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Diana Ross was the lead singer for the Motown group, The Supremes. She has preformed on Broadway, as well as at a concert for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Diana Ross

Is Diana Ross releated to the TV Judge Kevin Ross?

no there not related

Diana Ross

How much money was Diana Ross's settlement from Arne Naess?

After their divorce was final several years after bring separated, Diana received an estimated $40,000 monthly for both children they had together, this payment would be made until both kids finished college at age 22. Diana also received an additional lump sum settlement of 25 million dollars.

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When did Diana ross die?

Diana Ross is still alive.

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Diana Ross

Did gene simmons date Diana ross?

yes he did date mrs ross and he dated Cher

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Is Diana Ross still married?

Diana Ross is not married anymore.

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How old is Diana Ross?


Diana Ross

Is that Diana Ross' real hair?

She also at one point after years and years of cutting it decided to stop cutting her hair ! The last Short cut was for the Wiz! It is long but not as thick as it use to be and is now very straight because it is not as thick as it use to be, people won’t give her time to even get her hair done and she does her own her!

Diana Ross

Did Aretha Franklin sing with Diana Ross?

not any recording

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Who is Diana Ross?

Diana Ernestine Earle Ross (born March 26, 1944) is a recording artist, actress, and entertainer. During the 1960s, she helped shape the Motown Sound as lead singer of The Supremes before leaving for a solo career in the beginning of 1970. Since the beginning of her career with The Supremes and as a solo artist, Diana Ross has sold more than 100 million records.

Diana Ross

What challenges did Diana Ross face?

  • Diana was arrested in 2002 for drunk driving and then spent two days in jail.
  • Diana was divorced twice and is currently married
Diana Ross

Is judge Kevin ross related to Diana ross?

No he is not

Diana Ross

How many children does Diana ross have?

Diana Ross has five children:

Rhonda Suzanne Ross Kendrick, born August, 1971. Father:Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records.

Tracee Joy Silberstein, born October, 1972. Father Robert Ellis, frmly. Silberstein.

Chudney Lane Silbertein, born November 1975. Father:Robert Ellis, frmly. Silberstein.

Ross Arne Naess, born October, 1987. Father:Arne Naess.

Evan Olav Naess, born August 1988. Father:Arne Naess.

Rhonda and Tracee graduated from Brown University, and Chudney from Georgetown University. All have followed their mother to show business. Rhonda gained success as an actress in television movies and daytime soap operas. Tracee was a co-star of the hit UPN sitcomGirlfriends. Chudney is active in behind-the-scenes work and is also a model. Son Ross currently attends New York's Marist College, where he is a ski club member[25], and has not followed his siblings into show business. Youngest son Evan Ross is a successful actor, starring in the successful major motion pictures, ATL and Pride(co-starring Terrance Howard) and the HBO film, "Life Support", co-starring Dana Owens (Queen Latifah) and his older sister, Tracee Ellis-Ross.
Yes she has 5 kids.

  1. Rhonda Suzanne Silberstein
  2. Tracee Joy Silberstein (now known as Tracee Ellis Ross)
  3. Chudney Lane Silberstein (now known as Chudney Ross)
  4. Ross Arne Naess
  5. and Evan Olav Naess

Diana ross has five chidren:

Rhonda (1971) Father: Berry Gordy

Tracee (1972) Father: Robert Silbertein

Chudney (1975) Father: Robert Silbertein

Ross (1987) Father: Arne Naess

Evan (1988) Father: Arne Naess
Yes, she has five children.

Diana Ross

Who was Diana Ross married to?

In 1985 she married Arne Naess.

Diana Ross married music business manager Robert Ellis Silberstein in January, 1971. They divorced in March 1977. She married Arne Naess Jr in January 1985. They were divorced in 1999.

Diana Ross

What age was Diana Ross when she sang chain reaction?


Diana Ross

Is Carla Hall the daughter of Diana Ross?


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Diana Ross

What was Betsy Ross's favorite food?

Diana Ross

How old is Diana ross in the wiz?


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How much is the Liverpool-Newcastle programme from 31 August 1997 - Diana's Death - worth as apparently most were destroyed?

The programme fetched £130 at cato-cranes auctioneers in Liverpool on 12/02/08, it is highly likely to be worth a lot more than that as this is one of the very few that survived. there is 1 for sale on 06/02/08 at cato-crane auctioneers in liverpool, that should shed some light

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Is Diana Ross still alive?

yes Diana ross is still alive she is up and living

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When did Diana Ross die in 2012?

Diana Ross is still alive.

Diana Ross

Is carla hall from the chew dianna ross daughter?


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Diana Ross

How many husbands did Betsy Ross have?


Princess Diana
Diana Ross

What year did Princess Diana die?

August 31, 1997

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Diana Ross

Who was the husband of Diana Dors?

She married three times:-

Dennis Hamilton (1951-1959)

Richard Dawson (1959-1966)

Alan Lake (1968-1984)

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