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The piano is a keyboard instrument and can be considered a member of both the string and percussion families of instruments. Questions about the piano and its close relatives (harpsichords, clavichords, etc.) belong here.

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How do you know if you are talented at piano?

The Importance of Practice for Success There is a saying - 99% of hard work and 1% of talent will make you a good pianist. Several studies have traced young piano students and seen that those who were viewed as more "talented" put in more hours practicing before hand. It can be difficult to realize when watching someone perform brilliantly that their ability is the result of many thousands of hours of practicing and training. While piano might not be for everybody,...
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What to wear in piano recitals?

My teacher wants girls wear old school dress like skirts , blouse and long socks she also likes big hair clips like ribbon.she do not like a child with thick makeup.for boys she wants barong and pants. EDIT; My answer: If you are a boy, perhaps something slightly formal (but not as formal as tuxedos) black long pants, and maybe a tie would be fine. If you are a girl, you can either wear a dress or a more formal-looking shirt and a skirt. All...
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Does a player piano have a sustain pedal?

Yes, they do. The original 1900-1930 pianos almost all have a sustain lever you use to operate the sustain pedal function of the piano when a roll is playing. In addition, most also have the ability for the roll to automatically operate the sustain pedal when playing. ...
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Does house play the piano?

Dr. House is played by British actor Hugh Laurie who actually does play the piano to a limited extent, unlike many actors out there today. ...
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How do you play secrets on the piano?

this song is actually not that hard. I'm going to show you the notes from the beginning. A A A A A A F# A A A A A F# E A A A A A A F# A A A A A D D A A C# D E C# D A A A C# D C# C# B B C# D B B A B B C# B C# D B B C# B C# D B D...
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On the piano does E equal F flat?

E natural and F natural are a half step away. With accidental marks like # and b, they tell you to either move up or down a half step. There's another two, but I can't show them on this answer thing. But those are the only ones that make you move up or down a whole step. So, Fb would be moving down a half step. Move down a half step and you've got E natural. ...
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Where can you get piano chords for paraiso?

Piano chords can be found on most sites where it shows guitar chords. Please see the Related Link to view the chords for Paraiso. ...
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Where can you find the piano sheet music for Steve's Theme?

This song is one of the most beautiful piano peices I have heard. I'm listening to it right now and I'm crying :'( I don't even play piano but I want to because of this song. I can't find free sheet music anywhere! I have found it for $5 at, but I can't find it online... ...
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How do you play Hockey Night In Canada theme song on the piano?

I take it you are referring to the Hockey Night in Canada musical theme that was played at the introduction/closure of the televised games from the mid-60's through to the mid 2000's. This theme is not a song since there are no lyrics. Unfortunately the British composer of this theme refused to renegotiate the use of her composition with the CBC television network and so it is no longer heard. The musical score may be available in some music stores. ...
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How good is a melville clark piano?

It is awesome! You get to record stuff on the piano and know how to learn new stuff. I have one of them. ...
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How many keys and scales in harmonium?

There are three scales- low, medium and high. There are around 30 keys all together. ...
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What is a Piano students piece?

√Čtude. It's french
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How stop playing with your retainer?

Keep your hands off the retainer. You can put gloves or mittens on since you wouldn't want to touch it with those on. Trust me, they feel strange when wet. If you absentmindedly mess with it while you do something like watching TV, put a rock in each of your hands. When holding this, you won't have a free hand to mess with your retainer. When you go so long without messing with it, reward yourself with a little treat. That...
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Why is Bruno dragging a piano?

Because he wants to take the piano to the girl he loves so he can play his feelings out. ...
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Does Alec Baldwin play piano?

he can in 30 rock
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Where can you find speranzaria music for piano?

The noteflight website This page has the music notes about Speranzaria...I looked over the Net and TaDa there's the music sheet. ...
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Which pop stars play piano?

Lady Gaga plays piano, Alicia Keys plays piano and Rihanna plays piano. and justin bieber Also Elton John and Billy Joel ...
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How do you eat a piano?

One bite at a time. OR: Do not eat anything for the days that precede the "piano eating" day. Get a saw (under parental watch) and saw the piano into edible sized pieces. Separate the keys from the wood. Add seasoning. Eat up! *Make sure you eat the keys first, then the pedals, and finally the wood.* *Please make it a priority to eat cherry or mahogany wood. * *Yamaha and Steinway & Sons are the most delicious brands of Grand Pianos* It is not recommended to eat any...
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Is the piano a c instrument?

Yes, the piano is a C instrument. The reason behind this is that when a personal plays a C on the piano a C is heard. As an example, the trumpet is a B-flat instrument - because when a trumpet plays a C it sounds as a B-flat so it's music is written in a different key in order to play with a C instrument, such as a piano, flute or violin. It gets a bit confusing, but that is...
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What course is best in UP Baguio?

It depends on your area of interest College of Science The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BS MATH) program is said to be one of the best in the Philippines and Asia in terms of instructional standards and student-faculty ratio. This will provide a solid undergrad grounding in pure mathematics for future mathematicians, statisticians, actuarial scientists, computational scientists and management scientists Master of Science in Mathematics (MS MATH) is an excellent graduate program that produces experts in the field of pure and applied mathematics. This...
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What was Mozart's inspiration to play the piano?

Mozart never said what his inspiration was for learning to play the piano. However, based on the fact that he spent his whole life composing and playing music we can assume that he at least liked music. So his inspiration was probably just that he liked music. ...
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How much is an Ellington upright piano with serial?

Impossible to say, both because you didn't actually give the number and because it depends on condition. Pianos are not really "collectibles," so unless it's a museum-quality piece, it's basically just a used piano. ...
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How do you play riverside on piano?

First, you need a piano ... next, you need to take piano lessons and learn how to play the piano proficiently. Once that is done, you buy the music and play it. ...