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Names and Name Meanings

Names are designation given to identify people and animate or inanimate objects. Usually a name is associated or derived from to a deity, a holiday, or even a coy description.

Asked in Names and Name Meanings, French to English

What is the name 'Rochelle' when translated from French to English?

The uncapitalized word "rochelle" means "mezzanine", but the capitalized name "Rochelle" does not exist in French, although it is present in the Atlantic port town of "La Rochelle". It comes from "roc" or "roche", meaning "rock", which is what La Rochelle's harbor is built upon. ...
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What are some adjectives that begin with the letter V?

Some adjectives beginning with V: vacant vacillating vacuous vagabond vagrant vague vain vainglorious valiant valid valorous valuable vanilla vanishing vapid vaporous variable variant varied variegated various varying vascular vast vegetable vegetarian vegetative vehement veiny velvet velveteen velvety venal venerable vengeful venial venomous venturesome veracious verbal verbose verifiable verified veritable vernal versatile versed vertical very vested veteran veterinary vexatious vexing vial vibrant vicarious vicious victorious vigilant vigorous vigorus vile villainous vindictive vintage violent violet viral virgin virile virtual virtuous virulent viscid viscous viscus visible visionary visual vital vitreous vitriolic vituperative vivacious vivid vocal vocational vocative vociferous voiceless voidable volatile voluble voluminous voluntary voluptuous voracious votive Vulcan vulgar vulnerable ...
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What boy name means strength?

Andrew Apollo Arsenio Brian Ethan Maynard Valentine Valerian tixtla Teal'c (in the fictional Goa'uld language from the Stargate Universe.) ---- Alcaeus - Ancient Greek; "Strength." Aonghus - Irish, Scottish; "One Strength." Apollo - Greek Mythology; "Strength." Cleisthenes - Ancient Greek; "Glory, Strength." Eyal - Hebrew; "Might, Strength." Manfred - German, Dutch, Polish; "Strength, Peace." Meginhard - Ancient Germanic; "Strength, Brave, Hardy." Meine - Frisian, Dutch, German; "Strength." Meinrad - German, Ancient Germanic; "Strength, Might, Counsel." Nerva - Ancient Roman; "Strength." Oz - Hebrew; "Strength." Qiang - Chinese; "Strength." Sisu - Finnish; "Willpower, Determination, Strength." Wei - "Power, Strength." Shakti - Sanskrit (Ancient Hindu Language)...
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What is the meaning of the name Anisha?

Anisha signifies continuum and uninterrupted perpetual process that never stops, one which has an everlasting flame for eternity. Anisha is also one of the names of Goddess Laxmi, in Indian culture and mythology. Anisha is also an anagram of Ahinsa (i.e. non-violence). It may also mean "light" and "brightness" as in the opposite of night (i.e. "nisha" that signifies darkness). In that regards, the name Anisha carries the same meaning as another Indian name Usha. It is also believed that the name Anisha...
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What does the surname Española mean?

Española means someone or something from Spain.
Asked in Names and Name Meanings, English to Greek

What does the name Calla mean in greek?

Calla (Kala) is the Greek word for "good" or "fine."
Asked in Bengali, Names and Name Meanings

What is the meaning of Bengali name Srimoyee?

SRIMOYEE SRIMOYEE : its the distorted bengali form of Sanskrit word SriMayi. It means one who is full of (mayi) auspiciousness (Sri). Also represent Goddess Durga. श्रीमयी (Sanskrit is ancient sacred Hindu Language) ...
Asked in Names and Name Meanings

What pet name means gentle?

Malinda means gentle one Mayu means gentle
Asked in Punctuation and Capitalization, Names and Name Meanings

Do you capitalize international sports federations or not?

Yes, they are proper nouns and would need to be capitalized.
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What is the meaning of the letters PEO?

According to Wikipedia, PEO may stand for: * Parking enforcement officer * Plasma electrolytic oxidation, a surface-treatment process for metals * Polyethylene oxide, a polymer * Old Persian language, per ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3 standards * Pancyprian Federation of Labour, an umbrella organization for trade unions in Cyprus * P.E.O. Sisterhood, an international women's organization with headquarters in North America * Professional employer organization, a service provider of outsourced human resource management * Professional Engineers Ontario * Program Executive Officer, an individual, civilian or military, responsible for large scale U.S....
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What is the meaning of the name Letty?

Letty is the shortened form of Letitia. From Latin, it means: gladness, gaiety. ...
Asked in Names and Name Meanings

What is the meaning of the name Nivea?

Nivea from the Latin word niveus/nivea/niveum- meaning snow-white or freshness ...
Asked in Baby Names, Names and Name Meanings, English to Arabic

What is the meaning of the name Isha in Arabic?

It's originally an Hebrew name and means simply 'Woman'.
Asked in Relationships, Names and Name Meanings

What is the meaning of the name Nawa?

The name Nawa originates from Asia (from the Indonesian language) and it means "nine" or "ninth child". ...
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How do you spell Melissa in a different way?

Alternate spellings for Mellisa are Malissa and Melisa.
Asked in History, Politics & Society, Idioms, Cliches, and Slang, Names and Name Meanings

What does 'Rogues in Robes' mean?

today's best example of rogues in robes is The Robert's Activist Supreme Court. The sacrifice of Constitutional "One Man/One Vote" Tenet for the sake of Political Party Gains is, by definition, a rogue-court's ruling to allow Corporations to be treated as if they were people or voters with regard to financial "Rights of Free Speech" and allows the entry of rogue players in the US Electoral Process. ...
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What is nationality of van winkle name?

Dutch; the meaning is: "from the town of Winkel, in Holland".
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Is Zhong Fan a male or female name?

it is a male name you dont find girls with that name in china or japan anymore ...
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What is the meaning of the name Al?

Al is from the name Albert, which means "noble, bright." "Al" in Arabic is an article, meaning "the." As a name, it wouldn't mean much by itself, but would probably be short for something else. Alex, Albert, or Alan, to name a few. the Aardvarks are coming ...
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What does the Gaelic name Esca mean?

It may be Celtic but not Gaelic, it's more like Welsh. The River Usk in Wales (Afon Wysg), latinized as Isca, is thought to be derived from a word for 'water/river' or possibly 'abounding in fish'. ...
Asked in Louisiana, Word and Phrase Origins, Names and Name Meanings

What is the meaning of the name 'Louisiana'?

Louisiane was named in 1682 by the French explorer La Salle for Louis XIV of France, and originally applied to the entire Mississippi basin. ...
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What name for a girl means distraught or helpless?

Baby names usually have hopeful or positive meanings, but maybe these are close enough: Tristan means "sad." Mallory means "unfortunate." Wilda means "wild." Delilah means "weak, languishing." Perdita means "lost." Desdemona means "ill-fated." Mahlah means "weak." Dolores means "sorrows." ...
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What is the meaning of the name Manuel?

Hebrew,male name meaning 'God in us'.
Asked in Names and Name Meanings, English to Arabic, Arabic Language and Culture

What name means nightmare in Arabic?

I don't believe there is any "name" that would be appropriate but the word for nightmare is "Ca-boos" any word which means "peace" will be a nightmare for arab people ...