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Jazz reverberates around the world with its aesthetics in varied environments and many distinctive styles. Jazz has a variety of sub-genres. It is a confluence of African and European music traditions that has integrated music from 19th and 20th century American popular music with its improvisation, blue notes and poly-rhythms. Questions and answers in this category expound the richness of music that is all Jazz.

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Who sings some things will never change?

The line shows up in the song "The Way It Is" by Bruce Hornsby and the Range.

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French Horn

Does a french horn play jazz music?

Not always, but many french horn players do. Examples include John Clark, Willie Ruff and Tom Varner.

French horns are not a standard jazz instrument, but they have been used in some significant ensembles. For example, Gil Evans, the well-known jazz arranger, was known for including them when he was arranging for the Claude Thornhill big band, and later when working with Miles Davis on albums such as Birth of the Cool (recorded 1949, although not published under this name until 1957) and Porgy and Bess (1958). Evans exploited the more mellow timbre of the horn and used it to blend the sounds of the brass instruments and the saxophones.

Jazz Music

How did frankie beverly maze band member junebug die?

McKinley Williams, better known as 'Junebug' to fans, died of an apparent heart attack on September 3, 2011. He was on tour with his band at the time, and his death was very unexpected.

Jazz Music

How is jazz music played?

Jazz music is played by great instruments such as as the saxophone, clarinet, coronet, trumpet, drums, piano, double bass and both tenor and trombone. Aside form that, bass or acoustic guitar, banjo, Congo drums and keyboard synthesizer play great Jazz music.

Jazz Music
Aging and Life Extension

What is the life expectancy of a jazz musician?

The life expectancy of a jazz musician is no more or less than any other musician unless he has underlying health concerns.

I don't know the life expectancy of musicians who play other genres of music but the life expectancy of a jazz musician has been calculated to be only 37 years old. It may be hard to believe but it's true. Of course, many live to a ripe old age but, nevertheless, so many have died young that even with the less stressful lifestyles that today's jazz musicians have compared, say, to those of the 1950's and earlier that it will be a while before this average rises appreciably.

Jazz Music

What style of jazz did Keith Jarrett play?

Improvisational Jazz

He played(plays) all styles of jazz, from be-bop to fusion and everything in between.

Jazz Music
The Great Depression

How did jazz help the Great Depression?

Jazz, and other types of music, was hit hard by the Depression. It quickly picked itself up and became a cheap form of entertainment, a way to forget about the economic conditions of the nation and your family if only for a short while. Radios were cheap, so most families could listen to Jazz. Jazz was also performed in clubs and patrons could sip cheap liquor and dance the night away. The jukebox and 78 rpm records also allowed most music to be heard by those who wanted to hear it, for a small cost.

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What qualifications do you need to be a musician?

you don't necessarily need any qualifications to become a musician. If you want to teach, you need to have at least passed Grade 8 in that instrument. If you wish to study music at university you most probably need an A-Level in Music, but to be an actual musician, and play as a solo artist or in a band you don't really need anything other than the ability to play that instrument.

Jazz Music

How does jazz music influence learning and memory?

Jazz has a good influence as far as memories go.

Jazz Music

How was Billie Holiday family growing up like?

Terrible! she was raped by her neighbor, dropped out of school at 11 and skipped between living with her her mom her step sister and her step sister's mother in law. here is a link-----> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billie_Holiday hope this helps!

Jazz Music

When did the jazz age take place?

The Jazz Age occurred in the 1920's with the popularity of jazz. However, the Jazz Age didn't only refer to the music. It was a time of flapper girls, new inventions, introduction of talking cinema, and lots of new trends. The Jazz Age was a time where teens were able to outlet their rebellion through music and 'racy' new styles and dances.

There's TONS to know about the Jazz Age.... this is just a tidbit :) hope it helps you

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Did Frank Sinatra ever sing Moondance?

Not on record.

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What is the difference between early jazz and jazz today?

Older jazz is much more basic because the musicians did not know as much about their instruments. For example, before John Coltrane's time, altissimo was not popular among jazz saxophonists. Also, contemporary jazz bands often times use more modern recording methods and in many cases the sound quality is worse on older jazz records. Due to advances in recording technology, now it is easier to hear individual parts like the 2nd alto or 3rd trumpet part.

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What problems did Duke Ellington overcome?

Mainly the same problem that all black musicians of his era faced, primarily racial prejudice and additionally finding enough work to keep his band together. And nobody approved African Americans back then.

Jazz Music

Who were major contributors to jazz music?

Scott Joplin (Ragtime), Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Art Blakey, Miles Davis etc.

Jazz Music

What heritage did jazz grew out of?

black poeple

Jazz Music

What motivated Duke Ellington to play jazz?

Duke came from a wealthy black family in Washington D.C. As a boy, he was a somewhat reluctant and lazy piano student, being more interested in sports. However, at aged 15, he heard a young man of his own age playing what he describes as "swinging piano" and this re-awoke his interest in the instrument. He prevailed upon his parents to buy him a player piano and through that medium was able to play along with piano rolls by the great black, jazz piano players like Fats Waller and James P. Johnson. Later, he came to realize that playing music was a great way to both earn a little money and gain the approbation of the female sex. So with some friends, he began a little band and began to play some small gigs in and around the D.C. area. The rest is history.

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Who are the pioneers of bebop jazz?

Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillesie and Thelonious Monk were the foremost pioneers of bebop. Charlie Parker or "Bird" is considered the founder of Bebop.

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Adolf Hitler

Why did Hitler hate jazz music?

He believed it could influence his people.

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How can I find Hugh Masekela's song What is wrong with groovin'?

Check youtube

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Internet Explorer

Are images painted by Jutta Hipp the jazz pianist available somewhere on the internet?

At this time there are no images from Jutta Hipp available on the Internet that I know of. However, on occasion, I give talks focusing on Jutta Hipp's life and work(which includings showing images of her drawings and paintings). I am also working on a book about Hipp's life. Please go to www.katekaiser.com and send me an email to be included in future Jutta Hipp-related updates.

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What is the name of a 1930s jazz band of the same era as Mills Brothers with 4 black guys who played harmony blues jazz and used the Jews harp?

Possibly The Harps of Melody maybe the Ink Spots?

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How much did Frank Sinatra weigh at birth?

13 1/2 pounds at birth.

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What are six styles of music that led to jazz?







All of these styles helped influence and shape jazz into what it is today

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Who was the white deep gravelly voiced singer who sang in a similar style to Louis Armstrong sound wise?

Jack Teagarden


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