Brazilian History

Brazilian history dates back to the first arrival of humans in South America. Brazil was discovered by Pedro Alvarez Cabral in 1500. It stayed as a Portuguese colony until its independence in 1889.

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Who really discovered Brazil?

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The natives who crossed the Bering Straight.

What are some cities on Brazil's northeast coast?

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Brazil's northeast coast is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and historical significance. Some cities and destinations along the northeast coast of Brazil include:

  1. Salvador: The capital of the state of Bahia, Salvador is known for its rich Afro-Brazilian culture, historic Pelourinho district, and lively Carnival celebrations.

  2. Recife: The capital of Pernambuco state, Recife is famous for its intricate waterways, historic architecture, and vibrant Carnaval festivities.

  3. Fortaleza: The capital of Ceará state, Fortaleza boasts stunning beaches, such as Praia de Iracema and Praia do Futuro, as well as a bustling nightlife.

  4. Natal: Located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal is known for its sandy dunes, including the famous Genipabu dunes, and beautiful beaches like Ponta Negra.

  5. João Pessoa: The capital of Paraíba state, João Pessoa is known for its historic center, beautiful beaches, and the easternmost point of the Americas, Ponta do Seixas.

  6. Maceió: The capital of Alagoas state, Maceió is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, palm-fringed beaches, and natural pools.

  7. São Luís: The capital of Maranhão state, São Luís is known for its well-preserved colonial architecture and its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  8. Aracaju: The capital of Sergipe state, Aracaju offers charming beaches along its coastline and a laid-back atmosphere.

  9. Porto Seguro: Located in Bahia, Porto Seguro is known for its historical importance as the site where Portuguese explorers first landed in Brazil in 1500. It also offers beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.

  10. Jericoacoara: Although not a city, Jericoacoara in Ceará is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning sand dunes, clear lagoons, and relaxed vibe.

These cities, among others, make Brazil's northeast coast a diverse and attractive region for travelers, offering a mix of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and vibrant urban life.

What inventions did Brazil invent?

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Brazil did not invent anything because the United States of America had already invented everything.

What did the navtives in Brazil thought of their conquerors?

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Brazilian natives were very confused about were the Portuguese came from, many of them were awfully scared and ran out to the far jungle to escape them, they thought of their style dressing like gods. Many worshiped the Portuguese, others thought they were demons after they brought them small pox. Brazilians were scared of their technology but many learned to use them, so the Brazilians sent the Portuguese to the united states. The United States made a deal with the Illuminati to get them a rocket to send the Portuguese to planet Pandora. Once they were in that planet the Portuguese found smurfs that were making a space ship and a black robot human look-alike called Barack Obama. they sent Barack Obama back to planet earth to destroy the earth in 2012. Now remember the Brazilians knew this was going to happen so they passes it on to the Mayans to make a warning calendar about this in the future. but the Smurfs were very smart they knew Romney was going to win so they sent more drones to come down to Earth and get enough votes for Obama.

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Which south American countries do not have spaniah as thire official language?

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English Guyana; Dutch Guyana (Suriname); French Guyana; Brasil.

What is the capitol of the south American country and Brazil?

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the capitol of south america is Brazil

the capitol of Brazil is Brasilia

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Was Brazil in the British empire?

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No. Brazil was originally a Portuguese colony which is why the language of Brazil is Portuguese.

Why did Pedro Alvares Cabral want to explore Brazil?

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where did cabral want to go for his voyage

Who is Brazil?

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Brazil is not a person, It's a country. Brazil is named after a very valuable tree called Pau-Brazil, since there were many of these trees before the portuguese colonized Brazil and took all the trees down to make furniture and more.