Warts are small growths on the skin often on the hands and feet. Warts are generally harmless but can be a nuisance and cause for embarrassment.

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Is verrucous keratosis a type of wart?

As a pathologist, I've seen the term used for lesions that appear wart-like, but do not have all of the features needed for a definitive diagnosis of a wart. The histological differential diagnosis includes verruca vulgaris (wart), seborrheic keratosis, prurigo nodularis, and lichen simplex chronicus. The important thing to keep in mind is that these lesions are all benign.

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How do you treat warts in cattle?

It is best to have your veterinarian come and remove them when you first notice them. The vet will cut them off and spray them will an antibacterial spray. If you leave them too long they can continue to grow and the vet may have to freeze the wart in order to remove it.

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How do you get rid of genital warts?

AnswerThese should not be treated at home or with home remedies that can be too harsh for the tender tissue in the genital area. The best approach is to get to a gynecologist or urologist if you are a woman, or to a urologist if you are a man.
A doctor will need to remove them.
you need some cream called bozzoca that vorica that gets rid of voricas and warts
see your doctor asap
You can't get rid of the virus but you can have the warts removed.
Go to the doctor is the only way.
To eliminate the warts there are 2 options; cryotherapy (freeze them off) or have them surgically removed. For pain and itching relief, check for ointments from your local pharmacy or get a script from your doctor for something more potent.
Go to the doctor and get medication. Also, ask questions-- genital warts never really go away. You must learn how this STD spreads and be educated about how to protect your sexual partners.
There isn't a cure for genital warts so you can't permanently get rid of it. You can get them removed by a doctor and they can be managed with treatment.
You will have to go to a doctor to get them removed.
Go to the related link (Genital Warts) below
Generally the warts will need to be removed surgically (various methods).
USE TOOTHPASTE IT WORKSAnswerYou can have them removed but they the virus can not be removed from your system. A doctor can freeze them off.


You can try Zerowarts cream if you prefer easy and comfortable treatment at home. Other home remedies are ACV, which is equally effective, castor oil, tea tree oil, etc. You can also go and see a doctor and he'll have it frozen off or eliminated by laser.
You cannot permanently get rid of genital warts...The only way to remove the warts, especially if they become a problem is to have them either frozen off, cut off by a laser, or simply have them use a super heated wire and have the surgeons go through the warts like a hot knife through butter. After doing that...they will come back after a certain amount of time.
Usually the warts are surgically removed.

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Should wart-touched objects be disinfected?

yes wart touched objects should be disinfected because the common wart is highy contagious

No. You cannot get warts from touching warts, and certainly not from touching inanimate objects that warts have touched. Warts are entirely caused by internal factors within the body and blood. Some people are more likely to get them due to heredity. You can have them removed, and at some point they will probably come back. Other people never get them. Usually intense stress or depression brings them out. Warts are contagious, they are caused by papilloma virus infections. It is safer to disinfect anything that has touched them.

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What are growth warts?

I did a quick check and I don't think there is such a thing. A wart is a type of "growth", which is just something that grows. Generaly when we speak of a growth it's not something we really want. Chris http://www.consultant-directory.com

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Can snail slime cure warts?

Snail slime contains mucus. It is rich in proteins and is now being used in cosmetics. It is thought to be a hoax that this can cure warts. Warts are caused by a virus. There are many anti-wart compounds that are over the counter (OTC) to try.


Are warts caused by a fungal infection?

Warts are caused by the Human Papillomavirus. Certain warts for example: Periungual warts (warts in and around the toenails or fingernails) could lead to fungal infections if it reaches the nail bed and could completely remove your nail. If home remedies do not work on this type of wart don't hesitate to contact your doctor for further professional treatment.

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What is a natural cure for plantar warts?

You should take a zinc supplement orally, and apply garlic to the wort itself. You may want to cut up 1/4 clove of garlic into small pieces, and then bandage it over the wort.

In a double-blind study, supplementation with oral zinc, for two months resulted in complete disappearance of warts in 87% of people treated, whereas none of those receiving a placebo improved. Some herbalists also recommended using Chelidonium majus for the topical treatment of warts. The milky juice from the plant is applied to the wart once daily and allowed to dry.

If this does not work then a physician will be able to effectively remove it.


Can a wart on your finger cause genital warts?

No, finger warts are not caused by the same subtype of HPV that causes genital warts.

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Can you get warts on your feet from swimming pool?

No! Warts are from a virus and you can't get it from swimming pools.

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How do you get rid of a wart that has not gone away after three treatments of liquid nitrogen?

I can't remember if this is for a wart or a veruca but banana skin taped to your foot or wherever it is works when u r going to bed. put a fresh ne on every night!

also bazuca is great!

Apple cider vinegar or distilled vinegar. Soak a cotton ball with vinegar and place over wart. Cover the entire cotton ball with a band aid and medical tape so that no air comes in contact with the area. I read that it could take up to a week, but my daughter went to bed with this remedy. When she woke up and took off the bandage, the wart had fallen off. It was a little red and sensitive for a couple of days but absolutely no scarring. The wart has not come back and it's been about 4 months.

Truly amazing! I honestly didn't believe it would work and really had planned on taking her to the doctor to have it "professionally" removed.

Compound W! You can buy it at most drug stores, it will take a couple of weeks, you're doctor will tell you "that stuff never works." It works. They wouldn't sell it if it didn't. Or, you could use duct tape.

With the duct tape, you have to apply the duct tape over the ENTIRE wart. Once a week, take the tape off and rub the wart with a pumice stone, to remove the dead skin. After 6-8 weeks, the wart should be gone. Personally, I would go for the compound W. It's much less visible, and it doesn't take quite as long.

It depends where the wart is. I would assume it is in area of thicker skin such as the hand or foot. There are many wart treatments and all work some of the time but none work every time. In addition, they can recur. Probably, the easiest treatment involves a homeopathic remedy,Thuja 30X or 30C. You place 3 to 9 pills daily under your tongue daily and let dissolve. DO NOT SWALLOW (won't work). 80% of the time the wart falls off in 3 to 4 weeks. A bottle of 100 pills, available at many health food stores, should be less than $10.00.

(Yes,I'm a doctor that has used this treatment succesfully many times).

AwnserIt depends who used the liquid nitrogen if you had bought it urself then maybe u need to find cheaper products is used boots own brand of verucca and wart gel and found this more effective than the liquid nitogen i bought in boots.

I had the same problem. I had about 6 warts on my hands, used the liquid nitrogen and there was no improvment. I then got a job in a old book store, where I was dealing with older moldy books, within a month all my warts disapperard. I don't know how this worked, but my doctor said there is something in the dust/mould that got rid of them. So I don't know get reading?!

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Shingles (infection)

Can shingles cause warts on the arms and legs?

Shingles won't cause warts on the arms and legs.


How can you get rid of a wart?

Getting Rid of Warts (Verrucae):About Verrucae:Verruca is another word for wart, verrucae is the plural. They are caused by a communicable virus called the human papillomavirus. Typical locations of "common warts" are hands and feet. If they are on the genitals, they are called "venereal warts." There is also a type that occurs on the sole of the foot called a "plantar wart".

Here are some ways that are suggested by our contributors to get rid of verrucae (warts). Some are folk remedies that may or may not be effective, but they won't hurt (except for diabetics, or others with poor circulation to their feet, who need to check with their doctors before trying any home remedies on their feet and hands and especially any that suggest filing, picking, pulling, opening or cutting on the feet):

  1. Vinegar. Just use some vinegar (any kind but most people suggest cider vinegar) and let a cotton ball (cotton wool) soak in it, then put it on the verruca. Cover with a bandage (plaster). Some say leave it on overnight, others say for 30 minutes. Do it every night for about 2 weeks.
  2. Lemon cream. Do the same as the cider vinegar and it should go away in about 2 weeks minimum.
  3. Banana skin. Cut a square of banana skin and put it over your verruca with the yellow part of the skin towards the outside and the inner part on the wart. Then cover it over with a bandage (plaster) so it stays in place and put on a sock. Those who recommend this say you can see a difference within 2 or 3 days.
  4. Dandelion juice. Rip off top of head and squeeze out the white juice onto the wart. Cover with bandage.
  5. Potato juice. Use a raw potato and cut in half. Put one half of potato on the wart and leave until it dries, when the potato is dried, the wart will also be dried up. (Some added the following suggestion: Cross it and say the Hail Mary three times after you place the potato on the wart.)
  6. Onion juice. Another acid. Use as described above for the banana peel.


  1. Manuka Honey. Use a cotton ball (wool bud) to dab some Manuka Honey onto your verruca and put a bandage (plaster) over it. Do this every night until the verruca is gone. Some people say it goes away in 2 days. One contributor said it worked for them after their chiropodist suggested it to be used as described above. Honey is known for antibacterial and other microbe killing or retarding properties.
  2. Tea Tree Oil. This oil is known for its skin healing properties and for its ability to kill fungi and some viruses. Put it on the wart, cover with a bandage. Repeat with a new application every night.
  3. Slugs. Put a slug on it. (The action of this home remedy was not explained, I'm unable to guess, unless it helps dry up the area.)
  4. Pressure. Press on it and hold the pressure for at least 30 minutes every night before you go to bed. Keep pressing hard each night and in about 2-4 weeks it should go away. Presumably this works to restrict blood supply to the wart. Wash your hands well after doing this.
  5. Dry it out. Keep the area dry to help rid the virus by drying it until it shrinks up, and to prevent spreading it to other parts of your body or to others through moisture. This is said to be when they are most contagious.
  6. Duct tape. This is a popular suggestion. Put a little piece of duct tape on the wart (just enough to cover it). This is said to cut off the supply of oxygen to the verruca if you stick it over the top of it tightly sealed. Change it once a day with a new patch and the verruca should disappear in roughly 3-5 weeks. Some say that if you keep it on two days, when you pull it off to replace it, the sticky tape will help erode the wart by taking a layer off with the tape every time you remove it. Not recommended for diabetics without advice of your physician.
  7. Vaseline or Vaseline and Duct Tape: One method: Put a glob of Vaseline on the wart. Put duct tape over that for 3-4 days. It is thought that both will suffocate it. A doctor recommended this to the contributor. Another method: Rub Vaseline on the wart. Then, take a cotton ball large enough to cover the area, dunk it in apple cider vinegar and place on the wart. Cover the area with medical tape, and remove it in the morning. Repeat nightly until the wart comes off completely. This may take a few weeks, depending on the size of the wart.
  8. Do Not Try Frog Urine: There is an old wives tale that you may hear passed around, that frog urine causes warts or you may hear the reverse (less often) that frog urine will get rid of warts. Neither is correct. Worse, frogs can carry several different bacteria and other zoonotic infectious diseases, so always wash hands well if you handle any frogs. See the related links below for a link to information about this risk with handling frogs.
Over the counter Products:Creams and gels specifically for the purpose like: Bazuka That Verruca, Dr. Scholls' Wart Freeze Away, Wartner, Compound W, Doctor Scholls' Wart remover, Wartenstick.However, some of these products give directions to file the wart after using the product. This is not recommended, check with your doctor first. The pieces you file off can spread the virus to you on the other parts of your body or to someone else, and it can cause foot ulcers in people with poor circulation.

Bandaids that have acids on them made for the purpose.One brand of these is MediPlast, it looks just like a band aid but the sticky part that you put agaist your wart is 40% salicylic acid, which can eat away at warts- keep a single patch on for 48 hours at a time and continue as directed.

  • Salicylic acid. Many stores sell generic liquid wart remover, which is essentially salicylic acid in a bottle, if used as directed, it can really help.
  • Freezing products and kits. These are available and some use liquid nitrogen, so the instructions must be followed exactly as written.
See a Doctor:See your PCP, family doctor, or specialist such as a dermatologist, or a podiatrist (if on your foot) or a urologist or gynecologist (if on your genitals). Your PCP can often take care of it without the need for a specialist, though.
  • Go to your doctor who can choose the best method for removal of your verruca.
  • Usually they freeze them off with liquid nitrogen, using a Q-tip.
Remember:DON'T PICK THEM. IT MAKES THEM WORSE, AND YOU CAN GET THE VIRUS PARTICLES FROM THE VERRUCA UNDER YOUR NAILS AND ON YOUR FINGERS AND THEN SPREAD TO OTHER PARTS OF YOUR BODY OR TO OTHER PEOPLE! DON'T PICK THEM or otherwise scrape, cut, file, pull or open them, especially if you are diabetic or have other circulatory problems with your legs and feet!

For more information about verruca, go to the websites listed in the links section below.
I've had plenty of them and after spending lots of money on liquid nitrogen treatment i came up with a homemade cure that is just as good or even better, and it is free.

It will hurt, but it will be over in a matter of seconds. In any case, liquid nitrogen hurts more.

- With a small pair of scissors, remove the outer layer of the wart; the protuberance, the part that sticks out. If it bleeds, press a piece of cotton or toilet paper over it until the bleeding stops. This should leave the wart at the same level with the rest of the skin. It will look like a white spot.

- Get a metal clip, or a metal wire, and straighten it.

- Heat the clip with fire until it turns red.

- Remove it from the fire and wait until it isn't red. This shouldn't take more than one or two seconds.

- Stick the hot clip into the wart. This will hurt. Press down so as to make a hole through the wart. You will feel the clip digging into the wart. This will immediately kill it. You need to do this in order to kill all the bad tissue. Warts go deep down into the skin. If you don't press down you will only kill the superficial part and the wart will grow back. Press down for three or four seconds; that should be enough.

- The result will be a little white hole of burnt tissue. In 1-2 days it will turn into a little red spot that will heal in a matter of 3-4 weeks. The whole thing is better looking than the scar left by liquid nitrogen, and heals faster.

- Your skin will grow back absolutely normal. There will be no scar at all. I've done this at least ten times.

This sounds very brutal, but it's less invasive than the standard procedure (nitrogen) and it leaves no scar. The first time I did it I was scared of course, but the pain only lasts a few seconds.
I've had two plantar warts on my feet,the first one I had to get burned out with electricity at the doctor, now the second one I saw it coming, so I bought duo film, which helped keep it small and unnoticeable, but one night I picked it up and it dropped and broke, so I had to find another way. NAIL CLIPPERS! I used it by take a hold of the 'seeds' in the wart and pulling them out, not cutting of the top, you actually pull it out. It doesn't hurt that much certainly a lot less painful than burning or freezing it off! If it's big remove the seeds until you feel the pain then stop, and do two seeds a day. In one day I removed all my seeds ( because my wart was still small and only had a few) and in two days I had to use a magnifying glass to see if I still had one, it had shrunk that much! So I hope it helps for you because I know how it feels! Physically and emotionally!

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How do you remove a wart?

The Skinny on Wart Removal

WikiAnswers contributors share their tips:

  • Put duct tape on and leave for 3-4 days. Remove the tape and soak the area in Epsom salts and warm water for 15 minutes and remove the extra skin, which is now dead.
  • Repeat process as necessary. (This also works on plantar warts, which some people can get on the bottom of their feet.)
  • If it is stubborn, go to the doctor. You can also buy wart removal kits at a drug store.
  • I agree duct tape works. If it is a stubborn wart, however, try a little piece of banana peel over the wart and under the duct tape. It sounds silly but after treating a stubborn wart on my son's hand with just the duct tape, we tried it and finally got rid of it.
  • Try putting some liquid nitrogen on it. (Use some Dr. Scholl's "Wart Freeze Away.")
  • Try using some Compound-W.
  • I heard you can dip it in cow's milk for 2 days.
  • You could try an over-the-counter wart remover. They come in creams, medicated bandages, and freeze-off kits. If it persists or is large in size, a doctor can freeze or cut it off to get rid of it.
  • A health professional usually removes a wart by a method called cryosurgery.
  • In the Philippines, there are cashew trees. Take a leaf (as well as the sap) and apply it on the EDGE of your warts. Don't rinse it. Leave it and do it daily... On the 21st day, you can now easily remove the wart painlessly.
  • Use vitamin E oil on the wart. You can get it in a pharmacy and it really works.
  • Try some apple cider vinegar under the duct tape.
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What is a wart?

According to the Medical Encyclopedia, warts are "small, benign growths caused by a viral infection of the skin or mucous membrane. The virus infects the surface layer."

To read the full description in this Encyclopedia, in addition to information from various other sources, see Answers.com via the Related Link.

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Do you have to remove fingernail polish prior to surgery?

I have had 5 surgeries and was told to take it off for all of them


Can thuja homeopathic remedy be applied directly to plantar warts?


Cold Sores

Can you catch cold sores from warts?

You can't catch cold sores from warts.

Gum Disease

What could a lump or bump on the roof of your mouth be?

It could be a number of things. First if it is hard and bony and has been there for a long time it could be Tori, a bony growth that is not harmful or anything to be worried about (unless you have to get dentures at some point). If it is soft it can be anything from a cyst to a tissue growth. I would suggest having it checked by a dentist to make sure that it isn't anything to worry about.

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Can red belly newts give you warts or rashes if you hold them?

no they can not give you warts ( and neather can frogs) but could maybe cause rashes but im not sure

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Why do codes P0325 P0330 keep coming back on 1999 Toyota sienna?

Trouble code P0325 means: Knock Sensor 1 Circuit (Bank 1) Trouble code P0330 means: Knock Sensor 2 Circuit (Bank 2) Need to replace Knock sensor

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If you squeeze warts does pus ever come out?

warts are caused by HPV, human papiloma virus, that might be contagious within the first or two years of initial infection.

Warts typically cannot be squeezed nor be popped out. Im not sure what wart you are referring to but if it's the adult wart types (i.e. genital wart) it can't be popped out nor be squeezed. A wart should grip to your skin, like a rock, and it can only be popped out after you apply some acid to it. Even then, you have to forcefully squeeze it out.

If you squeeze it gently like an acne, it's impossible the suspected wart was really wart. Most likely it's folliculitis (infected ingrown hair by bacteria) or other common infections. It can also be herpes or molluscum contagiosum. Any skin infection that's too small and too mild is sometimes hard to differ, you have to go to a dermatologist and get a biopsy.

Keep in mind, HPV can be cleared up by your own antibody within 1-2 years time, sometimes takes longer like 3-4 years. Before then, expect your wart to keep coming back once every few weeks or few months.

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Can turtles give you warts if you don't hold them all the time?

If the turtle is infected with warts and you touch it frequently, the warts can spread, but if you DON'T touch it, than no. Warts are spread by touch.

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Can nail polish remove a wart?

it worked for me with minimal effort.. applied a drop a day for about 20 days

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Can humans get warts from dogs?

i dont think you can you would most likeley catch it if it was popped or from a toad or anthoer person


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