Machu Picchu- 7,970 ft above sea level- lets say they wold climb to 10,000 feet at most for this process.

At 10,000 feet it would about 60.7 kPa air pressure- (526 mmHg or .69 atm)

You can see it is about 100 times too high a pressure to induce sublimation.

You wouldn't call homemade beef jerky freeze dried, you'd call it dehydrated.

It is a smart process, but it is not reminiscent of the way food and drugs are made nowadays. I have worked in this industry and am just pointing out that the it is semantics. A scientist wouldn't refer to this process as "freeze-drying", maybe a comma in between "freeze , drying" would make it work.

Religion & Spirituality

Did the Incas perform human sacrifice?

Yes they sacrificed a variety of things like crops,livestock, and their own children! Luckily there methods were more peaceful than the bloodthristy Aztecs in Mexico. They just left the child sacrafices on a cold mountain and let them die peacfully instead of ripping out their hearts.

R. It's a difference ... in that time didn't exist any country..... we cannot call this people pagan because they didn't know any about European religion.... they had their own systems.... and they used to live in peace.... 4000 years ago (2000 bc) didn't exist what we know as America continent... it was just a land and every culturure that used to live here called in their own language... Incas Empire was created in the 1400 ac trying to unify many cultures that used to live in the region that today is known as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina.... that was the area that this empire used for their lands... the empire was called tahuantinsuyo and they put together the 4 biggest regions that was occupied for many cultures as mochica, chavins, waris,tiawanacus, moches etc etc etc... some of this cultures used to make human sacrifices... but it finished when incas take the power.... imposting 3 unique laws.... Ama Suya, Ama Keya and Ama Yuya.... wich means Don't Lie, Don't Steal, And Don't Kill.... their rituals to pleased the god's like the Sun, and the Moon were only the offers of seeds to the Pachamama wich is the mother land....

Incas Empire was a big civilization that was destroyed for the Spaniards in the conquer

the regions called Peru is just the Area that the viceroy control for the spanish kingdom that eventually take the name in tha independence war agains the Spaniards
Yes, but rarely. They often gave animals for sacrifices
Yes they did practice human sacrifice
yes the incas did make human sacrifices because thats there culture there tradition
Yes, definitely.


What helped the spanish conquer the Inca empire?

Mostly disease that the Incas were not used to killed them. Also, the Naval training and the horses helped defeat them. Think about it, if you were up on a horse with a steel sword, you could easily stab many people that were on the ground. The way the Spanish rode the horse with one hand on the saddle helped them use the sword properly. This question is no doubt one of the most challenging questions of history. Many people have spent many years on this one question.


The Incan people believed their emporer was related to whom?

The Incans believed that their king, the Sapa Inca, was the child of Inti, the sun god. He was called the 'child of the sun' while the Incans were the 'intip churin' or 'children of the sun.'


Who conquered the Incas and the Aztecs?

Franciso Pizzaro conquered the Incas. And Hernan Cortes defeated the Aztecs with help of Dona Marina.

Explorers and Expeditions

Which European explorer conquered the Inca empire?

Franciso Pizzaro.


Where was Cuzco located within the Inca Empire?

Between Matchu Pitchu and Lake Titcaca.


How was the religion of the Inca Maya and Aztec similar?

They are similar because They all did something like incas made a stonhedge without technology, and aztecs made sacrifices, and mayas made a long journey to the New World


What date did the Inca civilization start?

The Inca Civilization lasted for three hundred years from the 13th to the 16th century. Getting a true picture of Inca history is difficult because the Incas had no written language and passed their history down orally from one generation to the next.

Explorers and Expeditions

Which European explorer defeated the Inca empire?

The Spaniard, Francisco Pizarro and his conquistadors defeated the Incas in 1532.

By 1532, Pizarro had defeated the bulk of the Incas, only some very stubborn pockets of resistance held out against the Spanish total conquest of Peru until 1533.


Who is the Spaniard who defeated the Incas in Peru?

hernando cortez and francisco pizarro


In which modern country did the Aztec civilization exist?

the Aztec society lived in Mexico on a small island they called Tenochtitlan


What important advancements did Inca make?


Math and Arithmetic

What are some contributions of the Inca?

Although the main contribution of the Inca was their architecture, they also contributed to many other things. They built many extensive road ways, bridges, and aqueducts that they constructed by themselves. They were also unique in their ways of governing conquered tribes, and they created extensive farming areas using terraces. They had fit large stones together to building their cities; There was no mortar needed and the structure could withstand earthquakes.


Where is the incas city location?

Machu Picchu


Where did the Inca civilization thrive?

Because they stink


How did the Inca contribute to modern society?

Thank you for such a beautiful question! I'm part Inca myself!

The Inca empire contributes to modern society in many different ways.

Food was one of the many, i'm sure you've had tomato's of potatoes. These were brought over to Europe from what now is called Peru.

Another big part that it contributed to our society was it's art. Architecture was by far one of the most important Inca arts. The Ina's built large beautiful structures such as Machu Pichu, one of the Seven wonders of the World. Many people now-a-days get inspiration from the art of the Inca's.

The Inca's were also very skilled in medicine. The Inca's could successfully preform skull surgery with a 80-90% chance of survival. Before the Inca's not even half the chance of survival was possible. The Inca's contributed in medicine and surgery, they also made many discoveries in medicine.

Hope this helps! The Inca's contributed quite a lot to modern society, everything listed has made an impact on our daily lives.


What did the Spanish bring to the Americas that killed many Inca people?

small pox...


What Factors enabled the Spanish to beat the Aztec and the Inca?

Immunity to diseases that domesticated animals carry. For centuries, Europeans had built up resistance... when they brought these animals to the New World... the people here were vulnerable.

Example: cowpox is right next door to smallpox.

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What did ancient Inca drink?

They drank coke and lemonade.


How did the Inca civilization come to an end?

The Spanish Conquistadores brought smallpox and other European diseases with them when they came ashore and these diseases quickly decimated the population, allowing the Spaniards to take control of what was left of the ruined society. The Incas were weakened, making it easier to the Spanish to overthrown them.


Weakness of the Mayans and the Aztecs and the incas?

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