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Taylor Swift is a multi-awarded American country singer, songwriter, musician and actress. She is the voice behind the hit singles “Teardrops on My Guitar,” “Love Story,” “You Belong with Me,” “Mine,” and “Speak Now.”

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Taylor Swift
Justin Bieber

Why did Justin Bieber dedicate favorite girl to Taylor Swift?

This is because Taylor Swift used one of Justin's songs in her videos (not quite sure which one? maybe one of her tour videos?)

Taylor Swift

Who helped Taylor Swift?

If you are referring to who helped her become a singer then it's Scott Borchetta. She was performing in Bluebird Cafe when Scott discovered her.

Taylor Swift's biggest influence is Shania Twain, and she has also been infuenced by LeAnn Rimes.

She wrote:

Tim Mcgraw

Picture to Burn

Tear Drops on My Guitar

A place in this world

as cold as you

the outside

tide together with a smile

stay beautiful

should've said no

marry's song

our song



love story

hey Stephen

white horse

you belong with me


tell me why

your not sorry

the way i loved you

forever and always

the best day


and much, much more

Well, Taylor always gets nervous before big shows so she always has the number 13 on her hand for good luck. But as soon as she starts to sing she is not nervous anymore!

These are the songs on Taylor Swift's self titled debut album:

1.Tim McGraw

2.Picture To Burn

3.Teardrops on my Guitar

4.A Place in This World

5.Cold As You

6.The Outside

7.Tied Together With A Smile

8.Stay Beautiful

9.Should've Said No

10.Mary's Song (Oh My My My)

11.Our Song

12.I'm Only Me When I'm With You


14.A Perfectly Good Heart

Taylor Swift

What does Taylor Swift like?

she likes to perform for her fans that love her!!! she is like really excited to have her new CD come out...i think it comes out 2morrow! <3 and 1 in 10 people cant sing that good

Oh, and she also likes hedbands and sparkling stuff.. she also likes writing..

She loves a sucker for a good football play.

Taylor Swift loves all people the same.

Only Durians & apples

High five with Taylor! Except that those are my favorites. I still like other fruits.

Kind of but now her favorite color is purple but she loves white summer-dresses

Yes she does, She loves all of Canada

Taylor Swift loves everybody and everyone. She loves all her friends, family, and fans. So she must love India.

It is believed that Taylor Swift likes Thanksgiving because she did a Thanksgiving special in 2010.

Yes she said when she was 8 she thought she would marry Taylor Hanson because they had the same name. She talks about them all the time

she does not cause she is a vesaterian so no meat or chicken.

i think she likes most colours including orange because she wears it but her favorite colour is white.

Yes, Taylor love love loves nature

Taylor Swift loves The Twilight Saga, she is team Edward.


I think all celebrities have to wear make-up for videos and interviews on the television and etc. But Taylor Swift seems like the type of girl/woman who is down to earth. Still, probably yes.

Yes she loves wearing dresses! She wears them all the time at award shows. Even casually one of her favorite outfits is sundresses and cowboy boots.

(haha if your wondering why I sound so enthusiastic I love Taylor Swift, she is a great role model and singer/songwriter.)

She likes dancing, but says she's not very good at it.

Miranda Lambert, Nicki Minaj (especially "Super Bass" by her), Katy Perry, Fleetwood Mac (especially "Landslide"), Nelly ("Just a Dream"), Spice Girls

She enjoys writing songs, because it is a way she can express herself and she hopes it is relatable for others out there. Also, it's fun and a hobby of hers. Not to mention it is part of her job.

The popular country singer, Taylor Swift, likes playing the guitar.

As long as if you're her fan, she'll definitely like you.

she loves to listen to music and read!

taylor swift likes to eat at mc donalds

She likes all chocolate

well she mostly likes to hang at her friend abagail's house, however if you want to meet her at where she likes to hang out she loves to shop at local malls and stores. So if you do want to meet her where she likes it find out if shes performing in your state and just look through malls and stores.

CHOCOLATE she thought vanilla wasn't colorful when she was little.

Taylor Swift really likes Monster Energy drinks.

she likes her pizza plain!

Simple and classic. She don't like to spend to much money.

she writes songs about Taylor launtner that he is soooo cute !!!!! and she dances with her best friend!!!

Taylor Swift liked Joe Jonas very much, but after he broke up with her in a 27 second phone call, she hated him. Taylor Swift is currently dating Taylor Lautner and Cory Monteith, not yet chosen one to be her official boyfriend. If you are unfamiliar with both of these stars, Cory Monteith is a star from the popular T.V. show Glee. Taylor Lautner is one of Hollywood's hottest stars currently, he has been in the movies, Twilight, (playing Jacob Black) New Moon (a sequel to Twilight) and the following movies not yet to come out yet, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. As a young star he starred in the popular movie Shark Boy and Lava Girl (playing shark boy). Currently Hollywood doesn't know who Taylor is dating, but we all know she loved Joe Jonas more than earth itself, so to answer your question. Joe Jonas is probably Taylor's favorite boyfriend.


Cheese. It says in a book. And the author asked her. <3

Dancing and driving Fast. FYI Taylor Swift does not like sports.

She plays volleyball
Well, she likes a lot of things!

She likes...

cats, baking, glitter, guitars, playing music, her family and friends, writing songs, giving back to her fans, going on tour, singing, Christmas, the number 13, dreaming!

And definitely more

Taylor Swift

How is Taylor Swift a good leader?

taylor swift gets people to follow there dreams and live them

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Taylor Swift

What is Taylor Swift's official fan phone number?

Taylor Swift does not have an official fan phone number at this time. However, you can send her official fan mail at her official fan mail address.

Fan Mail Address:

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Entertainment

242 West Main Street

PMB 412

Hendersonville, TN 37075


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Taylor Swift
Song Meanings

What album is Taylor Swifts song Mean on?

Mean is on Taylor Swift's album Speak Now.

Taylor Swift
Steven Tyler

Who is Liv Taylor's dad?

steven tyler

Teen Dating
Taylor Swift

Who knows some songs about girls who hit on your boyfriend?

Backstabber by Ke$ha :P

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Taylor Swift

What were they saying in Taylor swift mine video when they were yelling?

They WERE yelling at each other, but the words were random so it seemed as if they were really arguing. But they were obviously not angry with each other, it was just for show.

Taylor Swift

How Can You Request An Autograph from Taylor Swift?

You should be able to contact her from a fan mail address. I am not sure what it is, but ask for the autogragh in a letter, she has said she won't turn it down

Taylor Swift

How can I write a speech about Taylor Swift?

Um. writing a speech for Taylor Swift? That's easy...

Try to make the speech as emotional as possible and say that you really like her and stuff like that.. and say that you are crying while writing this speech. She will like it.. Trust me.. and be really truthful about how you feel.. GOODLUCK!!!! :-)

-Well if she inspires you, write about why. If she's just someone you randomly picked to give a speech about, then look up information about her.

Taylor Swift

What font does Taylor Swift use for Never Grow Up?

It's VTKS Beautiful Dreams, download it at I have it! It's Nice

Taylor Swift

Who interviewed Taylor Swift last your on YTV?

A (former) YTV host named Sugar.

go some other website,will you! look inside's a little lesson. Life is not about meeting ceebrities and becoming popular, it's about being who you are.I, am a real celebrity myself, just be who you are and it doesn't matter if you have no friends because your family is your biggest friends. you want to know who i am? I'm Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

What did Taylor Swift Do To her teeth?

She had them bleached multiple times and it went wrong..

Taylor Swift

How long was Taylor Swift's longest relationship?

Taylor's longest relationship is almost 7 months.

Taylor Swift

How can you work for Taylor Swift?

The only jobs that she offers are dancers. She usually holds auditions for those positions before she goes on tour.

Taylor Swift

What is Taylor swifts favorite coffee drink?

Her favorite coffee drink is a Mocha Starbucks Frappuccino.

Taylor Swift

Is Taylor Swift coming to Vancouver in her Speak Now tour?

Yes, Taylor Swift is coming to Vancouver (September 10 & 11), but the tickets are all sold out now.

Taylor Swift

What is Taylor Swift's favorite animal?

Taylor Swift LOVES cats. She has a kitten called "Meredith" :) She also calls her self a "cat lady".
A Horse

Yep, It's definitely a horse

acctually its the horse the cat (of which she has one of named Indi) and the koala)

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Taylor Swift

What Taylor Swift songs aren't on albums?

There are many songs Taylor has recorded and not released on an album, but most were leaked and shouldn't be out for free use at all, and since I disagree in leaking her songs I'm not going to share the list of the rare songs, but there are many. Crazier, Today Was A Fairytale and Safe and Sound/ Eyes Open are non album movie tracks, and she recently did Both of Us, and Two is Better Than One.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's home address?

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Taylor Swift

What songs did Taylor Swift and Def Leppard sing together?


Taylor Swift

Is the song Ain't nothing 'bout you on Taylor Swift's new CD Speak Now?

No I am sorry but it is not. Just because Ain't Nothing 'Bout You is not even one of Taylor Swifts songs.

Taylor Swift

Who wrote the song All is well with my soul?


Taylor Swift

When were Taylor Swift's siblings born?

Taylor has a brother in highschool... so he was probably born around 1991...


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