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Musical Instruments

A musical instrument is an object used for the purpose of making the musical sounds. Here you can ask various questions about musical instruments such as how to play and clean one.

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How do you play the F chord on a bass?

You play it like on any other instrument. F major consists of notes F, A and C, which can be played either at the same time (harmonically) or one after another (melodically). F minor consists of F, A flat and C. On the bass, F is on the first fret on the lowest E string, A is the open A string and C is on the third fret of the A string. g:|-2- d:|-3- a:|-3- e:|-1- It is not advisable to play more than one...
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What is a clef sign?

A clef sign is the musical sign on a staff telling if the music is bass clef or treble clef. Bass clef is the lower one played lower on the piano, flute... etc ...
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What are some examples of performing forces?

Using the term performing forces usually refers to singers and vocal powers of a piece. In this case, the performing voices are usually the standard: SATB or Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. If one is speaking very generally, however, this term can be loosely applied to any instrument partaking in the performance of said piece which may have strings, brass, keyboard, timpani and more. ...
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Is tubular bells in a major or minor key?

It is in the key of d minor (1 flat-b).
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What does it mean when there is a flat sign beside a bass clef?

If there is a flat sign by the bass or treble clef, it depends on what line or space its on. Whatever note's line or space it's on, that note is played as a flat the whole piece. That is, unless there is a natural sign. Its the same way with sharps. So if a sharp or flat sign is on the f line/space, f would be sharp or flat for the whole piece IN BOTH THE BASS, AND TREBLE CLEF....
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Why is the violin more famous than the viola?

The violin is lighter, can create higher pitched notes, and is cheaper. I prefer Viola's myself, but maybe I'm just prejudiced. And it is the instrument that allows more technically challenging peaces, which gives a composer a bigger scope of compositional techniques to apply ...
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Does Travis barker use snare wires on his snare drums?

Of course....otherwise it would sound like a high pitched tom.
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What are the most common unbowed instrument in an symphony orchestra?

For one thing, "string instruments" and "stringed instruments" are not the same. String instruments are the viol family and stringed instruments are any instrument that has strings. The piano and harp both qualify. Now, the piano is a percussion instrument that has strings and the harp is an unbowed stringed instrument. ...
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What valves do you press for high f on the trumpet?

The usual fingering for an "F" on the trumpet is first valve. The first valve is used to perform any notes from the B-flat harmonic series: all B-flats, all F's, and any D's from the fourth line on up. ...
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How do you make a MIDI file for Jam Legend?

You download the program called 'EOF' here: http://www.t3-i.com/eof.htm and input in either a mp3 or ogg audio file to start writing the charts. ...
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What are doing when you play Pizzicato?

Pizzicato is a term mainly used in the String Instrument Family - violins, violas, cellos and the double bass. It means to play the instrument without a bow, and pluck the strings. ...
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Where did the steel pan instrument originate?

The steel pan originated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I hope this helps! ...
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What are the different types of clefs and what do they mean?

The types/kinds of clefs are: G-clef/ Treble clef- The line on the staff representing the note G is encircled by the curl of clef c-clef-that passes through the center of the clef F-clef/ Bass clef- The line on the staff representing F is between the two dots of the clef Once one of these clefs has been placed on the the staff, the lines and spaces can be read in relation to it. A clef is a musical symbol used to indicate the...
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What is the oldest wind instrument?

Apparently the earliest wind instrument was a simple kind of flute or whistle. The oldest examples we have are made of bone, which provides a natural hollow tube once the marrow is removed, and has the strength and flexibility to be punctured multiple times without breaking. (Bone was not necessarily the only kind of material used; it may simply be the case that flutes made of bone are the only ones to survive over the millennia. Various kinds of naturally occurring hollow tubes,...
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What is a hold the note its full value?

It means to hold a note for the proper length of time. For example, if you have a quarter note, hold it right up to the next beat; don't cut it short. In music notation, the articulation mark "tenuto" (a straight line over the note) means to hold the note for its full value (or even slightly longer). It often appears over individual notes, but when a phrase is played tenuto, the notes are played to their full length, but still articulated...
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What celebrities have played in marching bands?

Here's a list of famous former marching band members: Flute • Halle Berry, actress • Celine Dion, singer • Calista Flockhart, actress • George Eastman, founder of Kodak • Gwen Stefani, singer Clarinet • Woody Allen, director • Gloria Estefan, singer • Julia Roberts, actress • Alan Greenspan, ex-chairman of the Federal Reserve (he also played saxophone) • Steven Spielberg, director Saxophone • Jennifer Garner, actress • Vince Carter, basketball player • Lionel Richie, singer • Bill Clinton, president • Tom Selleck, actor Trumpet • Richard Gere, actor • Steven Tyler, singer (Aerosmith) • Drew Carey, comedian • James...
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How much do snare drums weigh?

About 15-25 lbs.