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This category includes the questions and answers about the similar characteristics of two things. For example, What are the similarities between the Ancient Roman and Greek empires?

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What were the differences and similarities between Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini and Josef Stalin?

Differences and Similarities Between Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Josef Stalin they shared 2 things they were greedy, and murderers! Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin were all dictators with very different principles. Hitler's principle was the cultural and biological superiority of the Aryan peoples. Mussolini's was a more of a nationalism based on remembering Rome's glory. Along with Stalin's principle, which was a fundamental principle, Marxism-Leninism. They all started with very different first principles, but they all actually wound up running very similar totalitarian states. Here...
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What are some similarities between MySpace and Facebook?

Myspace and Facebook are both social networking sites where people can exchange information and converse with one another. Member of these site can post pictures/videos of themselves and write a little bit about themselves on their profile. ...
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What is something both wrestlers and models do?

They both pose for the camera. They both must maintain or project a certain "look" and identity. They both have to face up to the fact that age will limit their career. They both require good lighting and P.R to stay employed. They will both be chewed up and discarded by the "cruelty" of the "industry". They will both have lot's of pictures to look back on, in their dotage. ...
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What are similarities between Africa and Nepal?

"both are agricultural countries and both have enough amount of natural resources but not properly utilized " Mario says this ...
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What are three similarities between Uranus and Neptune?

1. They are similar in colour because of the composition of their atmospheres (methane). 2. Unexplored by humans because of the distance 3. They are very cold. 4. They are mostly made of gas. 5. They have very high pressure ...
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What are some similarities of apple and earth?

The skin of the apple equates to the crust of the earth, the flesh of the apple to the mantle and the core to the core. ...
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What are the similarities between binge and bulimia and anorexia?

Anorexia is when a person will eat little to no calories in a day or however long, a person with bulimia will binge on food, then purge it and starve themselves in between (not always, but mostly), people with binge eating disorder will eat thousands of calories, but will not purge them at all. So really the only thing all of these things have in common is just that they are eating disorders. Binge eating is related to bulimia, but is...
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What is the similarity between fish and crocodile?

There are a few similarities between fish and crocodiles. Both swim or spend almost all of their time in the water and contain scales. Both have tails that aid them in swimming and with general movements, too. ...
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What are similarities between Venus and Mercury?

They both reach very high temperatures They are both closer to the sun than earth They are both made of rock They are both relatively dense They both have very long days They both have no moons ...
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What is the similarities between science and magic?

Magic relies on scientific laws to perform what can look like amazing feats. Throughout the years, people educated in science could be regarded as magicians, wizards, and witches. Today, magicians rely on scientific laws to perform magic acts. Science does not rely on magic, but magic relies on science. ...
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What is the difference between owls and snakes?

Well - the obvious answer is - snakes are reptiles and owls are birds ! Additionally, snakes have scales and owls have feathers ! ...
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What is the relationship between power and justice?

The relationship between Power and Justice is similar to the relationship between Money and Happiness, in that it is not a direct relationship, but a complimentary one. Sufficient Power possessed by a group inclined to enforce justice fairly makes for a more just system. Power possessed by a group inclined to enforce justice in a discriminate, haphazard, or other unjust manner will make a system less just. Similarly, a group with Power may choose to deliberately counter society's efforts at achieving and maintaining...
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Similarities between blood and lymph?

both are vascular connective tissues
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What are similarities between Microsoft word and publisher?

both programs have tools to work with text, but publisher is designed for commercial printing and have some different features like container for images. ...
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What are the three similarities between fungi and animals?

They are living, they grow, and they are eaten. Or...they use DNA, RNA and protein ...
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What are the similarities between INC and ANC?

i.n.c is india's a.n.c is africa's both were started at different day they had different aim ...
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Difference between public administration and private administration?

Private administration is work for economic profit derived from customers while Public administartion for social profit derived for customers (citizens). ...
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What are the similarities between fresh water and ocean water?

The only difference is that seawater has a salinity of 3.5% and freshwater has a very small concentration of dissolved salts in it. Everything else is pretty much the same. ...
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What is the different between a cyclone typhoon tsunami?

A tsunami is a wave resultant from a storm. However, cyclones and typhoons are very similar with cyclones occurring in the western hemisphere and typhoons in the eastern. The major difference is that the eye of a cyclone is round, whereas the eye of a typhoon is slanted. ...
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How do you spell psychotic?

That is the correct spelling of the word "psychotic" (insane).
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What are the similarities and differences between the internet and intranet?

The internet is what you are using now; it is open to everyone who has a computer, modem, telephone line and software. An intranet system is only open to certain people who can access it. For example, large companies have intranet sites that only their clients or employees can access. ...
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Similarity between Modern age and stone age?

The only similarities between societies in todays first world nations, and the first Neolithic villages is that both societies were composed of people, and some of those people farmed. ...
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What are the similarities between reptiles and amphibians?

they're both cold blooded well they are vertebrates, also they both- besides the crocodile- have three chamber hearts. That they both lay eggs and also they both don't have paws or hooves ...
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What are similarities in Beowulf and The Odyssey?

both contain monsters, the hero seems to be 'supermen' , both heroes must travel far drom home. ...
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What similarities between high school and college?

food, there are freshman- seniors, sports, semesters and finals, etc