Of Mice and Men

"Of Mice and Men" was written by John Steinbeck, and published in 1937. It is set in California, during the Great Depression.

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Of Mice and Men

What kind of book is Of Mice and Men?

Of Mice and Men is a historical fiction novella, as it took place in the 1930's during the great depression

Of Mice and Men

What are some examples of racism in the book Of Mice and Men?

When Lenny is talking to the black man , and the black man says " I can't even go to the bunkhouse to play cards , because I'm black " '

Of Mice and Men

How old is crooks in Of Mice and Men?

20 years old

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Of Mice and Men

How many records does curley's wife have?


John Steinbeck
Of Mice and Men

Why is Crooks trying to scare Lennie?

Because Crooks has suffered in his past from racism and discrimination in America in the 1930's, and it has made him bitter and twisted. The only way that Crooks can feel better is to make someone else feel what he felt. He isn't neccessarily a bad person, he has just been badly mistreated in the past and wants to feel better.

Of Mice and Men

What grade level do you read Of Mice and Men?

9th Grade, High School. Freshmen year.

Of Mice and Men

What is the setting of the book 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck?

It is set in the 1930's during the Great Depression. It is on a ranch in the Salinas Valley near the Salinas River, just south of Soledad in California.

The novel opens with the major characters, George Milton and Lennie Small, camping for the night beside a pool along the banks of the Salinas River. The following morning, the two hike to a nearby ranch, where they take up residence in the bunkhouse. Steinbeck paints a vivid picture of the sparsely equipped facility and of the hot, dusty ranch land on which George and Lennie work.

To be more specific, all 6 chapters of the story take place in the following 4 places, respectively:

1. Outside of the ranch, clearing by the lake

2. Bunkhouse

3. Barn

4. Crooks' Room

Of Mice and Men

What reason would people sell the ranch for only 600?

Because back then, $600 was a lot of money, and in the book it says that one of the sellers needs an operation so there.

Of Mice and Men

What does Lennie try and sneak into his bed?

one of Slim's dog's puppies because he wants to pet it :)

Of Mice and Men

What was george and lennies ultimate goal?

To buy a small farm, with rabbits, settle down in safety, away from the world.

Of Mice and Men

What is Crooks last name in Of Mice and Men?

It never says his last name.

John Steinbeck
Of Mice and Men

Why does Crooks tell George that Lennie's a nice fella?

Crooks tell George Lennie's hell of a nice fella because Lennie doesn't treat crooks like a negro but as a human being as there is no racial tension between the two character's.

Of Mice and Men

What does crooks want in the book Of Mice and Men?

He wants company because hes black he is always on his own when Lenny and Candy go to see him he tells them to get out but secretly he wants them there to talk to him and because Lenny is simple and Candy is also lonely they all want the same thing not money not a great life just friends (only know this because i studied of mice and men for 12 years)

Of Mice and Men

What is the moral of the book Of Mice and Men?

the moral of this story is to believe in your dreams and make them happen

Of Mice and Men

What does Lennie want with his dinner that they don't have of mice and men?

He wants ketchup:d

Of Mice and Men

What is summary for Of Mice and Men chapter five?

In Chapter 5 of Of Mice and Men, Lennie has just killed his puppy by accident and is stroking its dead body. He worries that George will be angry at him and won't let him raise rabbits on their farm. He hurls the dead puppy across the room in frustration, then retrieves it and strokes it again.

Curley's wife comes in and sits beside him. He hides the puppy and tells her he's not allowed to talk to her. She reassures him that they won't get in trouble because everyone else is busy with a horseshoe tournament.

She sees the puppy and comforts him about its death, then complains she's lonely. She tells him she wants a different life, and had a chance to go to Hollywood to become a movie star, but was forced to settle for marrying Curley.

Lennie tells her about the rabbits, and she asks him why he likes animals so much. Lennie tells her he likes soft things, and she lets him pet her hair. But he holds on too tight, which scares her so she cries out. Lennie panics, putting his hands over her mouth to quiet her, but he tightens his grip too much and shakes her until her neck is broken.

Realizing that he's killed her, he tries to hide her in the hay. He worries that George will be angry if he finds out. He flees, taking the puppy's body with him. He runs to the clearing in the woods (where the novel began).

Candy discovers the body in the barn when he goes looking for Lennie. He calls George, who realizes what's happened and hopes that Lennie can just be locked up where he can't hurt anyone but can be treated well. However, Candy tells him that Curley will have him lynched.

Candy asks George if their dream of buying the farm will ever happen, but they both know it won't. George always knew it wouldn't, but Lennie had liked the idea so much that he went along with it.

Worrying that he will be implicated in Curley's wife's death, he has Candy deliver the news and pretends not to have seen the body himself.

When Candy tells the ranch workers what happened, a mob gathers. Curley demands that they find Lennie and kill him. He has them get Crooks's shotgun, and they leave to find and shoot Lennie.

Of Mice and Men

What actors played George in Of Mice and Men?

Gary Sinise.

Of Mice and Men

What is end of Of Mice and Men about?

George killed Lenny..

Of Mice and Men

Quotes about sexism is in of mice and men?

This isn't a quote, but an important element regarding Sexism is that Curley's wife is never named throughout the book. This portrays her as an object; a possesion of Curley's.

Of Mice and Men

What is an example of external conflict from of mice and men chapter 3?

Man vs Man- Curley vs Lennie

Man vs Nature-George and Lennie vs Trying to survive by making money on farms

Man vs Society-Lennie vs Self-control


Man vs himself- George vs His well-being and dreams

Of Mice and Men

What foreshadowing is in chapter 2 Of Mice and Men?

The main theme would be Curley's wife's appearance.

She wears all red, which instantly foreshadows danger, and portrays her as a sexual woman, which is how she was seen by most men on the ranch.

You can link this to the woman in Weed. Lennie grabs her red dress and she cries for help and gets away. This could show Curley's wife is in danger, or will cause trouble like the woman in Weed did for Lennie and George - which she does.

Of Mice and Men

What does Curley think is going on between his wife and Slim?

He thinks Slim is having relations with Curley's wife because she appears as a flirtatious character but only really wants attention. Slim is seen as one of the greatest men on the ranch and the men look up to him, and everyone likes Slim, but not Curley.

Of Mice and Men

Identify candy in Of Mice and Men?

candy is old, has one hand and an old dog who is killed at some point in the story. he is seen as useless.

Of Mice and Men

How did George treat Lennie and Of Mice and Men?

George treats Lennie like a brother. He helps him with everything and tells him what to do basically.

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Of Mice and Men

What are some examples of foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men in chapter 3?

In chapter 3 of "of mice and men" the main event that is foreshadowed is the death of Lennie in the latter part of the novella. Half way through chapter 3: Slim, George, Candy and Carlson are gathered in the bunk house. Carlson, who is repulsed by the smell from Candy's dog, tries to convince Candy to let him shoot his dog. Candy's dog is "stiff with rheumatism", "ancient" and he "suffers himself all the time". Carlson says to Candy that he "ain't bein' kind to him keepin' him alive". Carlson says that Candy should let him kill his dog out of mercy, that they shouldn't let him suffer.

This foreshadows the death of Lennie in chapter 6, when George kills Lennie out of mercy. Also: the manner in which the dog was shot, "right at the back of the head", is the same way that Lennie was killed. Candy's dog can also be compared to Lennie in the fact that they are both humble and simple beings. Both of them were distracted, because they didn't know any better. Their lifes rely on trust.


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