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Country music is a very popular genre in the Southern United States. It originated and has roots from folk music, Celtic music, and gospel music. Ask questions about popular country singers and lyrics here.

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What is the name of Bishop Thomas Weeks III first wife name?


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Filipino folk songs that has a time signature of 2 4?

paru parung bukid

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Does leeAnn Womack sing the theme song to berenstain bears?

According to their website, yes.

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Who wrote good year for the roses?

It was written by Jerry Chesnut

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What album is Taylor Swifts song Mean on?

Mean is on Taylor Swift's album Speak Now.

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What country singer sings I hear voices?

Chris Young

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Where did the Hager Brothers die?

The Hager Brothers (Jim Hager and Jon Hager) died in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, Jim of a heart attack in 2008, Jon in his sleep in 2009.

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Country music singers died from 2007 to 2010?

The List Includes: Carl Smith ~ Bill Carlisle ~ Porter Wagoner ~ Don Gibson ~ Johnny Russell ~ Martha Carson ~ Waylon Jennings ~ Buck Owens ~ Ray Price ~ Hank Thompson ~ June Carter Cash ~ Johnny Cash ~ Slim Whitman ~ Eddy Arnold ~ Conway Twitty ~ Skeeter Davis ~ Jack Greene ~ Boxcar Willie ~ Freddie Hart ~ Freddy Fender ~ Jerry Reed ~ Hank Locklin ~ Charlie Rich ~ Vern Gosdin ~ Vestal Goodman (of the country gospel group, The Happy Goodman Family) ~ Johnny Paycheck ~ Stonewall Jackson ~ Del Reeves ~ Jerry Wallace ~ Billy Walker ~ Ferlin Husky ~ Marvin Rainwater ~ Ernie Ashworth.

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How tall is Joe don Rooney?

6' 2"

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What are some good slow dance country songs?

Old Violin (Johnny Paycheck)

Last Date(Floyd Crammer)

The Chair, You Look so Good in Love,

Living for the night(George Strait)

Keeper of the Stars(Tracy Byrd)

Old Country(Mark Chesnut)

Hello Darlin'(Conway Twitty)

The best "slow dancing" songs are the classic songs.

This so called "new country" can not hold a candle

to the greats such as Gene Watson, Steve Warner, LeeRoy Parnell

Tracy Bryd, Mark Chesnut, Travis Tritt, Randy Travis, George Jones,

Charlie Pride, Conway Twitty, Ricky Van Shelton

Country Music

Who sings the song stand by you country music?

The song is called I'll stand By You and The Pretenders is the artist, or you could be asking about Stand By You by Rascal Flatts.

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Are Ricky Nelson and Willie Nelson related?


Kendall Schmidt
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Who is the youngest country singer today?

I am very sure Taylor swift is the youngest to win a country music award but the problem is there are people out there who have country bands with their 12 year old sons

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What country song and music video is it that tells a story of a kid becoming friends with an older man but when the kid goes to college he gets a call saying the old man has died?

That is the song "I Believe" by Brooks & Dunn.

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How do I become an international singer?

Take voice lessons ... you cannot learn to sing properly on your own. There is far much more to singing like breath control, inhaling to the diaphragm and not the chest, things you will not be able to know about unless taught, and taught properly, especially if you wish to become international known.

The next step during lessons is to practice ... practice ... practice ... practice ... practice ... practice ... and then practice some more after you think you are done practicing. The only way to get professional is to consistently vocalize in the manner proscribed by your voice tutor/teacher.

Next, try to get some singing experience performing in front of an audience. Stage fright is very real and the very first time you perform in front of a large group you will most likely be nervous. When we get nervous we tend to forget what we learned about proper breathing technique and we lose the ability to project our voice to the back of the hall.

Become a member of a group that has regular performance gigs ... a duet, quartet, or multi voice choir will keep that voice in tune and ready to make beautiful music.

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What came first country music or the blues?


The best music historians can determine the blues began sometime after the American Civil War. Folk music dates back hundreds of years. This takes nothing away from the blues, a true American art form.

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Male country music artist that use three names?

Some would include:

David Allen Cole

Michael Martin Murphy

Ricky Van Shelton

Billy Ray Cyrus

Jerry Lee Lewis

John Michael Montgomery

Jimmy C. Newman

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What country singer sings here's your sign?

The song is "Here's Your Sign (Get the picture)" by Bill Engvall. Joining him in the video and on certain recordings of the song are Travis Tritt.

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Is Drew fuller related to Rick nelson?

They are not related.

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What instrument does Vince Gill Play?


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Why is pop music better than country?

first its more modern. 2nd its more catchy. country people kind of sound weird. this is really just opinion based, okay peoples

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What male country singer sings ill pray for you?

Jaron wood

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Taylor Swift

What Taylor Swift songs aren't on albums?

There are many songs Taylor has recorded and not released on an album, but most were leaked and shouldn't be out for free use at all, and since I disagree in leaking her songs I'm not going to share the list of the rare songs, but there are many. Crazier, Today Was A Fairytale and Safe and Sound/ Eyes Open are non album movie tracks, and she recently did Both of Us, and Two is Better Than One.

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When did little jimmy dickens die?

Born in 1920, he is still alive and kicking and performing!

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What country song has as the old man asking for change?

Moments by Emerson drive


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