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ye, they are real brothers

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the Jonas brothers are real brothers

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Q: Are Jonas Brothers brothers
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Where did the Jonas Brothers get the name Jonas Brothers?

well there last name is Jonas and they are brothers

What was Jonas Brothers originally?

"Sons of Jonas", but Kevin came up with "Jonas Brothers".

Who inspiers the Jonas Brothers?

"Who Inspiers The Jonas Brothers?"I believe The Bettles Inspier The Jonas Brothers That Is Who Inspiers The Jonas Brothers!I Hope I Helped!Thanks!

Is the Jonas Brothers real brothers or step brothers?

The Jonas Brothers- and their little brother Frankie- are all real brothers

Why did they call there selves the Jonas Brothers?

Because their last name is Jonas and they are Brothers. That makes the Jonas Brothers.

What is the Jonas Brothers official Twitter address?

Jonas brothers twitter address is Brothers

How are the Jonas brothers?

the Jonas brothers are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe :)

What is the Jonas Brothers bands name?

The Jonas Brothers

Who in the Jonas Brothers cuse?

No, the Jonas Brothers do not cuse.

Why Jonas Brothers were grounded?

the Jonas brothers were grounded?!?!?!?!?!

Why Jonas brothers?

Because they are all Jonas and they are brothers.

Who is Alex in the Jonas Brothers?

there is no alex in the Jonas brothers