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What age do you have to be to buy a lighter in Australia NSW?

There is no age restriction on purchasing a lighter in Australia.

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What is the legal age to buy motor oil?

Motor oil is not for zippos. You can buy motor oul at any age with no problems. Zippo fluid is different, you can buy it at any age, but store's won't sell it to you usually


What is the value of an antique bearskin lap robe?

the robe is 1913 in excelent cond


Can you tolerate a certain amount of an allergen?

There are a number of views about allergies. Most doctors agree that not all allergies are "all or none"; you may be able to tolerate a certain amount of an allergen without reacting. Once you exceed a certain amount, your body reacts. NOTE: this is not true of all allergens, especially peanuts and shellfish, which may cause quick, life threatening reactions. For some allergens, any amount is too much!

Your doctor may use various metaphors when discussing allergies. Most have to do with some threshold amount of allergens that a person can tolerate. Once this amount is exceeded, allergic symptoms appear. (One common term is "glass of resistance" -- once the glass is full, you react). The amount of allergens tolerated can depend on a number of things: stress levels, the particular allergen, the combination of allergens, illness, etc. As time goes on, an allergy sufferer can determine just how much, if any, of what is ok. For food allergies, some recommend a rotation diet in which various foods are eaten in rotation so that no one food is ever eaten more than once in a three-to-five day period. (The food juggling gets very complicated, but some find that the rotation diet helps them. The best thing to do is read about it and decide for yourself.)


How old do you need to buy a zippo lighter?

18 i think


What age do you have to be to buy charcoal lighter fluid?

It probably depends where you are , or where you go I bought some from a Shell gas station and I'm only 15 years old so if you cant somewhere you can always just search around for a place that will sell it to you.


What is the value of a 1975 zippo lighter?

Around 1000 dollars


What is the legal age to buy filters?

usially 18, but depends how nice the shop keeper is, the £ shop do packs of 2000 filters and i can buy them at 16

US Military
US Army

Does the army still use zippo?

They're not issued anymore. Most soldiers taking lighters to the field with them will bring disposable butane lighters. Quite a few do carry Zippos they purchase from the PX or BX. Still others, especially overseas, may purchase lighters of local manufacture. While stationed in Germany, I carried a truly windproof lighter that I traded with a German police officer for. It was battery operated and required no liquid or gas fuel.

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Where do you buy naphtha?

what im sure youre looking for is vm&p naphtha. try ace hardware's or any other store carrying Coleman brand camping fluid, zippo lighter fluid, or ronsonol lighter fluid. its not terribly hard to find if you actually know what youre looking for and can avoid appearing as a drug user (for which this is widely used).

now go forth, and extract something great.

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What is a newer kind of fastener than the zipper?

I dont know

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Will lighter fluid from a lighter cause a fire?

WOW. I think this just may be the stupidest question I have ever seen asked.

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Can you use charcoal lighter fluid in a Zippo lighter?

== == Not recommended, as it is kerosene based, and the flash point is too low, and this would make lighting difficult. The regular liquid fluid is 100% Naptha, which can be purchased at hardware stores in pint sized cans, not little 4 oz cans. Another, less expensive option, is to use Coleman camp/stove fuel. It comes in a red/silver steel gallon container and sold in all the big box stores. For fueling a Zippo, a gallon of Coleman fuel will literately last a lifetime. I paid $2.59 for the gallon can that I refill my little 4 oz can from and its still over 1/2 way full. In May of 2008 a gallon probably costs $6. ***************************************************************************

This is not recommended! Charcoal fluid is not designed to be used in a cigarette lighter. Since it is designed to be used with a match and charcoal, it does not work well with a Zippo. The flint can be damaged by this procedure as well as harming the entire case. Another hazard is that this use can cause chemical burns to the skin.


Do zippo lighters come with fluid in them?



What is a 1996 olympic zippo lighter worth?

I'll pay 50


Has Zippo gone bankrupt?


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What type of lighter fluid do you use for torch lighters?

Butane, but I know there's a better one though. Butane is like the standard, while you could buy higher end fuels.


How old do have to be to buy a lighter in WA?

20 or older


When was the first Zippo lighter made?

The first zippo lighter was made in early 1933 and is now on display in a museum in bradford.


What makes lighter fluid explosive?

Lighter fluid becomes explosive when it is allowed to sit and evaporate. As a gas, it has a much greater surface area, and, consequently, can react with oxygen more quickly--explosively, even.

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If 2 gallons of gas spilled into your trunk how do you remove the odor from the liner and padding?

It's probably better to take out the entire carpet and replace it. However, after taking organic chemistry while in college, every hydrocarbon that we needed to clean off, we would use acetone (found in nail polish). Since we worked with hydrocarbons all the time, we were given gallons of these stuff. I forget the exact mechanism of the reaction, but it will break it down - which you could later wash off with water/soap. Of course, this was all on glass material, so I'm not sure how it would work in carpet. You may want to give it a try (let it soak in acetone for a while) if you have access to a whole lot of acetone. DON'T USE ACETONE IT WILL DESTROY THE CARPET The best thing is to take the liner out completely if you can. Hose it off first to get all the gas off. Then use vinegar to get rid of the smell. If that doesn't work, try using diluted bleach mixture. Use a spray bottle to get it on evenly on the back and front, then hose it off to get it all out. Repeat the vinegar method until the odor is gone. answer here is an easy fix. steam clean the offending area may need to do it twice put steam will evaporate what ever fuel is left in carpet etc


Can you use lighter fluid to clean vinyl records?

I wouldn't it might damage your records I would use alcohol instead it won't harm your vinyl records.

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When is the use if iv fluids recommended?

When the total blood volume drops below a safe amount, plus when you need to fush the bloodstream trough the kidneys, you need to supply the ill with salts, sugar or some special medication. Also when oral liquid intake is not possible.


Is a zippo lighter worth getting?


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What do the letters and numbers on the bottom of zippo lighters stand for?

The letter on the left indicates the month it was made (for instance A=January and B=February). The roman numeral or number on the right indicates the year it was made.


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