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Relatives outside of an immediate family (mother, father, brother, sister) are part of an extended family. Extended family relationships include: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws among many others. Ask questions here about how a person is related to their extended family (ex: How is your brother's mother-in-law related to you?)

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Can people have great great cousins?

That's impossible. But there are such things as 3rd cousins, 2nd cousins, 1st cousins, and so on. ...
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What do you call your great uncle's grandfather?

Your great uncle is the brother of one of your grandparents, so his grandfather is also the grandfather of one of your grandparents. The grandfather of your grandparent is your great great great grandfather. ...
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What relation is your sister's grandson to you?

Your sister's grandson is your great nephew. You are his great aunt (if you are a woman) or his great uncle (if you are a man). ...
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What do you call your husband's wife's mother?

Unless you are in a polygamous marriage, you are your husband's wife, so you would call her your mother. ...
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What is a second uncle?

According to Collins Dictionary, cousin : uncle :: second cousin : second uncle. The father of your cousin is your uncle, so the father of your second cousin is your second uncle. It is a way to remove some of the ambiguity of the "first cousin once removed" relationship. This term is used all over the world and is slowly gaining acceptance in the US due to its ability to distinguish the generation of each person. ...
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How is your father's brother's daughter's daughter related to you?

Your father's brother is your uncle. Your uncle's daughter is your first cousin. The son or daughter of your first cousin is your first cousin, once removed. ...
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Is your dead aunt's husband's new wife your aunt?

Your aunt (sister of one of your parents) and her husband were your aunt and uncle, particularly if he is the father of some of your cousins. If he is still acting as a member of your family, and accepted by you and others in your family, then he is still your uncle. While his new wife is not technically related to you at all, most families will probably treat her as your aunt, and he may well expect that too. Of...
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What do we call grandfather's father?

Your grandfather's father is your great grandfather.
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Is your aunt's cousin's daughter related to you?

Maybe. Your aunt is the sister (or sister in law) of either your mother or your father, so her first cousin may also be the first cousin of your mother or father, though not if they are an in-law. The daughter of your parent's (or your aunt's) first cousin is your second cousin. If we are talking about your aunt's second cousin, the daughter is your third cousin. Or you may not be related at all. You must share a common ancestor to...
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What is your sister-in-law's husband called?

Your brother? LOL. it makes sense right. because you have to have a brother to have a sister in law. so technically your sister in law's husband is called your brother. ...
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What do you call your granddad's brother's daughter's son?

Your grandfather's brother is your great uncle. Your great uncle's daughter is your parent's first cousin. The son of your parent's first cousin is your second cousin. In conversation, however, you address such people by their personal names, not by their relationship to you. ...
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What relationship is your wife' sister's husband?

Your wife's sister's husband is your wife's brother-in-law, but is not related to you. ...
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What relationship to me is my cousin's grandson?

Your first cousin's grandson is your first cousin twice removed.
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Who are my kids to my niece's kids?

Second Cousins once removed.
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Is your mother's brother's wife your aunt?

Yes but some would say she is your aunt through marriage.
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What are your aunt or uncles cousins called?

You're using a couple of vague terms there. They're probably your "cousins" also, but it's possible they're "no particular relation". I'm going to use the male terms throughout just to save typing. Take it as a given that when I say uncle, I really mean "uncle or aunt", when I say father, I really mean "father or mother." It's kind of weird to ask about your uncle's cousins, because if they're your uncle's cousins, they ought to be your father's cousins too. Unless...
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How do you call your elder brother wife shortly as aunt?

In English, the wife of your brother (elder or younger) is your sister-in-law. If you have a child, she is your child's aunt. ...
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Can you call your father's sister a paternal aunt?

Yes, you can call your father's sister your paternal aunt, but few would bother with that distinction. Most would simply call her your aunt. ...
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What do you call your grandfather's grandfather?

He would be your great, great grandfather, but you could call him whatever endearing name you and he prefer -- Granddad, Papa, Grandpa, etc. ...
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What relation are you to your uncle's son's daughter?

You and your uncle's son's daughter are first cousin once removed..
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What do i call my sister son's wife?

Her name. In a more general term, she would be referred to as your niece-in-law. ...