The Mayan civilization was spread through what is now Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, western Honduras, and the southern regions of Mexico. The Mayans are well known for creating the only fully developed written language of pre-Columbian Americas. The Mayans were at the height of their civilization from about 300 to 900 AD, although there are still Mayans today in certain areas of Guatemala and Mexico.

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Mexican Culture

How do you pronounce chichen itza?

Chi... like Tea

...chen like Ten

It... like Eat like Pizza

(But in Cancun the locals like to call it Chicken Pizza.)


Why did the Mayan culture disappear?

The Mayan culture disappeared because of drought, disease, over-hunting, warfare, and because of the Spanish conquistadors.


Did the Aztecs thrive Before the Mayans?

Well the Mayans weren't an empire, one uses the name of Maya to refer to all of the mesoamerican city-states that were in center America and had common cultural aspects.

The Aztecs appeared in history at about 1100 A.D and some Mayan cities are from as far as 200 A.D so obviously the Mayans came first.


Why did the Mayans build monuments?

for the gods


How did technology impact the Mayan civilization?

Traces of Mayan civilization have been found 1700 BC. This is the only American Civilization which started recording their history that's why we can trace back how technology impacted them. They specialized in developing giant buildings and geographic settings. Stone technology can truly be referred to Mayans. Mainly Mayans utilized technology for agriculture, irrigation and construction tasks.

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Arts and Crafts

What type of arts and crafts did the mayans produce?

clay pots, dishes and utensils


How many years did it take to build a Mayan pyramid and who built them?


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What types of written language did the Mayans use?

Mayan Script...

The Mayan civilization lasted from about 500 BC to 1200 AD, with a classical period from 300-900 AD. The earliest known writing in the Mayan script dates from about 250 BC, but the script is thought to have developed at an earlier date. Recent archeological finds indicate that the Mayan civilization started much earlier: around 3,000 BC.

In about 1566, the first bishop of Yucatan, Diego de Landa, compiled a key to the Mayan syllabary consisting of 27 Spanish letters and the Mayan glyphs with similar sounds. This became known as the Landa Alphabet and helped with the decipherment of the script, even though it was based on the false premise that the script was alphabetic.

For a long time many scholars believed that the script did not represent a language at all, or that it wasn't a complete writing system. The first major breakthrough in decipherment came during the 1950s when a Russian ethnologist, Yuri Valentinovich Knorosov, proposed that the Mayan script was at least partly phonetic and represented the Yucatec Mayan language. His ideas were not welcomed by other Mayanists, but he was eventually proved correct.

History of South America

When did the Mayans live there?

they lived from 2000b.c to 900A.D


Who were some leaders of the Maya tribe?

King Pacal, K'inich K'uk' Bahlam and the Hero twins Hunahpu Xbalanque (altough this ones were mythological)

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What did the Maya trade?

The Mayans traded their crops. Including cocoa which was very hard to find, corn, beans, peppers, etc. They also sold pottery and handmade things.


What were the 3 civilizations mesoamerican?

Tne Olmec, the Zapotec, and the Toltec.


Why did the Aztec civilization fall all at once to the spanish while the Maya civilization took much longer to be conquered?

The Aztec civilization was a large empire with a very centralized form of government and a very distinctive capital city (Tenochtitlan), while the Maya civilization was composed of a series of city-states with no centralized government.


Who came first the Greeks or the Mayans?

It depends, but the earliest record excavated from Mayan records were in 1100 A.D. that we have excavated so far and the first Greek records were In the B.C era's we've only scratched the surface with the Mayan excavation so that's why my conclusion is it depends


What were the Mayan achievements?

The Maya built a lot of pyramids and tall temples. They even knew how to make rubber in the 1500's! The Mayans were skilled road builders. They were able to create one of the most advanced road systems of their time. Not only that, they had the first system of writing and had 2 calendars-one with 365 days! Mayans were also one of the first civilizations to develop a writing system called hieroglyphics. They used their hieroglyphics to record information in books made from the bark of fig trees.

The Maya built a lot of pyramids and tall temples. These temples were used as astronomical observatiories.They even knew how to make rubber in the 1500's!The Mayans were skilled road builders.They were able to create one of the most advanced road systems of their time.Not only that, they had the first system of writing and had 2 calendars. One with 365 days!

Mayans were also one of the first civilizations to develop a writing system called hieroglyphics.

They used their hieroglyphics to record information in books made from the bark of fig trees.They developed a mathematical system based on the number 20.They were among the first people to use the number zero.

Zero was first used as a numerical concept in calculations in the 6th Century AD by mathematicians in India.

they created terrace farming and Quechua

Chocolate from cocoa beans.
They made an accurate calendar.

They discovered the use of the number "0", the could predict solar eclipses, and they knew when the correct time for agriculture, started, they were very good builder's, they used the stars to navigate, Even in the night, and they had a very good agricultural system. They domesticated the turkey or what you call turkey, and t they had a good government


Which sentence describes this Aztec stone calendar?

The glyphs on it tell the Aztec history of the world.


What were the Maya achievements?

The Mayan Trade System, The Mayan City Building, The Mayan Number System, and The Mayan Calendar.

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How many weddings happen a day?

nobody knows for sure. there are people all over the world! i hope this helps.

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What contribution did Joseph McCoy make to America?

Joseph McCoy McCoy built a hotel, stockyard, office and bank in a little village along the Union Pacific that was called Abilene, Kansas, and encouraged Texas cattlemen to drive their Longhorn cattle to the railhead there, thus beginning the era of cattle raising in Texas and drive to the railroad for market in Chicago and the east.


3 things that was required for progress that the mayans lacked?

The ancient Maya developed advanced systems of astronomy and mathematics, an accurate calendar system, extensive trade routes, and a religion dominated by blood sacrifices. Without benefit of metal tools, beasts of burden, or even the wheel, they were still masters of architecture, building elaborate pyramids and sprawling cities


How was the religion of the Inca Maya and Aztec similar?

They are similar because They all did something like incas made a stonhedge without technology, and aztecs made sacrifices, and mayas made a long journey to the New World

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Where halls of Montezuma?

Mexico The Halls of Montezuma are in Mexico City and the war in which the phase "Halls of Montezuma" refer to was the Mexican War of 1847. The "Shores of Tripoli" refers the the USMC involvement in the "Barbary Wars" to fight the pirates in Libya.

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How did the Navigation Acts control trade?

The Navigation Acts were created by England to restrict trade with its colonies. England wanted to stop trading between its colonies and other European countries such as France and the Netherlands.


Did the mayans have a system of justice?

Yes the Mayas did. They had a strong military defence. They had fair laws that state that you get one warning, but if you broke it again you would have your hair cut short, be stoned ect.


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