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Criminal justice careers range from law enforcement, forensics and legal professionals to contractors. Those who take on this career must have at least a bachelor degree in criminal justice or law enforcement.

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Criminal Justice Careers

Can a former police officer take pictures of you?

Former police officers don't have any special rights in this regard, but that still means the answer is "yes," since basically anyone can take pictures of you.

There are some limitations on how the pictures can be used ... people are generally considered to own the rights to their own likeness, so you usually can't use a photograph of someone for commercial purposes without their consent (with some exceptions if the subject is "newsworthy"). But the act of taking a picture is not illegal, nor can you sue over it.

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Do auxiliary police officers get paid?

City of Glen Cove, N.Y. pays their Aux. P.O.'s minimum wage. (No F.T. work or health, time off, pension benefits etc. provided.)

Another View: It would depend entirely on the jurisdiction in question. Some do, and some don't, and still others don't have auxiliaries.

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How long does it take for something to become a habit?

AnswerEvery person is different. So, it can take different amounts of time to grow on and off a habit for different people. It also depends on what the habit is.

Although your question is too general to offer much help, you may find this interesting to observe regarding creating or changing "habits".

Simple repetitive tasks require a time frame of approximately 21 days to condition.

Here is a familiar example: When you walk into your bedroom you "automatically" reach for the light switch on the left side as you enter. Then you move to a new home where the light switch is located on the right side as you enter. You will find that it will take you about 21 days to stop reaching for that light switch on the left side. (that is not there!). You will also find this 21 day "benchmark" to be the time your new house will start feeling "like home".

Answer:Around 30 - 40 repetitions, with most people.

It depends on how type of person you are; and also depends on that you are human being or animal.

Animals take more time then human beings to make anything their habit, and they also take more time to leave that habit.

Also, human beings differ from person to person.

Answer:21 days is not an accurate answer! That number appears to have been invented by a self-styled self-help expert based on guesswork. Research shows that the amount of time varies greatly depending on how complex the activity is, how often it's performed, and other factors. In one experiment habit formation took anywhere from 1 month to 8 months.
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Can a person with HIV become a police officer?

A person with HIV can certainly hold a position as a police officer.

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Can you become a police officer when someone from your family has been in prison?

You can, but depending on the conviction your family member had they might be more biased towards you.

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Can you become a police officer at age 45?

(in the US) Depending on the regulations of the state or municiplity, you may qualify to become a state or local officer or deputy but federal law enforcement candidates may be no older than 36 years of age at the time they are sworn in.

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How long does it take to become a wedding planner?

It really depends on how much start up cash you have. You don't have to obtain any formal training as you are in business for yourself. You might want to check out a couple of guides on becoming a wedding planner.

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How does someone become a judge in the federal courts?

By being really smart, doing good in school and college. Obtaining a degree in law, being a model citizen.... and getting appointed by the President, and confirmed by Senate.

It's probably easier said than done though. If that's what you want to do I would read up on a few Judges.... look at their education, and career history. That should give you some basic insight on whats expected from a Federal Judge.

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Can you become a police officer with a bad license?

No. You would be required to have a good license.

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What happens in the state of Virginia if you are sued in civil court and cannot afford a defense attorney or a settlement?

Some pro bono projects offer assistance to defendants who are unable to afford attorneys in civil suits, but there is no guaranteed right to an appointed attorney as there are in criminal actions.

If you are unable to obtain low cost or free legal assistance, you will need to do the research and answer the lawsuit to the best of your ability. The most important thing is to remember to always be honest. You may or may not receive some leniency from the Court regarding procedure, but presenting a defense that is false or that you don't understand will never work out well for you.

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Can I become a police officer if my husband is a felon?

Yes, although the issue will come up during a background investigation as to your fitness to be a law enforcement officer. If your husband continues to maintain a criminal lifestyle or to associate with other criminals, you may have to distance yourself from him or put your career at risk.

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Which makes more a defense attorney or prosecutors?

Prosecutors work for the government and their salaries are public record. Defense Attorneys (unless they are Public Defenders, who also work for the government) are private businessman. There are both successful and not-so-successful private attorneys. Some do quite well and are quite famous, the overwhelming majority are not.

Criminal Justice Careers

What jobs can you get with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice?

· Airport Security Officer

· Animal Treatment Investigator

· Bailiff

· Body Guard

· Border Patrol Agent

· CIA Agent

· Child Support Agency Worker

· Community Service Coordinator

· Compliance Manager

· Corrections Officer

· Court Clerk

· Customs Agent

· Deportation Officer

· Deputy Marshall

· Discrimination Investigator

· Drug Enforcement Agent

  • Employment Agency Recruiter
  • Environmental Conservation Officer
  • Fish & Game Warden
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Housing/Tenant Representative
  • Industrial Security Specialist
  • Juvenile Court Counselor
  • Law Clerk
  • Litigation Manager
  • Loss Prevention Specialist
  • Military Officer
  • Naval Investigator
  • Non-Profit Organization Advocate
  • Paralegal
  • Park Ranger
  • Police Officer
  • Postal Service Investigator
  • Pre-Trial Services Officer
  • Private Security Officer
  • Probation & Parole Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Public Safety Officer
  • SBI Agent
  • Secret Service Agent
  • Sheriff
  • Social Worker
  • Teacher
  • U.S. Customs Agent
  • U.S. Marshall
  • Victim Services Specialist
  • Youth Advocate

Possible Job Titles for Advanced Criminal Justice Degree Holders

  • Attorney
  • Child Welfare Caseworker
  • Contracts Administrator
  • Coroner
  • Corrections Facilities Manager
  • Counter Intelligence Agent
  • Court Administrator
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Criminologist
  • District Attorney
  • FBI Agent
  • Law Librarian
  • Penologist
  • Police Detective
  • Private Investigator
  • Public Defender
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Warden
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Criminal Justice Careers

In police officer training do you get tasered?

Only if the department requires their officers to carry a tazer. If so, then yes, all officers must be tasered

If you do get tazered, you should make sure you Have no muscle injuries or heart problems, as this could cause major problems to your health if tazered. If you were ever born with a heart murmur ot have muscle spasms do not get tazered.

I hold a taser. There is High Medium Low voltage.

in police training. Low voltage on a taser/tazer is Painful, But.. You will only have to do it for about a second then release.

Being tased is one of the most painful way of dieing.

You would most likely to die on high voltage.

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Who is the black female defense attorney in Law and Order?

One of the best was Lorraine Toussaint who played defense attorney, Shambala Green, on 7 episodes of Law and Order.

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Does the US allow capital punishment?

Federal law and the laws in 35 of the 50 stats allow the death penalty.

As of October 2009, fourteen states and the District of Columbia have abolished the death penalty; and New York has declared a portion of its capital punishment statute unconstitutional. The difference between New York's status and that of the other listed states is that, while their judiciary nullified a portion of the current death penalty law, the state hasn't passed legislation officially banning capital punishment.

New Mexico is the most recent state to declare state-sponsored executions illegal, in 2009.

  1. Alaska.......................1957
  2. Hawaii.......................1948
  3. Iowa.........................1965
  4. Maine........................1887
  5. Massachusetts............1984
  6. Michigan....................1846
  7. Minnesota..................1911
  8. North Dakota..............1973
  9. Rhode Island..............1984
  10. Vermont....................1964
  11. West Virginia..............1965
  12. Wisconsin..................1853
  13. Washington, DC..........1981
  14. New Jersey.................2007
  15. New Mexico................2009
  16. New York...................2004, 2007*
* State death penalty statute declared unconstitutional.

Conversely, Texas leads the nation in the number of prisoners executed since 1976, at 441. Virginia runs a distant second with 103 executions in that time; Oklahoma is third with 91.

Criminal Justice Careers

What is an unsub in criminal justice?

In criminal justice, and unsub is an unknown subject. This person is believed to be the source of criminal activity, and evidence ties a crime or multiple crimes to this one person. The term is often used on the show Criminal Minds to refer to a serial killer who the FBI is learning about but has not yet identified.

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What expirnce do you need to become a police officer?

A good education helps. Good health. Some typing though you may get it on the job. A clean record is important. Just about all training is at an acadamy.

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How do you become a police officer?

You need to get at least a two year degree in police science but many cities are now requiring a four year degree.

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What education or training do you need to become a prison warden?

Nobody starts as a warden.

You need to begin by attending a University, and taking a four year degree in either Criminology or Psychology, or a similar discipline. Then apply for a job at the bottom of the prison's administrative staff, and start working your way up the promotion ladder. After about 20 years you may be in a position to be considered for a deputy warden's job. Along the way you will deal with the worst part of society, the career criminals.


That depends on where you want to work at.


It may sound odd but the majority of wardens have undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration and some knowledge in criminal justice and social sciences.

Criminal Justice Careers

How do you become a police officer on maple story?

You kill Freddy Krueger

Criminal Justice Careers

What is the name of the English detective series with a black detective?


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Can an immigrant become an American police officer?

A lawful immigrant who has become a naturalized American Citizen can become a police officer, but not an immigrant/alien who has not become a US citizen.

Criminal Justice Careers

What are the 6 cardinal points of criminal investigation?

WHAT specific offense has been committed? Nature of crime

WHERE crime was committed? Place or location

WHEN it was committed? Time and date

WHOM it was committed? Persons/s involved

WHY it was committed? Reason or motive of Committing the crime

HOW it was committed? Manner, method or modus operandi

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Police searching a vehicle?

What do you mean?


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