History of Writing

The history of writing is the method of expressing language through letters and markings. The earliest writing dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica. There are debates whether the development of writing originated in China or Egypt.

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History of Writing

What symbol represents respect?

I don't know of any symbols that specifically mean respect. Plus, various symbols and shapes mean different things in different cultures. But symbols work by association, so you could make a symbol that means respect for you in your circumstance. Respect means "to look back at" or even "re-look." So, a pair of spectacles, a eyeglass, binoculars, etc. could all be more literal symbols. A rearview mirror might be interesting. Choose something meaningful to you.

History of Writing
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How do you use the word fanciful in a sentence?

The young boy had created an imaginary world full of fanciful characters.

The suggestion was obviously a fanciful one, one that could never be implemented.

One inventor came up with a fanciful scheme to turn water into gasoline.

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History of Writing

What is the summary of The King In The Kitchen?

The summary is that a king doesn't want a peasant marrying his daughter(princess).He wants a person who is rich because the royal treasure is empty.He is very greedy,and prideful.The king just needs money to fill the treasure vault.

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History of Writing

Why is symbolize spelled with an s and not a z?

because were american, and clearly we speak with z's not s's..were not british

Symbolize - American English. Symbolise - British English.

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History of Writing

Did John Milton change the old style of writing?

John Milton daringly attempted cosmic themes in regard to the lives and destiny of man, which in itself was a bold change from the old themes. The old themes in English Poetry and poetry elsewhere centred on themes consisting of heroic acts of kings, knights, demons and angels. Milton brought theme to the life of the lowly man and his indebtedness to his creator. It is true that whoever reads and sings his Paradise Lost will begin to think on similar lines and begin to write poems with the same words, tune and imagery, which was exactly what happened in his times. Thus John Milton pivoted the old style of writing in English Poetry to what is more good, popular and practical.

It depends on what is meant by 'the old style of writing' if this is the transition between middle english and modern english (the instead of ye) then shakespeare is most likely the protaganist in this process. English, per se is a constantly evolving language, it steals and absorbs, changes and makes its own. It has its own sub categories as in 'American english' which is distinctly owned by that continent.

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Charles Dickens
History of Writing

What were Charles Dickens' top ten best books?

1 A Tale of Two Cities

2 Great Expectations

3 Oliver Twist

4 David Copperfield

5 Little Dorrit

6 Bleak House

7 A Christmas Carol (novella)

8 Nicholas Nickleby

9 Martin Chuzzlewit

10 Hard Times

History of Writing

Who killed all seven of Andromache's brothers?

Achilles killed all 7 brothers as well as her husband Hector

History of Writing

What are the characteristics of an urban area?

The Characteristics of an Urban areas are commonly polluted,crowded etc.

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History of Writing

Can you provide information about the poem Island Fire by Konai Helu Thaman?

Konai Helu Thaman

History of Writing
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Native American History

How did Pocahontas affect US history?

She found a way to make peace with the newly arrived Europeans.

MORE The story we know is not true. Actually the colonist landed in an area of 14,000 Native Americans and in the worse land in the area. Powhatan pretty much left them alone. I think he figured that they would die from the bad water and disease . He was fairly right. Within 6 months there were only 34 men left alive of the 104 who came. It wasn't until after his death that the brother of Powhatan attacked the colony. The story about Smith is also not true. He did NOT save Jamestown. He was only there a very few months and he lied about his contribution to the settlement in a book he wrote several years later. He also made up the story about Pocahontas and she died young so couldn't refute his story. The man who did save Jamestown was the husband of Pocahontas and gave tobacco seeds to the colony. That was John Rolfe.

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History of Writing

What color rhymes with orange?

Lorange rhymes with orange wich is a new 2011 colour

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History of Writing

What is the antonym for the word nuzzle?

antonym for nuzzling

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History of Writing

Does habit and average rhyme?

no, habit and rabbit would.

History of Writing
Present Tenses

What is the present tense of seem?

Present tense is seem.

I seem to be lost.

She seems to be lost

When I saw them they seemed to be lost -- past tense.

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History of Writing

What are some Scottish idioms?

manny a mickle makes a muckle [big things are made of little things]

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History of Writing

What is the poem of allegorical quatrains?

Allegorical Quatrains

Translated by Bienvenido Lumbera

Alas for me, my friend,

Solitary is the peace of thread:

Once it snaps at the bobbin,

It ends up tangled in the heddle-rod

Though the hill be high

And reach up to the highland,

Being desirous of heights

It will finally be reduced to discern.

When one submits to a wound,

he does not feel the pain;

to one who resists it,

a mere scratch become a sole,

I'm the fish the size of the "sap sap"

No wider than a barnacle;

But I'm creating quite stir

Because I'm swimming around

with a Big "apahap"

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History of Writing

Farewell letter to clients?

This is just a good sample farewell letter to clients.

Dear Kelly,

Re: Change of Service

I am writing to inform you that I shall be leaving Eternal Productions Enterprise at the end of this month. The time has come for me to bid you farewell as I move on in my career. Hence, I shall not be able to serve you and your esteemed company after this month.

Please allow me to thank you for a great business relationship during my tenure at Eternal Productions. It has been my honor and delight to have serviced you at Southern Precision Industry.

I hope to service you again in the future. I do hope that our paths may cross again. I wish you well and all the success in your future endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,


History of Writing

What does proto mean?

Proto is a last name or it could be a first name.

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History of Writing

What is the theme of the poem is the listeners?

The theme is a traveller who kept his words (made a promise) and knocked on a door syaing he came but, know one answered. He is s starnger in that world.

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History of Writing

What is the meaning of 'a blessing in diguise'?

Somthing that does not appear to be good or helpful, but turns out to be. Example: You get bumped from a flight and the delay causes you to miss an important appointment so initially you're mad. Then plane that you were bumped from crashes, killing everyone. So although getting bumped caused you some aggravation, it was a blessing in disguise because it saved your life.

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The art of beautiful handwriting?

You can have lovely handwriting so in a way it is an art of passion for writing! Most people just don't think about it and carry with their lives!

History of Writing
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Who invented the biro or ballpoint pen?

The first crude ballpoint pen was patented in 1888 by John Loud, an American leather tanner.

The next stage of development came almost fifty years after Loud's patent, with an improved version invented in Hungary in 1935 by László József Bíró (September 29, 1899 - November 24, 1985) and his brother.
It was john loud in 1888 ..and then redisigned by laslo biro in 1938.
It went through many developments and patents, first begun in 1888 by John Loud with the first patent. It didn't work well, even though he got funding to produce it in Argentina with the help of the government there, it kind of flopped. Something to do with gravity. It went through many more stages based on his patent, and in 1938 Laszlo Biro was given credit for inventing the first ballpoint pen. It still went on thru many changes to get to the one we know today.

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Use ornithology in a sentence?

On the main street we bumped into an American ornithology student who was studying in the area.

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What do you call someone who studies ancient languages?

Though one does not hear the term used incredibly often, the proper term for a person who studies ancient or archaic languages is actually an "archaeolexicologist". (Sometimes hyphenated.)

History of Writing

What does the word key mean in social studies?

It's just mean code. Because the use word key when somaone need open something and if you do not have key or code, that mean you can open it. For example: your password, your ID,....


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