Performing Arts

The performing arts are forms of creative expression, in which the undertakers use their body or presence as the medium.

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Performing Arts

What Are Three Key Dance Features Of Indian Dance?

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Performing Arts

What is allied movement dance form?

Any dance that is both choreographed and performed. Somewould say figure skating can be because it is a choreographed dance performed in skates on ice and in front of a crowd.

Performing Arts

What site can you buy Ukrainian dance boots from?


Performing Arts

Who performs this style of dance - Flamenco?

This type of dance, which is strongly rhythmic and involves vigorous actions like clapping hands or stomping feet, originates from southern Spain. Andalusian Gypsies created the dance, to attract customers to their wares.

Performing Arts
Word Games

What are some ten letter words with no repeating letters?
















Performing Arts
World of Warcraft

What is the dance for female goblin?

The dance for the female Goblin is based on Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video. Link to the video is in the related links section.

Performing Arts

Is dance a plural noun?

The word dance is a singular noun, the plural form is dances. Dance is also a verb and an adjective. Example uses:

Singular noun: This is my new dress for the dance on Friday.

Plural noun: I go to all the dances at my school.

As a verb: We can dance the night away.

As an adjective: My dance shoes are for comfort, not for glamour.

Performing Arts
Justin Bieber
Belly Dancing

Does Justin Bieber like belly dancing girls?

he likes all kinds off girls but hes never dated a belly dancer

Performing Arts

What year did jazz dance first start?


Jazz dancing is a genre of performed/theatrical dance that by definition is popular social dancing adapted for the stage. It was named jazz dancing due to the fact that jazz music was the popular music of the age (1920s). It would now officially incorporate any dance that started as a social dance/party dance that has made it to performing status. Disco, hip hop, 50s, go-go, swing, etc

Performing Arts

Who is Shahida Mini?

Pakistani Singer

Performing Arts

Do moose herds circle in the middle of a stream and dance?

Yes they do.

Performing Arts
Philippines Dance

What are the dance steps for reggae?

loook down at the ground as if looking for a roach, then swing arms back and forth, moving alternate foot to arm. Add in head rolls when u feel confident. Basically just move to the beat without thinking too much

Performing Arts
Pole Dancing

What muscles are worked in pole dancing?

Although pole dancing has the potential to be an excellent total body workout, the specific muscles that are being worked, and how hard, really depends on what kind of moves you're doing on your dance pole.

When spinning and climbing, the muscles of the upper body are obviously being used to hold your body weight on the pole. Specifically, the lats (large muscles in your back), shoulders, biceps and forearm muscles are called into play with these types of moves.

The core muscles also play a very important role in pole dancing, particularly in inverted moves where the exit or transition from the move involves reversing the inversion in what is essentially a crunch using the forces of gravity as resistance.

Lower body strength is developed with moves that require primarily leg strength to hold yourself on the pole, such as hands-free poses on the pole.

Beginner level pole dancers who aren't yet ready for these more advanced moves can also get an excellent workout however. Many beginner level spins require considerable upper body and core strength, especially for someone who is new to this form of dance.

Even simple moves that don't require both feet to leave the ground can work the core and lower body muscles. This is because pole dancing is typically done in a relatively slow and controlled manner, which tends to help the dancer focus on muscle control and engagement.

There are also numerous exercises you can do on a dance pole to build strength in preparation for higher level moves. In other words, you can also use your dance pole as a workout tool to prepare you for more advanced moves.

Something important to remember about pole dancing is that even though it's a fun form of fitness, it's still a workout. Like all other dancers, pole dancers should make sure to warm up sufficiently before dancing, and particularly before attempting more advanced moves.

Overuse injuries, particularly in the shoulders, are fairly common in newer pole dancers. This is likely due to "too much, too soon," so it's important to pace yourself and to stop before you feel tired or sore. As with any workout routine, you will build strength over time and it's best to take a reasonable and gradual approach to avoid injury.

Performing Arts
Country Music

What are some good slow dance country songs?

Old Violin (Johnny Paycheck)

Last Date(Floyd Crammer)

The Chair, You Look so Good in Love,

Living for the night(George Strait)

Keeper of the Stars(Tracy Byrd)

Old Country(Mark Chesnut)

Hello Darlin'(Conway Twitty)

The best "slow dancing" songs are the classic songs.

This so called "new country" can not hold a candle

to the greats such as Gene Watson, Steve Warner, LeeRoy Parnell

Tracy Bryd, Mark Chesnut, Travis Tritt, Randy Travis, George Jones,

Charlie Pride, Conway Twitty, Ricky Van Shelton

Performing Arts

What is saya dance?

A folkloric dance that stared is Bolivia, and now is practice in the carnival in Oruro.

Performing Arts

What year was the birdland dance introduced?

Maybe 1954.

Performing Arts
Comedy TV Shows

In which Seinfeld episode does Elaine dance?

The Little Kicks

Performing Arts

What Dance simulates bullfight?

Paso Doble

Entertainment & Arts
Performing Arts

When did Medea Sirkas dance group start?


Entertainment & Arts
Performing Arts

What does staccato mean in performing arts?

Staccato is a style in which the notes are played shorter than the written value. There is a slight 'time gap' between the playing of each note. It is usually denoted by a dot above or below the note.

Performing Arts
The Difference Between

Is there a difference between dance and movement?

Yes , but it's not exactly easy to understand . The simplest way to get an idea of the differences is that dance is to lyrics , and movement is to a beat . Most of the time dances tell stories , when movement pieces don't particularly show a beginning, middle, and end .'

Performing Arts
Music Theory

What are the six kinds of vocal timbre?

From highest to lowest, Female-male:


Mezzo-Soprano (sometimes just referred to as Mezzo),

Contralto (usually referred to as an Alto),




However, these are only the most basic & most frequently mentioned types. The German Fach system, commonly used in Europe, has about 32 specific categorizations for vocal timbre across these six broader categories.

Also, male voices before they change are called trebles instead of sopranos.

Contralto and alto are not actually synonymous; "alto" refers only to range, while "contralto" has more to do with timbre.

Performing Arts

Brief history of binasuan folk dance?

Binasuan dance derived its name from a Pangasinan phrase that literally translates to mean "with the use of a drinking glass." Though it is not known exactly when Binasuan dance originated, dance has been an important part of Filipino culture for centuries, beginning as a way for people to express thanks to the gods, in festivals and traditional celebrations, for blessings and prosperity.

Dieting and Weight Loss
Performing Arts

How much weight does dance central make you lose?

It depends on what level you do the songs on, for how long, and how much energy you put into the moves. The game also comes with a "workout mode", in this mode it counts the calories that you have burnt during a certain song and how long you have "worked out". I play it a lot and you get so caught up in trying to execute the dance moves to unlock new songs, levels, and challenges that you forget that you are exercising. I played for about thirty minutes and lost 354 calories. During this time I made sure to put an extra "umphh" in all my moves to increase my heart rate, and continuously kept going through different songs and difficultly levels for the whole 30 minutes. So not bad, plenty of fun, and it beats traditional cardio. (I also do a 15 minute ab work out)

Performing Arts

How do you buy more songs on dance central?

You need to go to game marketplace and select kinect and you'll see it


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