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This category includes questions and answers related to using and writing the English language properly.

Asked in English Language, Word Games, Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters, Adjectives and Articles

What are some adjectives that describe a person and begin with the letter N?

nagging naive naked nameless nappy narcissistic narcoleptic narrow narrow-minded nasal nasally nasty national native natty natural naughty nauseating nauseous nautical neanderthal nearby neat nebulous necessary needless needy nefarious negative neglectful neglective negligent neighborly (neighbourly) nerdy nervous neurotic neutral new nice nifty nimble nine, nineteen, ninety ninth noble nocturnal noiseless noisy nonchalant noncommittal nonconformist nondescript nonjudgmental nonstop nontraditional normal nostalgic nosy (nosey) notable noteworthy noticeable notorious novice noxious nude nuisance numb numberless numerate numerous nurturing nutritious nutty nymphomaniacal ...
Asked in English Language, Definitions

What does 'prove someone s undoing' mean?

In this context, prove means, turns out to be. Undoing means ruin, disaster. So if something proves to be someone's undoing, it means that this thing, whatever it is (a life of crime, drug addiction, compulsive gambling, etc.) has ruined someone's life. Heroin addiction proved to be Frank's undoing. ...
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Words that mean delicious dealing with food?

scrumptious, tasty, delectable, mouth-watering, savory
Asked in English Language, Definitions

How can you describe a leaflet?

a printed sheet of paper, usually folded, to be handed out to the public, free of charge. ...
Asked in English Language, Literacy

What are some ways to help your child improve their reading and writing skills?

1. READ TO YOUR CHILD Children whose parents (or any significant adults) read to them are always better students than those who are not read to. Reading to your child exposes him/her to vocabulary, sentence structure, communication skills, and logic. Reading to them shares the joy of reading and storytelling. Reading to them also gives you quality time together, which strengthens your child-parent bond. 2. Encourage your child to read Provide plenty of reading material that will interest your child - either buy books...
Asked in English Language

What is emphasis through position?

'Emphasis through position' means giving importance to certain words in your sentence by where you place them within that sentence. For example: 'She likes cats best, then rabbits and hamsters.' There is no special emphasis here. 'Cats are what she likes best, then rabbits and hamsters.' Here the word 'cats' is emphasised by being placed first, out of the normal word order. ...
Asked in English Language, Definitions, Shoes

What is a shoe collector if a bibliophile is a book collector?

A person who collects shoes as a hobbyist, shoes not to be worn but to illustrate the history, variety, or culture of shoes, would be called a 'shoe collector'. A person who collects shoes because they have a pathological addiction to acquiring shoes would be a 'shoe addict'. ...
Asked in English Language, Definitions, Energy Conservation

What is the best definition for conservation?

Conservation is the protection and preservation of anything e.g. energy, wildlife, environment, natural resources, historical artifacts, books etc. ...
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How can you improve your English language skills?

Use it! And one good start is to read and participate in forums such as this on the internet. Find a group of people that are interested in something you are interested in, say martial arts or the works of Tolkien or Bollywood. Find forums on the internet on that topic and join in! You will learn a great deal, get more comfortable with the language and make new friends. And most of them will be very understanding if they know...
Asked in Plural Nouns, English Language, Definitions

What is the full form of restaurant?

This 1820s Americanism represents the noun usage of the present participle of the French word restaurer. So 'restaurant' IS the full form of the word, here in America. Persons in and from other countries may use it differently. ...
Asked in English Language, Definitions

What does selective evidence mean?

Not all evidence but partial, selected or chosen usually for a specific effect. ...
Asked in English Language, Grammar

Is it correct saying nice speaking to you After a conversation?

It is correct to say "Nice speaking to you" after a conversation. "Nice talking with you" is also okay, and perhaps slightly more idiomatic. The expression is short for "It was nice speaking to you", and this, in turn, comes from "Speaking to you was nice" by the grammatical process of extraposition, which substitutes "it" for a complicated sentence subject and moves the original subject to the end. That is to say, we begin with a subject "speaking to you" of the predicate "was...
Asked in World War 2, English Language

What does kidding mean?

1. a. A young goat. b. The young of a similar animal, such as an antelope. 2. a. The flesh of a young goat. b. Leather made from the skin of a young goat; kidskin. c. An article made from this leather. 3. Informal a. A child. b. A young person. 4. Slang Pal. Used as a term of familiar address, especially for a young person: Hi, kid! What's up? it means like your kidding around...duh Have someone on, jest, fool about Kidding...
Asked in English Language, Idioms, Cliches, and Slang

What is the meaning of country brute?

The literal meaning of country brute is "a beast found in rural or wilderness areas," such as a cow or a wolf. Figuratively, it could mean a large or an uncivil rural person. ...
Asked in English Language, Adjectives and Articles

Is exciting a noun?

No, exciting is an adjective. A noun is a person, place or thing.
Asked in English Language

What do you call a person with lots of hobbies?

A person with many interests and with resulting depth of knowledge in a wide variety of subjects is called a 'polymath'. The term 'hobby' simply describes something you do for pleasure on a regular basis when you aren't working at your normal job: something you enjoy doing but aren't being paid to do. Inevitably, a hobbyist learns a great deal about their hobby or hobbies in the process of devoting time to them. A hobby might involve anything from studying ancient Greek (provided...
Asked in English Language, Example Sentences

Can someone give an example sentence using 'right the ship'?

In this context the verb 'right' means 'to set right', to restore to a correct, frequently upright, position. 'The vessel was listing to starboard; the crew needed to right the ship.' 'We were close to capsizing, but were able to right the ship in time.' Edit: This answer leaves out the fact that the expression is often used in a metaphorical sense. For example: "Todd's life had been a downward spiral of drug abuse, until he made a concerted effort to right the ship." ...
Asked in English Language, Definitions

What is the definition of ja-tem?

I have a suspicion you're asking about "je t'aime" which is French for "I love you." ...
Asked in English Language, Verbs

What is the past participle of avoid?

The past participle of avoid is avoided. It means to shy away from, steer clear of. (See Related questions below) ...
Asked in English Language, Plural Nouns, Nouns

Is pebbles a mass noun?

No, the word 'pebbles' is a count noun, the plural form of the singular noun 'pebble'. ...
Asked in English Language, Word and Phrase Origins

The phrase diurnal motion refers to the?

gradual motion of the constellations from east to west across the sky each night, resulting in different constellations being visible at 4 A.M. than at 10 P.M. on any given night. ...
Asked in English Language, William Shakespeare

How would Shakespeare say the date?

Something like "the twenty-sixth day of January in the year of our Lord two thousand and twenty", I should think. ...
Asked in English Language, Word and Phrase Origins

What does the phrase safe harbor mean?

It means people won't mess with you in that specified location. In a legal sense, it refers to a situation where you are immune from liability. For example, if you withhold taxes from your paycheck equal to what you owed last year, then you are in a "safe harbor" from estimated tax penalties, even if you underpay. ...
Asked in English Language, Synonyms and Antonyms

Where can you find the antonyms for weather?

If you're looking at weather as a verb, antonyms like succumb, withstand work. However, if you're looking for the noun form of weather, there is no antonym to it. Archanaa.John ...