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Information and translations for Native American languages. Please note each tribe has its own language, and there is no single "Native American" language.

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Native American Languages

Is there a Native American language?

This question and answer is intended as a semi-catch all question about "Native American Language(s)." First: There is no single Native American Language; there are around 4,000 tribes with unique languages, and some tribes have different clan dialects that further complicate the languages. Second: Since there is no single language in use, any questions about that language is a question that cannot be answered as there is not enough information to answer it; however most do not know that there is no such language so it is not appropriate to simply trash the question because of that. So, if your question gets redirected here please ask it again and be more specific about the language you are interested in (Most languages are defined by the Tribe name, such as: Lakota / Dakota / Sioux, Cherokee, Arapaho, etc.)

Native American Languages

How do you say 'Wolf' in the Choctaw Indian language?

Nashoba is how you say wolf in Choctaw Indian language.

Native American Languages
Navajo Indians

What is the Navajo word for heart?


Means a heart not just heart.

Shijéí- my heart, nijéí- your heart, bijéí- her, his, it's heart, nihijéí- their heart and so on. There is also a plural and dual possessive.

In non medical settings ajéídíshjool is more often used. It useles for all the same particles in show possession.

In Navajo body parts such as heart or eye must always be in the possessive. The word " heart" does not exist on it's own. They are inalienable. The marks above the vowels mean they are high tone.

Native American Languages
Navajo Indians

What is the Navajo word for grandfather?

Shicheii for my maternal grandpa.

Shinalí for my paternal grandpa.

For a better translation, I need to know if you want Your, my, his/her, thier, A grandpa. It's a verb heavy language.

Native American Languages
Cherokee Indians

How do you say heaven in the Cherokee language?


Lakes and Rivers
Native American Languages

What does the name Mississippi mean?

The word Mississippi means Great River or Big River.

Native American Languages
Navajo Indians

What is the Navajo word for fire?


The mark under the O makes it nasalized like in the French word "bon". The mark at the end is the Navajo consonant called a glottal stop. We have it in the middle of "uh'oh".

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Native American Languages

What are some Native American words for sun?

Here are just a few:

Algonkin - kizis

Ojibwa (Chippewa) - kesis

Mohawk - kara'glwa

Oneida - wahneda

Creek - hos'see

Choctaw - hashi

Arikara - sakuunu

Pawnee - saku

Blackfoot - nato'si

Lakota - anpetu wi

Omaha - mi'he

Assiniboin - ompawee

Hidatsa - midi (or bidi)

Shoshoni - taipe

Mission Indian - tuka

Zuni - yahtokeah

Navajo - jóhonaaʼéí or: shá

Apache - skeemai

Maya - kin

Nahuatl (Aztec) - tonaltzintli

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Native American Languages

How do you pronounce Aho Mitakuye Oyasin?

Mitakuye Oyasin. (Pronounced Mee-tah-koo-yay O-yah-seen, is a Lakota Phrase which means. "We Are All Related")

Native American Languages
Sioux Indians

How do you say peace in Sioux language?

In Lakota the word for peace is wolakhota; an older term is wookhiye.

Native American Languages

What is lakota translation for big dog?


Native American Languages
Navajo Indians

How do you say thank you for coming in Navajo?

In Navajo not everything is word for word like it is in English.

You could just say ahéhee'. (ah-hyeh-he') meaning "thank you."

If you are starting to talk to a gathering you might say: Ahéhee' shikéí dóó shidine'é… (Thank you my friends/family and my people…)


you might say if someone has come to see you: Shaa yíníyáhígíí baa 'ahééh nisin.

---Which means "I'm grateful (or appreciate or thankful) for you coming to see me".

You can say this many ways with slight differences that change it a great deal in the way you say it in Navajo.

"I'm thankful for you for coming to see me like you usually do" would make a different conjugation than : "I'm grateful for you coming to see me over and over".

Usually you need more careful particulars in the Navajo than you need in the Navajo because there are modes and aspects in Navajo as well as tense and the verb conjugates as to who is being spoken about with a dual and plural and fourth person and indefinite person too. Sometimes the verb changes depending on what sort of object is being acted upon, such as picking up a round object vs a long thin flexible one.

Native American Languages
Cherokee Indians
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How to write daughter in Cherokee language?


United States of America
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Native American Languages
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Does achastapac really mean 'land of the great beaver'?

Achastapac or Achatispoag is probably from one of the local Algonquian languages- Pocumtuck, Nipmuck, or Mahican. If so, then the original word would have been heavily Anglicized.

The best theory I've seen suggests that the root words are:

wadchuash aetai sip ak (oag)

mountains both sides river place(people of the)

So the meaning is probably something like:

"Land with mountains on both sides of a river"

Of course, the original meaning could have been very different, but it probably wasn't "Land of the great beaver", since the root word for "beaver" in Algonquian languages is usually something like "amisque" or "tummunk".

So, "land of the great beaver" would probably have been something like "Massamiquet".

Native American Languages

What is a cute nickname for a guy name saurabh?

Sauree, Saubi

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Native American Languages

What is the Lakota Sioux translation for my brothers' keeper as in i have two brothers and i am their keeper?

Depends on birth order. older brother of a male - ciye older brother of a female - tiblo younger brother - misũ twin - cekpa Note that this doesn't just apply to brothers, but also to male cousins whose parents are brothers. Or male cousins whose parents are sisters. Or step-brothers. All letters are IPA except for y (which is /j/) and e (which is /ε/).

Native American Languages

How do you say love in seneca language?

gano : on : gwa

phonetically -- gah noh ohn gwah

Native American Languages

What is the oglala lakota word for bear?


Native American Languages

What does the native americam word ska mean?

The Lakota word ska means white. Example: siteha-ska white tail deer.

Other native American languages may have entirely different meanings for the same word.

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Native American Languages

What languages were spoken by Natchez Indians?

The Natchez Indians spoke the Natchez language, which is a language isolate, meaning that there were no other closely related languages spoken. The Natchez never called it "Natchez", but rather we:Lhaki:sa or 'the language'.

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Native American Languages

Can anyone translate my English name Michael to Native American Indian name i want it to be in quinault?

You cannot translate European names into a Native American or First Nations language, as they have no meaning to translate. Native names always have a meaning, an example being my name; Tikibish, meaning spring water. If you were to enter your name into a language converter and translate it into ANY language, it would always sound like Micheal.

Native American Languages

How do you say 'your friend' in hawaiian?

hoa aloha

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Native American Languages

Is there a different spelling for Nancy in Cherokee?

Yes. In the Cherokee syllabary, it would look like this:


If you are not able to see these characters, go to "sources and related links" (down below) and download the cherokee font on that webpage.)

Native American Languages
Sioux Indians

How do you say grey dove in sioux?

The Lakota word for grey is hota and dove is wakinyela. Adjectives (actually stative verbs) follow nouns in Lakota, so you would say

wakinyela hota


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