Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers, a popular Pop/Rock band consisting of three brothers: Nick, Joe, and Kevin.

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Jonas Brothers

What is the Jonas Brothers' official fan mail address?

The official fan mail address for the Jonas Brothers is:

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Group

10153 1/5 Riverside Dr.

Toluca Lake, CA 91602



Jonas Brothers

PO Box 2567

Oak Ridge, NJ 07438


Jonas Brothers c/o Hollywood Records

500 S. Buena Vista St.

Burbank, CA 91521

Jonas Brothers
Selena Gomez
Taylor Lautner

Does Taylor Lautner hate Selena Gomez?

acutally in a magazine quiz thingy magiger Taylor lutner saaid that ot of miley, selnea, and demi, Selena is his celeb crush

Jonas Brothers

Would Nick Jonas date you?

In an August 2008 interview with Parade magazine, Nick Jonas was asked who the special lady in his life was. He replied his mother. It looks like Nick would rather not talk about dating so it would be hard to tell if he would date you.

Here is a quote:

"Getting back to that rumor mill, the thing that kind of cracks us up at the end of the day is that people are so interested in my 15-year-old dating life. I do date. Dating is great. I love girls! But I try to keep it to myself. I'm open about a lot of things in my life, including my diabetes. But when it comes to my dating life, I keep that quiet."

Jonas Brothers

What is wrong with Brittani taylor's teeth?

I think her jaw is just built that way, some people get that. They are really straight and white, and that makes them look like they aren't real.

Jonas Brothers
Actors & Actresses

Has actor Surya any brothers?


He has a brother karthik wich is actor aswell !

Jonas Brothers
Talk Show Hosts

Has Chelsea Handler dated Chuy Bravo?


Jonas Brothers
Chickens and Roosters

What are some of chickens favorite foods?

Chickens seem to enjoy raisins/grapes, red tomatoes, melon scraps, sunflower seeds, grasshoppers, worms, and small mice.

Jonas Brothers

What is the genre of the black pearl?

Action | Adventure | Fantasy

Jonas Brothers
Demi Lovato

Did Demi Lovato hit one of her friends?

I don't think "hit" is the exact word to use, but yes, Demi Lovato did lash out as a back-up dancer. She said she regretted it and she was sorry. She said it was wrong. She and the back-up dancer are on better grounds.

Jonas Brothers
Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

What is Akkineni Nagarjuna's birthday?

Akkineni Nagarjuna was born on August 29, 1959.

Celebrity Relationships
Jonas Brothers

Who is Kevin Jonas dating?

Kevin Jonas is Married to Danielle Deleasa.

On December 14, 2009, Kevin Jonas married Danielle Deleasa in a "fairytale" wedding.

"We're so happy that we're finally married and we were able to share the special moment with family, friends and loved ones," the couple said to People magazine.

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Jonas Brothers
Christian Music

Who wrote the song Mary Did You Know?

I don’t know

Jonas Brothers
Michelle Obama

What are the names of the 4 Baldwin brothers?

daniel, william, stephen, and alec

Jonas Brothers
Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

What is Zelia Nuttall's birthday?

Zelia Nuttall was born on September 6, 1857.

Jonas Brothers
Spanish to English

What does rojo mean in spanish?

Rojo in spanish is known as the color red

Jonas Brothers

What might you find out about a man to refrain you from dating him?

Considering this question is categorized as Justin bieber...I think you should revise this question so that it is true...Justin bieber isn't and never will be a man.

Jonas Brothers
Selena Gomez

What does Selena Gomez's agent look like?

She is White with black hair

Jonas Brothers
Length and Distance
Math History

How long is 1 meter?

1000 millimetres or 3ft 3.37 inches

Jonas Brothers
CSI Crime Scene Investigation

Who died in corrie last night?



Crazy woman

and idk

peter and leanne got married

Jonas Brothers
Demi Lovato

How much does a demi lovato concert shirt cost?


Jonas Brothers

Who sung song dhunki in mere brother ki dulhan?

katrina kaif herself

Jonas Brothers
Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

How old is Nick Jonas?

Nicholas "Nick" Jonas is 25 years old (birthdate: September 16, 1992).

Country Music
Jonas Brothers
Billie Holiday

What songs did Joe South write?

Joe South's biggest hit and most famous song is 'Games People Play'. This was written by Joe South.

Jonas Brothers

Does nick mara have a girl friend?

yes he does have you been reading his facebook latey

Jonas Brothers

Did Nick Jonas get a new dog tag?

Nick Jonas got a Diabetes Dog Tag Necklace or Medical ID Tag when he got diognosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2005. He gave his Dog Tag to Miley Cyrus and got a new one in 2007. Then in 2010 he got a even newer one.


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