Charles Dickens

Victorian novelist who authored such classics as Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol

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Which of the following is a true statementMr. Wopsle was going to help Pip?

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Asked by monique robles

When Joe received news that Pip was ill, Biddy was in favor of Joe going and helping Pip.

What can be inferred from the information in this passageMrs. Brandley did not like Pip.Estella disliked Pip.Estella did not like Mrs. Brandley.Pip was jealous?

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Asked by monique robles

From the information in the passage, it can be inferred that there are negative feelings between Mrs. Brandley and Pip, as well as between Estella and Pip. Additionally, Estella does not have a positive opinion of Mrs. Brandley. Pip's feelings of jealousy are also implied.

How many children does Charles Dickens have?

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Asked by Angel Volkman

Charles Dickens has 10 children

What is the theme of the poor relation's story by charles dickens?

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Asked by Pyae Pyae Aung

about a character who relates what is supposedly his actual life as opposed to his supposed life

Who is Tiny Tim's dad?

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Asked by Chandler Quigley

Bob Cratchit

What happened to Pip?

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the steamer crushed it

What are the most famous passages from works of fiction?

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Asked by Colten Mayer

Some famous passages from works of fiction include the opening line of "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens ("It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."), the ending of "1984" by George Orwell ("He loved Big Brother."), and the opening line of "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville ("Call me Ishmael.").

What is the impact of printing press?

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they could make more books faster, which made them cheaper. and they started translating earlier books, like The Bible into more languages

Why is the Confederate flag offensive to some?

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Since the confederacy was cool with slavery, many people consider it a symbol of racism these days

How do I get started reading books?

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To get started reading books, choose a book that interests you and set aside dedicated time each day to read. Create a cozy reading space free from distractions to help you focus. Consider joining a book club or discussing the book with friends to enhance your reading experience.

Is America wealthy today only because of slavery?

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Asked by Joshua Orn

America's wealth today is not solely due to slavery, but it did play a significant role in the country's economic development during the 17th to 19th centuries. The institution of slavery allowed for the accumulation of wealth through forced labor, particularly in agriculture and cotton production, which contributed to economic growth. However, America's current wealth also stems from various other factors such as industrialization, innovation, and global trade.

Is it okay to be in love with a fictional character?

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Asked by Elza Larkin

It's common to feel strong emotions for characters, but it's important to distinguish between fantasy and reality. It's okay to have a crush or admiration, but investing too much emotionally in a fictional character may hinder real-life relationships. It's important to maintain a balance between fantasy and reality.

Is 'moderate your transports' a phrase from Charles Dickens?

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Asked by Demetris Boehm

There doesn't appear to be any record of the exact phrase "moderate your transports" in Charles Dickens' works. However, the concept of moderation and self-control is a common theme in his writing, so it may be reflective of his ideas on emotional restraint.

When did Europeans sleep in the 17th century?

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In the 17th century, Europeans typically followed a segmented sleep pattern, known as biphasic sleep. They would have a first sleep period that started shortly after dusk, wake up for a period of 1-2 hours in the middle of the night for quiet activities, and then return to sleep until dawn. This segmented approach to sleep was common before the Industrial Revolution and the widespread adoption of artificial lighting.

Which is a good book to gift to my 13 year old sister?

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Some popular book recommendations for a 13-year-old include "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio, "The Hate U Give" by Angie Thomas, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series by Rick Riordan, and "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. These books are engaging and age-appropriate for a young teen.

Why is it 'Merry Christmas' not 'Happy Christmas'?

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Asked by Khalil Lubowitz

It is "Happy Christmas" in some places. It was originally "Merry", but in England by Victorian times (that is, during the reign of Queen Victoria) "Merry" had come to be a euphemism for "drunken", and Victoria didn't think it was appropriate for her to wish her subjects "drunken Christmas", so she went with "Happy". "Happy" still predominates in the UK and and in former Commonwealth countries; elsewhere where English is spoken (basically, in the US) "Merry" is more common (the US had broken away from the British Empire before Victoria was born).

What surprised Scrooge when the clock chimed?

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In stave 2 the clock chimes quater plast 12 , then half past and then at quater to One. This was the foretold time of the first ghost visit. As the clock struck one the room lit up with a broght light and the curtains that surrounded his bed were swiftly pulled back to reveal the first visitation

The second time the bell was due to strike Scrooge had readied himself - He pulled the curtains aside to see the whole of the room and tehrefore the arrival of the next Ghost. However, he was supprised that at the defind One o'clock the clock struck yet nothing appeared

15 minutes went by and nothing SCrooge saw nothing but a bright ruddy light bathing the clock

The next occasion bells sounded the time was heard when Scrooge was with the ghost of Christmas Present. The night was theat of 12th Night and at quater to twelve the ghost told Scrooge his time grew short.

At midnight as the clock struck the final spirit appeared.

Following the ghost visoins of what could happen Scrooge makes his oath to change and suddenly wakes in bed and having dashed around his room recalling the nights events he asks a boy walkin by his house what day it is. He is told its Christmas Day . Scrooge shouts "`It's Christmas Day!'' said Scrooge to himself. ``I haven 't missed it. The Spirits have done it all in one night. They can do anything they like. "

All the events that went from Chsitmas Eve to 12 night had happened in just one night

Why does the ghost of Christmas Present say when talking of Tiny Tim If he be like to die then he had better do it and decease the population?

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The Ghost of Christmas Present's words about Tiny Tim reflect his ignorance and lack of compassion. He is emphasizing the harsh reality that death is a natural part of life, but in a callous and insensitive way. It also serves to highlight Scrooge's own lack of empathy and the need for him to change his ways.

Why was Marley's ghost fettered?

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Marley's ghost was fettered with heavy chains and lockboxes as a symbol of the burdens he carried in life due to his greed and selfishness. The chains represent the emotional weight of his actions and his inability to find peace or rest in death.

Who did Bob Cratchit toast during their Christmas meal?

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Bob Cratchit toasted to Mr. Scrooge during their Christmas meal as a way to express gratitude and goodwill, despite Scrooge's harsh treatment towards him throughout the year. This scene in "A Christmas Carol" showcases the spirit of forgiveness and generosity that embodies the holiday season.

What is mr lorrys relationship with lucie mannette?

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Mr. Lorry is a trusted friend and advisor to Lucie Manette. He helps her and her father, Dr. Manette, throughout the events in A Tale of Two Cities and is like a parental figure to her, providing support and guidance in difficult times.

How is the weather in stave five A Christmas Carol?

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In Stave Five of "A Christmas Carol," the weather is described as crisp and cold, but bright and joyful. It signifies a new beginning for Ebenezer Scrooge as he embarks on a fresh start after the transformative events of the story. The weather reflects the hopeful and positive tone of the ending.