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Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, known better as simply Katy Perry, is an American singer-songwriter and musician who rose to fame in 2007 with her hit "Ur So Gay", and later in 2008 debuted her breakthrough single "I Kissed a Girl".

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Katy Perry

Who is Katy Perry?

Katy Perry is an American, female singer. She was born in Santa Barbara, California. Her birth name was Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson but she changed it for singing because she did not want to be confused with Kate Hudson. She sings I kissed a girl, Hot n cold, Thinking of you, Fingerprints, Waking up in Vegas, If you can afford me.

Katy Perry's new album for 2010 is called 'Teenage Dream'. On October 23, 2010, Perry married comedian Russell Brand. Katy Perry did do Smurfette's voice in the movie " The Smurfs ".
shes a singer

Katy Perry

What does Katy Perry like?

cherry chipcake

Yes, she wrote a series of horse books called "Perfect Ponies" or somthing like that.

SHE LOVES To SING lets stick it at that.

Yes! She loves the cold as much as warm summer times

Yes, I am almost positive! But her fave is purple I believe!

Living by her doesn't mean you know the music she listens to, therefore, she loves Queen. Her all time favorite song is Killer Queen by, obviously, Queen. They were her inspiration to be the singer she is today. Coming from an extremely religious family, Katy wasn't allowed to listen to artists like Madonna & Queen. But, at a sleepover with her friends she discovered Queen, inspiring to be the "Killer Queen" we know her as today. She also loves Lana Del Rey and the song Midnight City.

No, she actually has been asked that in an interview and she said she prefers Milk chocolate.

she loves little girls she even has two

Katy likes russel's... Good looks, sence of humor, how he loves her, he's caring, the bond they have, his quick wit, his accent, ect...

Yes Katy Perry likes polka dots! You can tell because her clothes usually have polka dots on them. Like when she sang in 2011 at the Victories Secret runway show she performed and was wearing a white dress with pink polka dots!

better ways to sing


She loves to hang with friends!
Katy Perry

Did Katy Perry get hurt physically?

Last year there was this dancing injury but nothing I've heard this year.

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Katy Perry

Who is the Asian-looking back up dancer of California Gurls music video?

The dancer you're referring to is Karen Song.

Katy Perry

What age did Katy Perry discover her talent?

she discovered her talent at the age of 9 when her older sister was taking singing lessons. Whenever her sister wasn't around she would take her sisters tapes and practice them and then performed for her parents. Only then did her parents agree she should take singing lessons and Katy fell in love with it.

Katy Perry

What does the song teenage dream mean?

its a romance song. its not really for kids but its talking about love and sex.

Katy Perry

What are daisy duke bikinis?

It's meant to be two separate things.

Daisy Dukes are named after Daisy Duke in the show Dukes of Hazard. They are tight, butt-hugging jean shorts. Sometimes they expose the curvature of the butt or much of the butt.

Bikini is a woman's swim suit.

So daisy dukes, bikini on top means a girl is wearing short, tight jean shorts with nothing but a pair of bikinis covering her breasts (bikinis on top).

Katy Perry

Who was Katy Perrys best friend at school?

Sam Pomeroy.

Katy Perry

How much is it to rent Katy Perry for a birthday?

130 Pounds And She was Born At 8:03Am

Katy Perry

Does Katy Perry have allergies?

No she does not.

Katy Perry

How much would an oval coffee table with clamshell legs cost?

== == about $10- $13958-21352 it depends how much you want to spend.

Katy Perry

Is Alexander an Katy Perry really married?


Katy Perry

Is Katy Perry really dead?

A male model who worked with Katy Perry in one of her music videos was killed in a hit and run not long ago. But as far as I can tell Katy Perry herself is still alive.

Katy Perry

What is Katy Perry's favorite color?

Katy Perry's favorite color is purple.

Katy Perry

Does katy perry play smurfette in the smurfs?


Katy Perry

Who is the girl stuck in jello in Katy Perrys California Gurls?

Kherington Payne

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Katy Perry

What is Katy Perry's official fan mail address?

Katy Perry

c/o Capitol Music Group

150 5th Ave.

New York, NY 10010


Katy Perry

Is Katy perry and Christina perry sisters?


Katy Perry

How old was Katy perry when she first started singing in public?

she was 18

Katy Perry

Where does Katy Perry live live?

854 16th Street Santa Monica CA 90403 9006 Burton Way Beverly Hills CA 90211

Katy Perry
Lady Gaga

Does Lady Gaga write songs for Katy perry?

No she does not.

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Katy Perry

What is Katy perry's email and phone number?

Go on her fan club it will tell you her email and you can email her asking her phone number.

Katy Perry

Who is perry's girl Friday?

I think it is Della

Katy Perry

What profession is Katy Perry's sister?

She acted as the VIP Co-Ordinator on tour, organising and running meet & greets etc.

Katy Perry

Where can you find a cupcake bra like Katy Perry?

You can find it on eBay, just search for "Katy Perry costume."


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