Foreshadowing is a popular literary device in which the author hints at plot points or developments that will occur later in the story.

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The Scarlet Ibis

What are some themes foreshadowing and symbolism of The Scarlet Ibis?

Theme of Pride

"They did not know that I did it for myself; that pride, whose slave I was, spoke to me louder than all their voices; and that Doodle walked only because I was ashamed of having a crippled brother."

-This quote demonstrates the theme of pride. Brothers pride is the only reason that he teaches Doodle to walk. His selfish actions have a short term positive result, but in the long term, it ends up killing his brother.

"When Doodle was five years old, I was embarrassed at having a brother of that age who couldn't walk, so I set out to teach him."

-He is not interested in helping Doodle so that Doodle fits in, but so that he fits in and is not different. Brother is telling this story as an adult and fully recognizes that he did this b/c of his own pride and nothing else.

He also states...

"I did not know then that pride is a wonderful, terrible thing, a seed that bears two vines, life and death."

-He knows now that the pride that made him teach Doodle to walk was wonderful he did learn to walk), but also could be terrible( since it blinded him to the danger of teaching him). It could be said that at Brothers young age (should be about 11), he couldn't really comprehend the end result of what he was doing (he didn't intentionally set out to kill him), but he did know that what he was doing was wrong, since he hid it from his parents.


"It was in the clove of seasons, summer was dead but autumn had not been born, that the ibis lit in the bleeding tree."

-This entire sentence alludes to the fact that this story is going to be tragic. The color red often makes people think of death, and there are many words in this quote that bring us to the color red. A clove is a red flower, and blood is red. It also mentions summer being dead, which again foreshadows the tragic ending of the story.

"The last graveyard flowers were blooming, and their smell drifted through...our house, speaking softly the names of our dead."

-This is foreshadowing the death of Doodle.

"They named him William Armstrong...Such a name sounds only good on a tombstone."

-Brother also speaks about his name, which he states is only good on a tomb stone.

"Then I'll leave you here by yourself," I threatened, and made as if I were going down. Doodle was frightened of being left. "Don't go leave me, Brother," he cried..."

-Doodles crying out for his Brother not to leave him behind is similar to the ending where Doodles calls for Brother

"Dead birds is bad luck," said Aunt Nicey, poking her head from the kitchen door. "Specially red dead birds!"

-Self explanatory

Academic Writing

What does foreshadowing mean?

Foreshadowing means means giving the reader a hint of what is to come through the setting, the characters' words or actions etc in a story or film.

A sign/hint of something that will happen in the future.

Example: Amilia is learning to read. Soon, she will be reading a chapter book! (Bold Italic writing = the foreshadow)

The Monkey's Paw

Which details foreshadows the effect of the first wish on the monkey's paw?

When walking down the road

The Hunger Games

How might Haymitchs demeanor foreshadow what will happen during the Hunger Games in chapter four?

All the people will go for the two love birds cause they will group up.

Edgar Allan Poe

What is an example of foreshadowing in the Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe?

When he says he is awaiting his execution while introducing the story, since u kno he must've done somethin bad to be sentenced to death

Short Stories

What are 3 examples of foreshadowing in the short story the sea devil?

i only have one example and that would be that the fisherman saw the porpoise indicating that the porpoise would play a part in this story.

Of Mice and Men

What foreshadowing is in chapter 2 Of Mice and Men?

The main theme would be Curley's wife's appearance.

She wears all red, which instantly foreshadows danger, and portrays her as a sexual woman, which is how she was seen by most men on the ranch.

You can link this to the woman in Weed. Lennie grabs her red dress and she cries for help and gets away. This could show Curley's wife is in danger, or will cause trouble like the woman in Weed did for Lennie and George - which she does.

Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings
Of Mice and Men

What are some examples of foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men in chapter 3?

In chapter 3 of "of mice and men" the main event that is foreshadowed is the death of Lennie in the latter part of the novella. Half way through chapter 3: Slim, George, Candy and Carlson are gathered in the bunk house. Carlson, who is repulsed by the smell from Candy's dog, tries to convince Candy to let him shoot his dog. Candy's dog is "stiff with rheumatism", "ancient" and he "suffers himself all the time". Carlson says to Candy that he "ain't bein' kind to him keepin' him alive". Carlson says that Candy should let him kill his dog out of mercy, that they shouldn't let him suffer.

This foreshadows the death of Lennie in chapter 6, when George kills Lennie out of mercy. Also: the manner in which the dog was shot, "right at the back of the head", is the same way that Lennie was killed. Candy's dog can also be compared to Lennie in the fact that they are both humble and simple beings. Both of them were distracted, because they didn't know any better. Their lifes rely on trust.

Lord of the Flies

What foreshadows Piggy's death?

Piggy's death is foreshadowed earlier in the novel during the scene in which Roger stands in the palms and throws rocks at the child building sand castles on the beach.


What is the foreshadowing in blues ain't no mockin bird?

When the camera guy says he is making a film for the county food stamps, you can kind of foreshadow that they're going to be there for a while. Since they think Cathy and her family are in poverty.


What did John the Baptist's death foreshadow?

If John the Baptist had died before Jesus and in somewhat similar circumstances, it could be said that his death foreshadowed the death of Jesus. However, the first-century Jewish historian, Josephus says that John the Baptist was imprisoned in the castle at Macherus, east of the Dead Sea, and executed there for publicly criticising Herod Antipas' marriage to his brother's former wife. The marriage took place in 34 CE and John must have been executed in 35 or 36 CE. The manner and even reason for his death differ from the crucifixion of Jesus, who is traditionally believed to have died in either 30 CE or 33 CE.

There is nothing relevant that John's death could really be said to have foreshadowed.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

What would be an example of foreshadowing in the book The Lightning Thief?

While reading the book there were many times of foreshadowing but the one that caught my eye the most was when luke was talking to Percy in the

Hermes CAbin and he told Percy that he hates his father and the gods for taking control of them!

Children's Books

What is a good quote from the book The Foreshadowing by Marcus Sedgwick?

It really depends on what you want a quotation for. If you want one to show how Sasha's father doesnt show any support in her life you could use: "Stupid girl, you don't know anything about it!" "I couldn't even get him to listen to me." Or ones about Sasha's visions... Alexandra, "like Cassandra", the prophetess. "I was 5 when I first saw the future." "'I looked into the man's eyes, but I didn't see the inflamed tear ducts. I saw an empty bed. I saw death." Or ones about Tom's death... "I don't know how, but as I lay awake shivering after the dream, I know it hasn't happened, and that maybe it won't for some time. It's definitely something that has yet to be." (After dreaming that Tom was shot.) "If you've seen him dead he is as good dead" (Hoodoo Jack) These are just some ideas, as I am not sure what you want the quotes about.


What is the answers to Foggy Figure?

Foggy Figure


What is an example of foreshadowing in David Copperfield?

The first sentence of David Copperfield ("Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life . . . ") foreshadows his ownership of the trials and lessons learned and his willingness to be his own judge.


What line in Beowulf best foreshadows the outcome of the battle between Beowulf and Grendel?

Beowulf wins and he becomes king and dies against the draagon

Romeo and Juliet

What warning does Friar Lawrence give to Romeo foreshadowing future events in the play?

"These violent delights have violent ends,/ And in their triumph die, like fire and powder/ Which as they kiss consume." He foreshadows the death of Romeo and Juliet.
Friar Laurence tells Romeo that he should go slow, because those that run stumble. He says that Juliet and him should go slow, because they fell for each other so fast, they ought to run into a problem.. and they did.
Early on, before the Friar actually marries Romeo and Juliet, Romeo has to ask Friar Laurence to merry them. Friar Laurence warns him (I have no direct quote) that those who run too quickly trip and fall, or something along those lines. He means not to act too quickly- they had only just met- and doing so may result in disaster, which, sadly, it does.

Literary Terminology

What are some examples of foreshadowing?

An example of foreshadowing can be found in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

There are also a few in Romeo and Juliet. For example there is one spoken by Romeo before they crash the Capulet's party. He says he had a dream that this party would lead to his untimely death, and ultimately it did, by him meeting Juliet and later them killing themselves over each other.


'Macbeth, Macbeth! Beware MacDuff! Behold enough.'

'Be Bloody Bold and Resolute.

Laugh to scorn the power of man

for none of woman born may harm Macbeth'

'...never vanquish'd be until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him'

These are the three prophesies made by the witches to Macbeth in the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare. They both seem to warn and secure Macbeth but really they foreshadow a momentous fall.


Lord of the Flies

Examples of foreshadowing in Lord of the Flies?

When roger pushes the boulder off the cliff at the start of the novel and at the end of the novel he pushes a boulder which KILLS Piggy.

There's also the parts in chapter 7 where Simon says to Ralph "I just think you'll get back alright-" He's foreshadowing that he dies. And in the same chapter, after the first pig-hunt-dance Roger says "You want a real pig, because you've got to kill it," to which Jack retorts "Use a littun," also foreshadowing Simon's death. At the end of chapter 8, when Simon is talking to the Lord of the Flies, there is another foreshadowing of his death. William Golding was really trying to make sure you knew Simon would die.

Fire on the Mountain, chapter 2, the big fire is foreshadowing to the end of the book, where the whole island is ablaze again.

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Books and Literature

Importance of foreshadowing in literature?

Foreshadowing is an important tool in Englishliterature. It foretells a possible future event in order to increases audience suspense and interest. Plus, if the foreshadowed prediction comes true, the story "comes full circle."


What are 2 details that foreshadow the identify the tragic outcome of the first wish in the Monkey's Paw?

They wish they can get money..and their son dies so they can get the money...


What are synonyms of foreshadow?

Beforehand, Forebode, Forecast, Foretell, Portend, Predict, Prognosticate, Prophesise, Precognate, Precognition

Science Fiction

Where in z for zachariah is there foreshadowing?

Foreshadowing was partly used when Mr. Loomis shot THREE gunshots at the roof aiming for "Edward", and then in his hallucination he acted out him shooting Edward in the chest THREE times.

The Hunger Games

What is foreshadowing in the book Catching Fire?

I believe that it was foreshadowing because how I see it, the watch had a Mockingjay on it and its disappeared. Then the Arena was a "Clock" and in the end Katniss (Also known as the Mockingjay) disappeared from the capitals sight and went into hiding.


A example of foreshadowing in the clay marble?

"I could barely see Jantu's footprints in the moist soil ahead of me." Forehsadowing Jantu's impending death in the later chapter


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