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The End of the World (apocalypse)

The end of the world is a term that refers to the final events in the history of this world. It is also referred to as “end of all life” or the “end of time.”

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Is the world going to end in 2012?

No. It is the year 2017, so the world has not ended, but has continued on. This is what many people believe in: The world is going to end when: When you see earthquakes. When you see Vulcans. When you see many problems. When you see wars. When you see protests. The true answer is that nobody knows when the earth will end, but it will happen in a long time in the future. There was a movie called 2012 about the end of the world,...
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How many people will die in 2012?

I HOPE you mean how many, and the truth is a normal amount as a normal year. The end of the world is not is 2012. ...
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Do Christians go to heaven when they die or are they in the grave until the rapture?

The Soul goes to Heaven. The body goes into the grave until the rapture. After the body is taken to Heaven, it is transformed into a new Holy body. Another view There is no such thing as the rapture. If there is(which there is not) show me proof in the Bible. I will gladly study with you. John 17.(it would be good to read all of the chapter. but in verse 4 Jesus said "I have finished the work" when He comes...
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What do people say at the end of a meeting?

People say different things at the end of meetings, but whatever is said would let people know that the meeting is over. One thing that is said is "This meeting is now adjourned" or something similar. ...
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When the movie 2012 was made?

The movie 2012 was made since 2010.
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Is the world going 2 end it 2000?

well 12 years later i think its safe to say. NO
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When is the world going to end?

The End of the World Below are some thoughts as to when the world is going to end: In order to answer this question, we must infer that the questioner means earth and surrounding areas. However, some are taught esoterically that the world comes and goes in history with no permanent creation or destruction. To say the world ends means no preservation exists eternally. Yet many religions have different beliefs and to say one has preference over the other means one is a member...
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What exact date did World War I start and end?

Start: July 28th, 1914. End: November 11th, 1918. Veterans Day. The world War 1 ended in November 1918. I read this in a book so I think it is pretty accurate, but it doesn't show the exact date. ...
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What is the dance drama on myths and legend?

DANCE DRAMA ON MYTHS AND LEGENDS Myths and legends in Bali often have a lesson or moral Balinese myths and legends are filled with animals with human characteristics, spirits, ghosts, magic, and ordinary people overcoming extraordinary situations Kbo Iwo is a myth about how Bali`s Lake Batur and Mount Batur were formed Many Balinese myths and legends are retold through dance and drama The Ramayana (the story of Rama) is a well-known legend and often retold with the use of shadow puppets Myths and legends Balinese myths...
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Is the world going to end tomorrow?

The fact is that the Earth has been here for a long, long, very long time. For it to end would take an amount of energy difficult to calculate. Humans on the other hand have inhabited the planet Earth for a relatively short period of time, say a million years or so. That being said, in the entire history of the planet, more than 95% of the species that have ever inhabited the planet no longer exist. That being said, the...
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What is the most probable end of the world theory?

It depends on your whether you view the end of the world from a religious perspective or a scientific one. Scientists predict a gradual, natural end and/or man-made end while religious experts say God will destroy the Earth. ...
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How will the world end for people?

Nobody knows how or when the world will end... So this question was kinda stupid. ...
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What 3 empires fell as a result of World War 1?

Germany Austria Turkey and Russia --- The Russians were taken over by Bolsheviks (Communists). The Ottoman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire were destroyed and are now countries like Croatia, Czech republic (Bohemia and Moravia), etc. The Germans were forced to return Poland to the Polish, and other various pieces of land and pay reparations. ...
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Is judgment day true?

yes it is. no one know when it will come exept Allah. first thing to be judged will be prayer. And every body will be judged on their actions No, In the bible Jesus told us that only the Father knows when the day of judgment is, therefore man cannot know when this will happen.Bible says that "No man" will know the "hour" or the "day" of the "end." ...
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Summary of end of the world 2012?

Jesus described the signs that would come just before and during the end. Wars and rumors of wars, many more natural disasters than usual, world-economy and global monetary system, increased technology. The bible also said that the problems will start in the holy land (the middle east) These are the highlights. But when the disciples asked exactly when he answered that He did not know. Only the Father in Heaven knows the hour. So we are not supposed to know when. There...
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Is there going to be a world war 3?

No one knows if there is going to be a third World War. At the present time, it appears there will not be one. --- In my opinion, I think there will be a World War 3. See, right now we are in debt by several trillions of dollars with China. With this bad economy, we cannot afford to pay them back. They will get frustrated and start demanding things from us. The US, thinking we are all "big and bad" will...
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Is the world going to end in 2026?

Well.... NO! The world won't end in 2026 otherwise scientists and astronomers would have seen it. It is the same theory as 2012 nothing will happen - except the olympics. If you want my advice don't worry. I'm sure the world will end when the Sun burns up. But that won't happen for another couple of billion years and by then another huge star could have formed in it's place that will last for longer just relax and take life as it comes....
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Is the the world going to end in 2039?

no the world will not end. God created the world to live forever. Even so, if he did destroy the earth he would expand it make it pure and everyone will live in the same time. There will be no leadership for everyone will know what to do. Even so who's to say the world already died when dinosaurs went extinct. Mabey we will have a nother chance where god will look to us open handed and say lets go to...
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What is the Christian theory of 2012?

Christians believe it is false, since no man knows when the world will end, and there is no scriptural reference or basis for it. ...
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How is the world going to end according to Islam?

This is what I found out, and if the terms in bold are not familiar to you, try to look them up: Jesus (the prophet in Islam) will return to Earth physically to help the Mahdi to end all wars and restore eternal peace. During the eternal peace, the wall that has imprisoned Ya'juj and Ma'juj (Gog and Magog) will be broken and will march forth in a large amount of soldiers. When the world is under Evil's control, Earth will summon a beast...
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What would happen if there was no time?

You would never be late again
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How do you end a marriage of 24 years when you discover you haven't really loved her?

(All advice is generic and incomplete of necessity. Apply as fits, and use your own brains.) So either you no longer love her (burn-out) or you've found someone you REALLY love (let's call her N). If it's a burn-out, it's probably mutual. Tell her, and discuss if you can re-ignite. After 24 years you probably don't talk much and have forgotten that people and feelings can change. Out of simple convinience, you'd usually stay in a marriage even if you (possibly temporary) don't...
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What does the Bible say about the end times?

What the Bible says about the End of the World? The end will come within the lifetime of Jesus's listeners."Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom." -- Matthew16:28"But I tell you of a truth, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the kingdom of God." -- Luke 9:27"Verily I say unto you, All these things...
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We are going to die in 2012 everybody says we are -but why?

According to the Mayan calendar, the date at which the calendar ends is said to be December 21st, 2012. Some people believe that the Mayans predicted a great Apocalypse was going to happen on this date, and that it would be the end of the world and all chaos would break loose with massive tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, etc. Though these details are overwhelmingly scary, there is no proof that this actually will happen. Personally (don't take my word for it),...