Irony and Fallacy

Includes questions related to the use of words and terms to express something different than their literal meaning; language that is used to express insults; statements made based on false information or details.

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To Kill a Mockingbird
Irony and Fallacy

Who is miss gates?


Irony and Fallacy

Is Ozymandias and example of irony?

it is a great example of situational irony

Sentence and Word Structure
Irony and Fallacy

What is the word for literary ridicule?

Scorn, sarcasm, or perhaps irony.

Irony and Fallacy

What is the situational irony in the Titanic?

In the Titanic we see that the situational irony found in the text is that eventhough The Californian was the ship closest to The Titanic, it would've been crucial if The Californian would'nt have turned off their scanner.

Irony and Fallacy

Is there irony in a Christmas memory?


Irony and Fallacy
Elements and Compounds

Is iron drinkable?

Iron from drinks are drinkable. Drinks like Pineapple, Cranberry, and Grape have drinkable iron. Iron like the metal is unhealthy (Probably might even kill a person if the person drinks it).

Hyperbole and Superlative
Irony and Fallacy
Paradox and Antithesis

What makes a good rhetorical speech?


Irony and Fallacy
Kinds of Sentences

Give ten examples of irony?

It's ironic that most sentences beginning "It's ironic that ..." are not ironic. Like that one.

I'll think of another nine later, whne I am feeling less cynical.

Irony and Fallacy
Kinds of Sentences

What are some examples of irony?

A car ride service called Yellow cab that is painted red.

Irony and Fallacy

Why might an author use situational irony?

To create suspense, humor, or also to keep the reader interested because they don't what will ACTUALLY happen next.

Irony and Fallacy

Is there an irony in the little prince?

Yes, and possibly some sacrilege- consider the title of Christ as Prince of Peace. Believe it or not- there are striking similarities- but different conclusions- to this story- and I dream of Jeannie- Pilot or Astronaut ( both Military men) is forced down or lands on Island. ( or desert) encounter Prince ( Exuperby) or female Jeannie- Genie- more to most men:s liking. There are no witnesses. Supernatural Pal comes in handy... There are also differences but it is a fair guess that Jeannie is a heterosexual- and (Awright) development of plot elements in the somewhat homo-erotic Little Prince.

Irony and Fallacy

Kinds of figure of speech?

simile.. metaphor.. metonymy.. irony.. synecdoche.. personification.. hyperbole.. oxymoron.. litotes.. anthimeria.. paradox.. metalepsis

Irony and Fallacy
Short Stories

Quotes of irony in the story lamb to slaughter?

The main irony in this short story is when the wife kills her husband with a frozen piece of lamb and feeds it to the police that are trying to solve her husbands murder.

School Subjects
Literary Terminology
Irony and Fallacy
Short Stories

In the short story The Destructors by Graham Greene how is the ending of the story indeterminate?

The house symbolized the gang. When the house crumbled, the gang crumbled; the ending is indeterminate because we don't know whether with the destruction of the gang forged a stronger gang or whether the fall of the gang was the end of the gang. In the story Trevor says that the walls cannot be left, because with walls something can be built within them. With no walls, he felt that the gang could not be rebuilt. The author believes with destruction comes creation. Something is detroyed, but from it comes something new. Trevor leads us to believe nothing could be rebuilt, but the author makes it appear that something will come from the destruction of the house. However, Trevor loses credibility because with his loss of leadership his words lose their power.

Irony and Fallacy
The Great Gatsby

Irony in The Great Gatsby?

There are many ironic things in The Great Gatsby.

- Gatsby spends all his time and most of life pursuing something which is not worth the effort.

-The Car could be seen as a symbol of hope and dream of American Dream so is ironic that symbol of hope and dream ultimately lead to Gatsby's death.

-The American Dream based on money getting you happiness, yet Gatsby is extremely rich but not satisfied.

-The American Dream supposed to be about whatever race, class etc. you come from you have equal opportunity to succeed and happiness, yet there is an obvious dislike between east egg ( old money) and west egg (new money).

Irony and Fallacy
Short Stories
The Necklace

Irony in the necklace?

In an effort to look beautiful and wealthy for one night Mathilde borrowed a diamond necklace and subsequently lost it. Mathilde wasted her life working to pay off the debts acquired from buying another diamond necklace to replace it. Ten years later, when she finally paid off everything, she told her friend the truth, and her friend told her that the original necklace was a fake and did not cost that much. In an effort to live the good life, she ended up living a hard life.

Parts of Speech
Literary Devices and Figures of Speech
Irony and Fallacy

What are figures of speech?

The figures of speech are: Alliteration, Anaphora, Assonance, Euphemis, Hyperbole, Irony, Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Oxymoron, Personification, Simile, Understatement.

Figures of speech are phrases that are not supposed to be taken literally. They work to add emphasis to spoken or written words. An example would be saying that a person is 'between a rock and a hard place' when they are forced to choose between two poor alternatives.

A figure of speech is word combinations in which the words communicate more than their literal meanings.

Irony and Fallacy

Where is the irony in across five aprils?

"My heart ain't in this war; I've told you that. And while I say that the right ain't all on the side of the North, I know jest as well that it ain't all on the side of the South either. But if I hev to fight, I reckon it will be fer the South either."(ch.3, pg.44-45) This is ironic because, why would Bill go fight with the south if his family is with the north?

Irony and Fallacy

Where is the irony in rain by Richard rive?

Type your answer here... the irony lies in the fact that although rive creates the main focus around the fall of siena's relationship with joseph and his betrayal, at the end of the story we are led to believe that a relationship between solly and siena is possible.

Irony and Fallacy

What is irony?

Irony is a verbal or situational context involving outcomes that are either unexpected, unanticipated, or actually the opposite of what they should be. A statement may be intended to mean the opposite what it normally means, or an event can occur that is unexpected. Sometimes it can be so unexpected that it's funny. For example: a man steps around a mud puddle to avoid getting his shoes wet, but steps on a broken sprinkler line which sprays him head to toe. Another example would be a thief who steals a car, only to be caught because the car belongs to the police commissioner.
The 3 different types of irony are:
  • verbal - similar to sarcasm, but not necessarily insulting.
    For example, an overachiever who passed a test says, "I bombed the test."
  • situational - when a surprising and unexpected event occurs.
    For example, a professional swimmer almost drowns.
  • dramatic - when the character of a story doesn't know something but the reader/viewer does, and acts in a way that is obviously ill-advised.
    For example, in a horror movie, a person wanders into an abandoned house. We can predict that ghosts will start playing tricks on that person, but he/she seems unaware of the ghosts.

The use of words to express the opposite of their literal meaning.
Idioms, Cliches, and Slang
Irony and Fallacy

What does the idiomatic expression you re my sidekick mean?

I'm from Wyoming, and have spent many hours working horses. Like many such expressions that have become woven into the American cultural fabric, I believe the term "sidekick" derives from the "cowboy culture" so admired and romanticized by those who have never worked as one. Anyone who has ever spent time working cattle from horseback knows that, hundreds of times a day, you nudge (or "kick", for urgent maneuvers) your mount in the sides to steer this way or that, because your hands are busy elsewhere. You yourself become a "sidekicker". Working cattle is not for sissies, and cowboys sustain all kinds of minor injuries just in a normal day's work. You can get seriously injured or even killed if you aren't alert and working together as a team. Cowboys working cattle together learn to depend on the other "sidekicks" to help control and direct a herd. Your "sidekicks" become the people you work hard with, get to know and depend on, and develop special bonds based on trust.

Irony and Fallacy
The Giver Book Series

What is an example of irony in the book The Giver?

I would say the 'sharing of feelings' during dinner. Even the Giver points out to Jonas that they are the only ones with feelings.

Hyperbole and Superlative
Irony and Fallacy
Paradox and Antithesis

Is there a list of rhetorical devices?

List of rhetorical devices:


Use of personal pronoun 'i'





Rhetorical question

Emotive language




Short sentences

Audience involvement

Modal verbs










Direct address

Own opinion


Chronological order

Irony and Fallacy

What is an example of dramatic irony in the book Night?

"Like the leader of the camp, he loved children."

-The only reason they loved the children was because the children were involved in a sex trade. They were being sexually abused.

Symbolism and Symbolic Meanings
Irony and Fallacy
Public Speaking

What are fallacies?

A fallacy is a general type of appeal (or category of argument) that resembles good reasoning, but that readers should not find to be persuasive. Fallacies are also defined as an incorrect or misleading idea or opinion that is based on unsound reasoning or inaccurate facts. For example the phrase - "All Muslims hate Jews" is a fallacy. "Through the Looking Glass" is a great book to identify fallacies.


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