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Vintage slang refers to colloquial words or expressions in the English language, associated with a particular decade. Some examples of this are “catch 22” from the 1970s and “grandstand” from the 1940s.

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What does the expression cinders and ashes mean?

Its an expression used by the engines on Thomas and friends. They use it express surprise or shock. Similar to the phrase "oh my stars" and analogs of

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What is the full form of word 'Hindu'?

The word 'Hindu' is not an acronym. The word Hindu may mean:

1. A native or inhabitant of Hindustan or India.

2. A person who adheres to Hinduism (religion).

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Is the word Swell slang or a nonsense word?

Swell means to grow bigger, as in 'the swell of the ocean' or 'I could see his chest swell with pride' or, in musical terms, 'the swell of the orchestra' as it grows louder.

It is also used as a slang term to mean 'good'.

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Why do some people say 'Jiminy Cricket'?

What famous religious figure has the initials J.C.? Jiminy Cricket is a halfhearted attempt at a blasphemous oath, sharing the initials of Christ, but it skirts around actually "using Christ's name in vain".

This thinly veiled blasphemy is nothing new. In Shakespearean times, "zounds" was used to imply a shortened form of the oath "God's wounds!"

Some people just can not resist responding...

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What does ''the tingle in the scalp'' means?

Its similar to when your hair stands on end.

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What is another word for maid?

On the assumption that you mean maid, as in a servant, an employee, a subordinate, a waitress, a personal assistant, a handmaid, a ladies maid, a house keeper, a parlour maid, a soubrette. Most alternative words do not seem to be very complimentary

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What does egging the custard mean?

the phrase over egging the custard means going to far or over embellishing on something to the point of disbelief , also if you over egged your custard it would just taste like egg yolks and therefore wrong

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What is a slang term for a touchdown?


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What is a hundred pounds in Cockney slang?

That would be a ton.

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What does silver lanes aglow mean?

It is a reference to the song "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas".

Silver lanes are streets, or small roads. In reference to Christmas, we can all imagine a cliche but beautiful picture of a lit up street at night in the middle of winter.

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What does the phrase 'from here on out' mean?

[This condition or action] will continue, from this point in time forward.

AnswerFrom now on. From this day forward.. etc. Answer"From here on out" means basically the same thing as "from here on in", though the first one is only used in the US as far as I know.
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What does I'll keep that in mind mean?

"Keep in mind" or "Bear in mind" - means to consider the fact or to think of / remember a certain fact often when considering something else. For example: "Bear in mind that I can't run as fast as you", or "Keep your constituency in mind when you speak."

This means one of two things A) you want to think about the situation on a deeper level so you need more time to consider how to respond or B) you don't want to say how you really feel about a situation because you don't think the other person/people will agree with your standpoint.

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What does right-e-o mean?

It means okeedokee, or OK. Also means 'I agree.'.

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What does it mean when someone says the spark has gone?


It's not your fault. Relationships usually start with a "honeymoon" period, during which the couple cannot see any flaws in each other. This period can last for 6 months or more. Then, one day you find yourself annoyed with the other person's body odor, or the way they squeeze the toothpaste tube, or something. This is when you either break up, or learn how to change what you can and live with the rest.

We are creatures of habit. We tend to get into ruts, to do things as we always have, and then we wonder why we're bored. "The thrill is gone" can mean you need to change the routine, possibly even talk to a couples counselor.

There is a HUGE difference between "the thrill is gone" and "I don't love you any more." The difference is that if the love is still there, the two of you will do what you must to keep the flame alive. Worst case? "The spark has gone" means that there is nothing good between you two any more, your spouse could be cheating or sleeping around, or your spouse got bored with you cuz s/he cant get into your pants or control you. If that's what's happening, remember the most important thing: it is not your fault, it's your spouse's, and s/he is a big jerk not to see what a wonderful person you are.

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What are some slang words from 1944?

I have a book called "Dewdroppers, Waldos and Slackers" that has a chapter on the 40's. Here is a few:


  • albatrosse is a chicken
  • armored cow is canned milk
  • black strap is coffee
  • grass is salad
  • punk is bread
  • sewer trout is any white fish
  • tiger beef is meat loaf


  • behavior report is a GI letter to his girl
  • blind flying is a date with someone you don't know
  • delayed action bomb is a young woman who is always late
  • skirt patrol is looking for girls
  • snore sack is a sleeping bag
  • sugar report is a letter from a girl a fellow left at home


  • brew is anything to drink
  • glop is a mixture of food
  • goon is a German guard
  • goon up is to watch out for guards
  • in the bag is captured
  • project is a escape plan
  • snoop tour is a guard's rounds
  • tobacco is a code word for news

Home Front

  • blue points is a type of rationing coupon
  • bomb boogie is a type of jitterbug
  • canary is a gas mask
  • gas hog is someone who went around the gas rationing rules
  • liberty ship is a cargo ship


  • do-rag is a scarf around the head
  • popover dress is a wraparound
  • playsuit is a one piece short set with a wraparound skirt
  • vingle is a haircut for victory
  • zoot suit is a suit for men
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What does oh what a goose are you mean?

Geese are thought of as foolish creatures of little intelligence. So comparing you to a goose is a criticism of your intelligence.

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What does it mean when someone says a car has a trap speed?

The trap speed is the measured "instantaneous" speed of the vehicle at some timing location, for instance at the end of a 1/4 mile run.

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What is an old gaffer?

The "old Gaffer" is what Samwise Gamgee called his father Hamfast.

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What does it mean if someone says hey delicious?

it means that they think something is attractive whether to eat or they could be referring to the fact that a person is exceptionally attractive or "hot"

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What are some slang words from the 40s?

= Alligator- swing fans or dancers = Bag- to shoot down a plane = Barouche- car, jalopy = Brainchild- someone's creative idea Bunny- to chat Cast an eyeball- look around City slicker- dandy from the city Corny- unimportant, passé Cozy- comfortable Creep- despicable person Darby- something good Dead hoofer- poor dancer Dig- like Dillinger- fantasticDrag a hoof- dancer Drape- clothes, suit Duchess- girl Eager Beaver- enthusiastic helper Fade- leave Fifth avenue- high class Frolic- danceFrolic pad- nightclub Fuddy-duddy- old-fashioned person Gammin'-strutting, showing off Ginned up- dressed up Gobbledygook- double talk, long speechGone with the wind- run off (with money) Got your boots on- understand what's happening Grandstand- to show offGrotty- new but useless Ground grippers- shoesHave a ball- have a good time Hep cats- swing music lovers, dancers (male) Hep kittens- swing music lovers, dancers (female) Hi-de-ho- hello Hincty- snobbyHopper- Lindy Hop dancer Hoof- dance In cahoots with- conspiring with In the groove- very good Jump- sing dance Kicks- shoes Lettuce- money Niftic- good, sharp Off-time jive-bad manners, incorrect Old hat- out dated Pass the buck- pass responsibility forPennies from heaven- easy money Pulleys- suspendersRug cutters- dancers Scene- situation Smooth- good, agreeable Stompers- shoes Striders- trousers Threads- clothes Togged to the bricks- wearing best clothes from:'s%20Slang.htm

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What some common slang words used in swimming and what do they mean?






IM (individual medley) = fly back breast free all in one race.


flutter kick= freestyle/backstroke kick

dolphin kick= butterfly kick

frog kick= breastroke kick

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What does the expression 'lame duck' mean?

The term lame duck refers to somebody weak. For example, when an elected official's successor has already been elected, but has not taken office. It is also occasionally used to disparage a politician who will not serve again, such as a US president near the end of his second term.

A lame duck session is a session of an officials whose successors have already been elected (but not inaugurated).

The original use of the term lame duck referred to brokers who defaulted on their debts. The term is still used in this financial context in Europe.

The term lame duck usually is very commonly heard at the end of the second term of a US President (since he can't get re-elected for the third time in a row). As the name suggests, a lame duck cannot make strong decisions.

Actually the term lame duck means that they are able to make stronger decisons that are not based on being reelected.

If you're playing howrse, please see the Related Question.

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What the phrase a glint in the milkman's eye means?

It refers to the cliche, that a housewife has sex with the milkman and gets pregnant afterwards. Therefore, the glint in the m. e. Is a very early stage of something, like a newborn child or a project or anything else, something that is far away from being started.

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What does it mean when someone says to you your so ghetto?

its how black people act

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What does POTUS stand for?

POTUS = President of the United StatesThe acronym POTUS means President Of The United States. Fun fact: Potus is also the latin word meaning drunk or drink.

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