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First used in 1926, the term Pop Music referred to music that had a popular appeal. Since the 1950s, the term Pop Music has been used to designate a separate music genre. That genre includes a perceptible rhythm, melodies and choruses or "hooks", a customary structure, and mainstream style.

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Pop Music

What is a song that everyone likes but won't admit it?

If you say you haven't gone absolutely feral to "Shake it Off" at least once, you're lying.

Pop Music
Justin Bieber

Where does Justin Bieber live?

Justin Bieber is originally from Stratford, Ontario, in Canada, and he spent most of his life there. He is now residing in Buckhead, an affluent section of Atlanta, Georgia, in the US.

Pop Music

Who is the vocalist of The Script?

Danny O'Donoghue, he was a coach on the voice 2012 and 2013. he is from Dublin, Ireland. The drumer from the script is Glen power and the gutairist (also vocals) Mark Sheehan. they have 3 albums out, the script, science and faith and #3.

Pop Music

What is kesha sebert's favourite color?

kesha's favorite colour is pink and hot pink and all other kinds of pink
Ke$ha's favorite color is actually glitter!

Celebrity Sexual Orientation
Pop Music

What is Sam Tsui's sexual orientation?

Sam Tsui is gay and in a relationship with Kurt Hugo Schneider.

Pop Music

Who first sang zoom?

The Cadillacs-1956

Pop Music

A list of people that changed pop music?



Bob Dylan

Rolling Stones


Gwen Stefani



Michael Jackson

and last but not least LADY GAGA

Pop Music

When did Take That split up?

Tuesday 13th February 1996

Pop Music
The Beatles

Where did the Beatles come from?

The Beatles are from the port city of Liverpool, on the northwest coast of England. A link can be found below. All four of the Beatles were born in Liverpool.

When they got famous they all moved to London to produce music more easily.

History of Maritime
Tattoos and Body Art
Pop Music

Why do all the new Rockabilly Girls have tattoos of swallows nautical stars and cherries?

Rockabilly Girls' Tattoos

Simply, it's right for the era. Tattoo imagery has changed a great deal over the last couple of decades, designs such as those you mentioned were fairly popular during that time period as they were simple to do, looked good and held up well in the long run. A good source for the imagery is anything to do with Sailor Jerry - his work is becoming trendy now and is readily available in stores and online (also would like to note that within certain groups all of those designs had meanings as well, most of which are completely ignored today).

Here are more opinions and answers from other FAQ Farmers:

  • The idea of Rockabilly held a lot of significance in the Old Sailor Jerry days. More so though, I believe they think they are sailor girls. The swallows are from a few meanings for sailors, being close to home when you see swallows off the coast and they got them for every 2000 miles at sea.
  • Tattoos are a bad idea, if it's just a trend. I suspect a high percentage of the whoevers with "rockabilly" tattoos are just being trendy or to fit in. Either way, the rockabilly tattoos look WAY the hell better than tribal ones or barbed wire and the ones who get it for real (NOT trendy) rock.
  • I agree with the other answers 100%, but I also got mine because of Psalm 102:7. "You'll never find a sparrow alone except for when in mourning or it's lost its way" which is where I'm at in my life.
  • I don't agree with any of that. Swallows, cherries, and nautical symbols are trends because they are the "old school" style of tattoos. Since there are people who choose the rockabilly lifestyle, they choose tattoos that are old school because rockabilly is old school. It's difficult for people to understand if they don't follow the culture. People who get old school tats, yet have no idea of the stories or lore behind them are ridiculous.
  • i dig the punk and rockabilly scene, and i do see a lot of people with the swallows tattoos, and yeah i have them myself, not because of the scene, but because my family's name is swallows, i love my family and i love my ink.
  • Simply: It's trendy. In the 90's everyone was getting barbed wire armbands and butterflies on their ankles. Now everyone is getting cupcake tattoos and retro-style anchors/swallows/nautical stars. You can try to attach some sort of meaning to it but it all comes down to the current trends.
Pop Music

Did Kevin Richardson Die?

Nope he's still alive

Ask Me Anything
Pop Music

Answers with Jackson Harris?

When did you first realize you wanted to make a career out of music?

I was about 12 years old when I really started practicing and taking my singing and music seriously. By then, I knew it was something I loved and wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Pop Music

Who sang song oh oh its magic?

Selena Gomez

Another possibility different song Pilot in 1975

Pop Music
TV and Movie Music

Which pop stars play piano?

Lady Gaga plays piano, Alicia Keys plays piano and Rihanna plays piano. and justin bieber

Also Elton John and Billy Joel

Music Genres
Pop Music

What genre of music does Boys like girls play?

Pop rock, pop punk, alternative rock, emo pop

Pop Music

When did pop music become so popular?

You do know that the perm pop is an abbreviated form of the word popular, right? Pop music is popular by definition, that's what the word means. Pop music as we know it today can be traced back to the 1950's. In earlier decades, although there did exist popular forms of music, we would not recognize much similarity to what is known today as pop music. For an early example of pop music you have to go back to singers such as Rosemary Clooney.

Pop Music

Who is the oldest pop star?

Luise Rainer b. 01/12/1910 (98)

Pop Music

Is the band perry brother and sisters?

Yes, the band consists of 3 siblings, Kimberly (born 1983), Reid (born 1988) & Neil (born 1990).

Pop Music

Who sang He's so fine?

'He's So Fine' was a 1963 hit for The Chiffons.

Hip-Hop and Rap Music
Pop Music

What is the track list for now 3?

Dicks in da air

Mobbin puss

Vage slayers 1989

Music Genres
Country Music
Pop Music

Why is pop music better than country?

first its more modern. 2nd its more catchy. country people kind of sound weird. this is really just opinion based, okay peoples

Pop Music

What guitar does Ezra Koenig play?

He plays an Epiphone Sheraton II almost exclusively.

Pop Music
Latin and World Music

Where is Los Premios Juventud held?


Pop Music
Michael Jackson
Jackson 5

Why did Michael Jackson's skin color turn white?

Michael Jackson's White Skin

Michael Jackson's skin was white because he had a rare skin condition called vitiligo.

Vitiligo is an inherited genetic disorder. It is a condition in which you lose melanocytes (cells that give color to the skin). This results in smooth, white-milky patches in the midst of normally pigmented skin. In the case of African-Americans, this discoloration is very prominent, although any age, sex and race can suffer from it.

Pop Music

What is Cher and Sonny's daughters name?

Chastity who underwent a sex change operation and is now known as Chaz.


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