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Folk music is considered as the heart-beat music of the lower classes popularly loved by one and all though most of its composers are unknown. Over ages, folklore has been the music transmitted by mouth. It represents the core culture and roots of a people of a particular region in contrast with commercial and classical styles.

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Filipino folk songs that has a time signature of 2 4?

paru parung bukid

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Name ten easy songs to sing?

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary had a Little Lamb, Greensleeves, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, Happy Birthday

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Balboa barn folk music?


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Could you give examples of folk songs in India?

only the song " Tamil nad " i know ..

Tamil nad means " land of the tamils" .it is in the lower region of south India .

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What are examples of binary songs?

Binary Form refers to music made up of two contrasting melodic ideas. It does not have anything to do with how many notes are used, but rather two different melodies within a song. If you can imagine a song that consisted of simply a verse and then a chorus - that would be binary or AB form.

Jim Along Josie

Bach's Minuet in G

brahms lullaby

Bayan Ko

Are you sleeping, Brother John?

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How is culture reflected in folk song?

common sense...........:p

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What is the explanation for the pasyon of folk music?

the pasyon of folk music is :its the most lovely songs in history:)

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What is folk Filipino work song?

ang filipino work song ay mga kantang filipino na tumutukoy sa mga gawain o trabaho ng isang tao ..

halimbawa nito ay ang magtanim ay di biro..

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What is the genre of Oren Lavie?

Folk Rock.

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What are some examples of Filipino folk music?

Some examples of Filipino Folk Songs:

Atin ku pung singsing

Metung yang timpukan

Amana ke iti

King indung ibatan

[Better = "Kang..." Sangkan keng sininup

King metung a kaban

Mewala ya iti,

E ku kamalayan.

Ing sukal ning lub ku

Susukdul king banwa

Pikurus kung gamat

[or the active "Mikurus..." Babo ning lamesa

Ninu mang manakit

King singsing kung mana

Kalulung pusu ku

Manginu ya keya.

English Translation:

I once had a ring

With a beautiful gem

I inherited this

From my mother

I stored it as well as I could

In a hopebox

But it just suddenly disappeared

I didn't notice.

The heartache inside me

Is as high as the sky

My crossed hands (as I pray)

Are upon the table

Whoever would find

That inherited ring

[Better: My inherited ring] My poor heart (that's aching)

Shall forever worship him/her.

1. magtanim ay di biro

2. chua ay

3. bahay kubo

4. lero leron sinta

5. paru paron bukid..

Bahay Kubo is one of the folk songs.
Well this is the answer....







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What is the tempo of paru parong bukid?


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What is the folk song of basilan?

Basilan's folksong is "Beloved Basilan," in Spanish and English versions.

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What is Visayan Music?

the visayan is the famous great music in the philippine

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Why do we sing “Auld Lang Syne” on New Year’s Eve?

“Auld Lang Syne” is a Scottish folk song that roughly translates into “Old Long Since” or “For Old Times’ Sake.” It became a New Year’s Eve favorite in the U.S. thanks to Canadian bandleader Guy Lombardo, who hosted an annual end-of-year concert in New York City starting in 1929.

In 1965, Lombardo told LIFE magazine that he chose the song “because Auld Lang Syne is our theme song—and was long before anyone ever heard us on the radio. In our particular part of western Ontario, where there’s a large Scottish population, it was traditional for bands to end every dance with Auld Lang Syne. We didn’t think it was known here. When we left Canada we had no idea we’d ever play it again.”

The popularity of Lombardo’s yearly concert helped the song become a U.S. tradition to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of the next, and its status as the New Year’s anthem was reinforced in classic Hollywood films such as An Affair To Remember and It’s a Wonderful Life.

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Tempo of the folk song bahay kubo?

what is the tempo of the folk song bahay kubo

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What is the meter of paruparong bukid?

Triple meter :))))))))

-this is true

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Who was the first black person to make music?

THE FIRST black person to make music was also the first human to make music, because our species developed in Africa and invented music long before leaving Africa.

Our species - homo sapiens - began to evolve in Africa about 200.000 years ago. The first of us to leave Africa did it 50,000 years ago. Man should have invented music before then. Furthermore, the emigrated Africans kept their black skin in many thousands of years outside Africa. The first of homo sapiens who came to Europe were black, while the Neanderthals who already lived there were white. White skin color derives from a mutation about 15.000 to 20.000 years ago, so the people who moved north should get enough vitamin D supplements. All people on Earth today, except black people in Africa, have some genes from the Neanderthal man (according to geneticist Svante Pääbo and his team in Leipzig), so maybe the Neanderthal man helped black people to become white.....

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What is the guitar song that goes da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da the notes are E-F-G-E-F-D-E-C-D?

dueling banjos

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What rappers are folk nation?

Below is a list of rappers and other music artists that are in Folk Nation gangs...

Lil Scrappy(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

Crime Mob(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

Trillville(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

8Ball & MJG(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

Cashis(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

Maino(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

Juicy J(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

DJ Paul(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

V-Slash(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

Lil Reno(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

Project Pat(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

Pyrexx(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)-A.B.N. Rap Group

Lil Wyte(Gangster Disciples/Folk Nation)

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What is the meter of Paru-parong bukid?


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What is calypso music?

The genre of music known as Calypso is a style of Caribbean folk music which began among the African residents (originally slaves) in the British and French colonial islands around the early 20th century. The first forms may have appeared on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago north of Venezuela.

Calypso music uses several indigenous and adopted instruments, among them drums such as bongos, conga, and the steel pan (which gives a distinctive sound to calypso and similar music).

It is closely related to the "soca" music popular in Trinidad and Puerto Rico.

(see the related links)

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Where are Mumford and Sons from?

They are from London! MUMs the WURD!

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What is the difference between Reggae and Calypso music?

Calypso originates from Trinidad while Reggae comes from Jamaica. Also, Calypso music has less vocals than Reggae. sometimes Calypso has a bass guitar as well.

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What voice type is James Taylor?

In a male vocal ensemble, James Taylor would most likely sing tenor 1.

World War 2
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Who is Frank C Varela?

Frank Chinea-Varela is a famous Cuban-American Mattel graphic designer.


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