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Translating English words into Mandarin Chinese. How you say and spell English language words and phrases in the Mandarin Chinese language.

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Wo xi huan ni?

i can speak just a little

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How do you say 'what is your name' in Chinese?


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What is the word for education in Arabic?

Education : Ta'aleeem

written : تعليم

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What is the Chinese word for 'please'?

  • The Chinese characters: 请 (Traditional: 請 )

    Pinyin: qǐng

    This is the most common way to express "please".

    e.g.: 给我一杯茶,可以吗?(May I have a cup of tea, please?)

  • Another expressive way in Chinese: 麻烦

    Pinyin: ma fan

    This word is also used widely that with the same meaning with "qing" in some situation.

    e.g.:麻烦给我一杯茶,可以吗?(May I have a cup of tea, please?)

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What does 'wo de bu chi' mean?

If it means that it's my fault, it should be 'wo de bu shi' or 'wo de cuo'. Because 'chi' (吃) means eating.

Wo de bu chi "我的不是" means it is not mine. (It is not in proper order. )

Maybe you should say: It's my fault.

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How do you say I like you too in Chinese?

我也喜欢你。(Wo3 ye3 xi3 huan1 ni1)

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Windows XP
How To

How to install HAN YI PIN YI into xp?

If you are referring to 汉语拼音 han(4) yu(3) pin(4) yin(1) on Windows XP, the default Windows XP installation should have language keyboard included. Go to Control Panel --> Regional and Language Options --> Select Keyboards and Languages --> Change or add keyboard. Use the contextual help there for assistance.

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What is the Chinese meaning ' zai lian ai'?

在恋爱 [zài liàn ài] - be in love

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What is the Korean Japanese and Chinese translation of Joanna April in writings or symbols or letters?


ジョアンナ = Joanna

エイプリル = April (Eipuriru)

ジョアンナエイプリル (shigatsu) (Tsuki)


四月 (Sì yuè) (si4 yue4) 艾谱莉

乔安娜 (Qiáo ān nà)


월 1 일 (aeipuril) [éiprəl] 조앤나에푸릴

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How do you pronounce Zhang?

It sounds like "Jang" at first, but the "J" sound is made by keeping your tongue loose in the front of your mouth while the "Zh" sound is made by curling your tongue so that the tip touches the middle of the roof of your mouth.

After you curl your tongue, keep your teeth together and try saying "Jang" again and it will give you the "Zh" sound.

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How do you say red envelope in cantonese?

Chinese pinyin: li shi (利是)

it's pronounced like LIE shee

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In Chinese what does hao che mean?

好吃 means delicious. hâo chī

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How you say 'I really dont care' in Chinese?

我 真 的 不 介 意。

Wo3 zhen1de bu2 jie4yi4.

I really don't care.

In Chinese,we have 4 tones.

1 means the tone is flat.

2 means the tone is go up.

3 means the tone goes down first and then goes up.

4 means the tone is go down.

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What mandarin means?

Mandarin is the official language in China. It is also sometimes called Putonghua. All Chinese students are required to learn it, but it is not necessarily their mother language, which varies from state to state (they speak different dialects, but the dialects vary so much they are not at all similar to Mandarin and you have to speak it to be able to completely understand)

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What does dao xin jia mean?

Chinese: 到新家 [dào xīn jiā]

English: go to new house

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What does wo shi pengyou ma mean?

我是朋友吗? [wǒ shì péng yǒu mā] ---> Am I a friend?

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What is the word for 1 billion in Chinese?

十億 [shí yì]

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How do you spell the name Anne in Chinese?

Chinese Simplified: Anne = 安妮

Traditional Chinese: Anne = 安妮

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How do you spell answer in Chinese?

Chinese, unlike Western languages like English, French, and German, does not have an alphabet. Instead, it has something known as a "character system" that is composed of thousands of different symbols (known as characters) that each have a different pronunciation. So, rather than spelling, Chinese write characters. The Chinese word for "answer" is 回答. This is pronounced "hui2da2" in Hanyu Pinyin and "hweidar" in Gwoyeu Romatzyh.

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What is the meaning of Chinese 'zai'?

Commonly used Chinese characters of this Pinyin are listed here:

在 [zài] ---> preposition, be in the condition of, be in the place of

再 [zài] ---> again, once more

灾 [zāi] ---> disaster

载 [zǎi] ---> carry, load, convey

仔 [zǎi] ---> young man, young animal

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How do you say white girl in Chinese?

pinyin: bái niû hái 白女孩

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Who is he in Mandarin?

他是谁? [tā shì shéi]

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How do you say lollipop in Chinese?


Bàng táng

Bang4 tang2

Literally means: Stick 棒 Sugar (or also candy) 糖

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How do you say black mustache in Chinese?

黑色的八字胡 [hēi sè de bā zì hú]

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How do you say stop now in Chinese?


Xiànzài jiù tíngzhǐ


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