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Who killed peter Campbell On The Sitcom Soap?

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'You want me to get this?' Jessica Tate was convicted of the murder of Peter Campbell but Chester later confesses to Peter's murder and is sent to prison.

Why did brady bunch end?

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The Brady Bunch ended because the show was never a top rated show. The show was cancelled after five seasons.

Will Sonic ever tell Amy he loves her?

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Yoooh your saying that of course sonic secretly loves amy

Will sonic and Amy ever kiss?

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Yup they kiss because is amy’s day dreaming they kiss in sunset but amy kiss sonic on the cheek

Is Merv Griffin dead?

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Yes, in the early hours of the morning August 12th, 2007, he passed from prostate cancer.

What is Fred Flidstones rich uncles name?

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Fred's great uncle, who owned a shack called "Sandstone Cemente", a pun on the California town, San_Clemente.


Is there a Thanksgiving Bonanza TV series episode?

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Over the 14 years the series ran they did several Thanksgiving episodes.

What was the lone rangers opening theme song?

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The Lone Ranger's opening theme was the William Tell Overture by composer Gioachino Rossini .

What is the name of he elf who wants to be a dentist in Rudolph the red nosed reindeer?

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Hermey the elf wanted to be a dentist, which was quite unheard of for an elf.

How much did the brady bunch kids get paid?

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I believe the Brady Bunch kids gt 1000$ a show,I heard somewhere that Robbie Rist(cousin Oliver) got 750$ a show,mind you he was only in like 6 or 8 shows,at the tail end of the Brady Bunch run

How can ED be corrected?

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Asked by KrishnaShresthafb8546

Who is the voice of the count on sesame street?

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The CountSome refer to him as The Count as listed above but his actual name is Count Von Count.

In the Dutch version of Sesame Street the counts name was Graaf Tel aka Count Count.

What channel was ALF on?

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It aired on NBC for 4 seasons from 1986-1990.

Here were the stations that aired ALF in syndication:

Baltimore, MD: UPN 54 (WNUV)

Bangor, ME: NBC 2 (WLBZ)

Birmingham, AL: WB 21 (WTTO)

Bloomington, IL: FOX 43 (WYZZ)

Boise, ID: CBS 2 (KBCI)

Boston, MA: UPN 38 (WSBK)

Champaign, IL: FOX 27 (WCCU)

Charlotte, NC: UPN 46 (WJZY)

Chattanooga, TN: CBS 12 (WDEF)

Chicago, IL: FOX 32 (WFLD)

Cleveland, OH: NBC 3 (WKYC)

Columbus, MS: NBC 9 (WTVA)

Dallas, TX: CBS 11 (KTVT)

El Dorado, AR: CBS 8 (KNOE)

Fairbanks, AK: NBC 11 (KTVF)

Fort Wayne, IN: FOX 55 (WFFT)

Gadsden, AL: CBS 44 (WPXH)

Hartford, CT: WB 59 (WBNE)

Louisville, KY: NBC 3 (WAVE)

Mobile, AL: NBC 15 (WPMI)

Milwaukee, WI: WB 18 (WVTV)

Orlando, FL: WB 18 (WKCF)

Philadelphia, PA: FOX 29 (WTXF)

Portland, ME: NBC 6 (WCSH)

Providence, RI: FOX 64 (WNAC)

Spokane, WA: FOX 28 (KAYU)

Springfield, IL: FOX 55 (WRSP)

Springfield, MO: FOX 27 (KDEB)

Tampa, FL: UPN 44 (WTOG)

Tulsa, OK: FOX 23 (KOKI)

Tuscaloosa, AL: WB 17 (WDBB)

Washington, DC: WB 50 (WBDC)

What happened to Opie from the Andy Griffith Show?

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Not being a fan of the show, one can only look at the facts. Andy Griffith was classed as a comedy. there is nothing funny about corporal punishment and it is controversial besides. It would be difficult to simulate something like that on tv anyhow, and it is devoid of entertainment payload. On the other hand- the show showed usually all sorts of positive family interaction, in the fade out, to a country and western theme the Father and Son were seen shouldering a fishing rod- a different sort of rod! as far as I know corporal punishment was never used as a plot device- on a situation comedy which the (Andy Griffith show) was. Dragnet and similar crime DRAMAS sometimes dealt with child abuse from a factual, police log standpoint, that is something else. ...............................................................

I recall a couple of episodes where Andy threatened to spank Opie. It was never shown on screen that I know of, but there was at least one instance (when Opie had been playing with matches) where it was clear that the punishment had taken place between two scenes. There was also an episode where an incorrigible friend of Opie's threw a temper tantrum. Andy advised the boy's father that there was an old fashioned woodshed just out back. After the father dragged the screaming boy offscreen, Opie asked Andy if the kid was going to get a spanking. Andy asked Opie, don't you think he deserves it?

Back in the 50's and 60's, corporal punishment was a more acceptable form of discipline and at least threats and allusions to it were not uncommon on TV shows like Andy Griffith, Make Room For Daddy, Flipper, and others.

What happened to Richard Boone's gun from have gun will travel?

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gak May 1, 2010, 09:17 AM

I believe it is a Colt Single Action Army (SAA) - aka 1873 or informally "Peacemaker" - of 7.5" or "Cavalry" length--probably in .45 Colt (aka .45 Long Colt or LC). Although--over the years and currently--most are/were purchased in the other/shorter standard 4-3/4" and 5-1/2" lengths, 7.5" is not uncommon. It was the initial length adopted by the US Army in 1873 for the gun. This basic gun (w/o the fancy grips) is still produced by Colt--or obviously in the used market--for about $1200, available through Colt (new) and any number of vendors or private parties (new/used), or American-made replicas by USFA from $700-1200 (various finish levels) and Italian-made (Uberti via or among others or Pietta via and others)--for $400-700. Gripmakers such as and others can replicate the grips with the signature silver "knight" inlay. And a number of gun leather makers have "Paladin" or "Have Gun Will Travel" replica rigs.

More than you asked for, but .

Later Edit: Unless someone knows specifically otherwise, there is a chance that the specific gun used by "Paladin" for TV purposes was a Great Western, a US-made replica of the Colt SAA. GW came about originally in the mid-fifties to fill a void--especially for Hollywood--left by Colt which had ceased SAA production at the start of WWII. A lot of westerns (movies and TV) used these GWs. Colt re-started production in 1956, and by the early 60s, GW was history-- though I'm sure some guns lived on on Hollywood movie sets. (The name "Great Western" was resurrected by EMF for its Pietta-made guns several years ago). In any event, the Paladin gun was--or was "intended" to be--a Colt.


May 1, 2010, 09:21 AM

That is correct. It was a .45 Colt SAA custom made.

DPris May 1, 2010, 12:56 PM

"The" Paladin gun was actually more likely four Colts, and possibly a fifth.

There's info available that indicates four Colts were used on the show, one sold several years ago that traced back to Boone himself, and there's a fifth one in the Cody museum in Wyoming. The Cody gun may possibly have been one of the four.

Most of the people who could tell us which was what are dead.

But, safe to say that any & all were First Gen Colts, in various conditions.


aarondhgraham May 1, 2010, 02:55 PM

I met him when I was doing Cowboy Action Shooting in Riverside, CA in the early 90's.

He was a wrangler/stuntman for Have Gun Will Travel, The Deputy, and a few other shows I can't remember,,,

He said that on the HGWT set, there was one young kid whose responsibility was to follow Richard Boone around, pick up his gun, and hand it back to him whenever he dropped it,,,

Which apparently happened a lot.

He did say it wasn't Boone's fault so much as the extreme cutaway holster they had made for the show.

He had some great stories about the filming of those old series',,,

He even had an original Arvo Ojala gunbelt and holster set,,,

He said it was one of the rigs made for James Arness,,,

It did have Mr. Ojala's maker mark tooled on it,,,

And also has a J. A. on the lining in pen.

One time I think he was taking grief from the non-believers of his stories,,,

He brought a huge photo album with a much younger him,,,

And just about every 1950's cowboy star I ever saw,,,

I loved having a beer with him after the shoots.

DPris May 1, 2010, 03:20 PM

Info from someone who worked in a shop in California dealing with TV & movie guns at the time was that two of the four that came through were "A" guns (nice) and the other two were beaters. The A guns would have been used for close-ups & so on, the other two for long camera shots, backups & scenes where Paladin deliberately dropped the gun.


What was Fonzie's last name?

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Fonzie's name was Arthur Fonzarelli.

What is the name of Oscar Madison's wife on the odd couple?

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(She was played by Jack Klugman's real-life wife, Brett Sommers.)

When was Happy Days Are Here Again created?

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Happy Days Are Here Again was created in 1965-03.

What was the real name of Greg Brady of the show the brady bunch?

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The name of the actor who played Greg Brady is Barry Williams.

no it is christopher knight

Who were the oldest and youngest guest hosts on Saturday Night Live?

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The oldest SNL host is Betty White, she hosted the show on May 8th, 2010. At the age of 88 years and 111 days.

What happened to actor Marc Copage?

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Marc Copage has: Played Himself - Singer in "The Hollywood Palace" in 1964. Played Corey Baker in "Julia" in 1968. Played himself in "The Leslie Uggams Show" in 1969. Played himself in "Della" in 1969. Played himself in "The Honeymoon Game" in 1971. Played Fredsie in "Sanford and Son" in 1972. Played Petey in "Young Dr. Kildare" in 1972. Played Student in "ABC Afterschool Specials" in 1972. Played Donald in "Temperatures Rising" in 1972. Played Michael in "CBS Afternoon Playhouse" in 1978. Played Eric in "The Wave" in 1981. Played Bandleader in "Best of Times" in 1981. Played himself in "Our Time" in 1985. Played Dance Contestant Judge in "CBS Summer Playhouse" in 1987. Played Singing Cop in "Cop Rock" in 1990. Played Lawyer Jim in "The Kid" in 2000. Played himself in "TV Land Awards: A Celebration of Classic TV" in 2003. Played himself in "TV Land Confidential" in 2005.