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Want to known almost anything about the United States? This great country has something for everyone. Do you like nature? Try seeing the Old Faithful or hiking in the Sierra Nevada. Like amusement parks? Try visiting Cedar Point or Disney World. Like historic locations that shaped America? Try the Alamo or the Liberty Bell. Like to see some manmade wonders? Try the Golden Gate Bridge or the St. Louis Arch. Like Sports? Try the Dallas Cowboy Stadium or Madison Square Garden. What more can you ask from a country like the USA?

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How many states are in the US?

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There are at the moment 72 if we include china, if not, it's 63 b
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What US States border Mexico?

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They are California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.
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Nilai tukar uang 1 dollar ke rupiah?

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satu dolar berapa rupiah kah? 1 USD(us dollar) bisanya itu berkisar dari 8.900 - 10.000. tergantung market(nilai tukarnya)
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Which US states do not observe Daylight Saving Time?

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The two US states that don't observe Daylight Saving Time are Arizona and Hawaii. Daylight Saving Time is also NOT observed in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Marianas. In Arizona, the Navajo Indian Reservation does observe DST. The Navajo Nation participates in the Daylight Saving Time policy due to its large size and location in three states.
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How many gun owners are there in the United States of America?

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Number of guns and gun owners in USA. Most estimates range between 39% and 50% of US households having at least one gun (that's about 43-55 million households). The estimates for the number of privately owned guns range from 190 million to 300 million. Removed those that skew the stats for their own purposes the best estimates are about 45% or 52 million of American households owning 260 million guns). Some recent estimates: A 2011 Gallup poll estimates that 47 percent of US households own a gun. A 2007 Small Arms Survey estimates there are 88.7 guns per 100 Americans (#1 in the world for guns per capita) A 2010 estimate from the NRA states "Privately owned firearms in the U.S.: Approaching 300 million, including nearly 100 million handguns. The number of firearms rises over 4 million annually."
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How old is Australian actor David Lyons?

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David Lyons is 37 years old. He was born on 16 April 1976.
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How many black Miss USA winners?

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There have been six African American Miss USA winners. Crystle Stewart (2008) Rachel Smith (2007) Shauntay Hinton (2002) Chelsi Smith (1995) Kenya Moore (1993) Carole Gist (1990)
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When was the United States of America founded?

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The United States of America was never truly "founded" as much as it was declared independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain on July 4, 1776. This date marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson. This colonies were governed under the Articles of Confederation until the adoption of the US Constitution, completed on September 17, 1787. __________________________________________________________________ The 13 British colonies broke away from Great Britain on 4 July 1776 and became 13 free and independent states or 13 little nations. From 4 July 1776 to 3 March 1789, there was no autonomous sovereign called the United States of America. There was a confederation (alliance like NATO is today) of states under the Articles of Confederation but it did not establish the United States as a nation-state entity (autonomous sovereign). The United States of America as an autonomous sovereign started on 4 March 1789. So the real birthday or start date of the United States is 4 March 1789. 4 July 1776 is Independence Day, which is correct and that is what you see on calendars. But our country was being explored well before 1630, like I said we were officially declared free from Great Britain on July 4, 1776.
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How many cities in the United States are named North Pole?

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There are 4 cities in the United States named North Pole. They are located in Alaska, Idaho, New York, and Oklahoma. There is some confusion about the city in Oklahoma because there is also a Christmas store named North Pole City. North Pole City (the store) is in Oklahoma City, but the city North Pole in the South East of the state.
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What are the names of the 52 states?

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The names of the 50 states of the United States of America are : # Alaska # Alabama # Arkansas # Arizona # California # Colorado # Connecticut # Delaware # Florida # Georgia # Hawaii # Iowa # Idaho # Illinois # Indiana # Kansas # Kentucky # Louisiana # Massachusetts # Maryland # Maine # Michigan # Minnesota # Missouri # Mississippi # Montana # North Carolina # North Dakota # Nebraska # New Hampshire # New Jersey # New Mexico # Nevada # New York # Ohio # Oklahoma # Oregon # Pennsylvania # Rhode Island # South Carolina # South Dakota # Tennessee # Texas # Utah # Virginia # Vermont # Washington # Wisconsin # West Virginia # Wyoming
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What states are considered west coast states?

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California, Washington, and Oregon are all literally on the West coast . All have Shoreline. The West begins where the Great Plains meet the Rocky mountains. What states are considered Western would have a different answer: -California, Washington and Oregon, plus Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana. Also Alaska and Hawaii are sometimes considered Western states.
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How many cities or towns named Bath are in the us?

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Bath, California Bath, Illinois Bath, Indiana Bath, Maine Bath, Michigan Bath, New Hampshire Bath, New York (town) Bath, New York (village) Bath, North Carolina Bath, Pennsylvania Bath, South Carolina Bath, South Dakota Bath, West Virginia Bath County, Kentucky Bath County, Virginia
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Where is 39.95 latitude and -75.15 Longitude?

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That point is in the block bounded by Market St., Chestnut St., S. 5th and S.6th St., in Philadelphia, PA. It's the block immediately north of Independence Hall.
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What are the capitals of the two states that border both the Mississippi and Ohio rivers?

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The capitals of the two states that border both rivers are: Springfield, Illinois Frankfort, Kentucky
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How many states are there in they USA?

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48 Continental States and 2 satellite states (Alaska and Hawaii)
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When did Alaska become a US state?

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Alaska was admitted into the Union on January 3, 1959 becoming the 49th state to join the Union.
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Most bohemian cities in the us?

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Bell City, CA, more like Bell End City!
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What are some similarities and differences between the US and Mexico?

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First, the common features. Mexico and the United States are North American nations, bordering each other. Both are also commercial and business partners as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and have a rather long and complex history, including conflicts such as the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), as well as diplomatic and military cooperation, like the economic and material support that Mexico provided for the Allies during World War II (1939-1945). The population of the Southwestern United States has more affinity with Mexico, since several states like California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas used to belong to Mexico, and the population of these states has a great percentage of Mexican-Americans. Now, on the differences. Mexico is a Latin American nation with a large Spanish-speaking, Roman Catholic population (Roman Catholic: 88%, Protestant: 5.2%) while the U.S. is an Anglo American country with a majority of English-speaking population and a dominance of Protestantism (Protestant: 52%, Roman Catholic 24%). The racial make up of Mexico is predominantly of mestizo (60%) and Amerindian people (30%) while Americans are predominantly European (52%) and on a lesser degree, African (13%), Asian (5%), and Hispanic people of many ethnicities (15%) of which the majority, have Mexican ancestry. Both the U.S. and Mexico are federal presidential representative republics; Mexico has 31 independent states and one federal district while the U.S. has 50 states and one such federal district. Finally, the United States has the second largest economy in the world behind China, while Mexico is an emerging market ranking at the 11th position. Finally, some statistics (2016 est.): Population: Mexico: 123,166,749 United States: 323,995,528 Land area: Mexico: 1,964,375 sq km (758,449 sq mi) United States: 9,826,675 sq km (3,794,101 sq mi) Gross Domestic Product: Mexico: US$2.31 trillion (ranked 11th) United States: US$18.56 trillion (ranked 2nd) GDP Per Capita: Mexico: US$18,900 United States: US$57,300 Median Age: Mexico: 28 years United States: 37.9 years
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Which US state borders only one other state?

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Maine. The only state Maine borders is New Hampshire. Maine borders New Hampshire, and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick. Maine is the only US state to border only one other state: New Hampshire. Related Information: Maine is bordered by New Hampshire on the west, Canada to the north and east, and the Atlantic Ocean is to the south.
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Why do Jews hate America?

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Falsity of the Question The assumption made in the question is false. For the majority of the history of the United States, most Jews thought (and continue to think) fondly of the United States as it was one of the few nations in the history of the World to treat Jews (from a political perspective) as equals. Equality of Jews in United States History Jews in the United States were never subject to humiliating taxes, occupational prohibitions, religious restrictions, ghettoization, incursions on freedom of speech or assembly, nor were they ever evicted from any part of the United States at any time. Therefore, most Jews respect and think highly of the United States. Notable Acts Promoting Jewish Citizenship and Equality in the USA A notable story about how old American respect is for the Jews is that Governor Stuyvesant of New Amsterdam (the Dutch Colony that became New York) permitted the Jews of New Amsterdam to keep and bear arms, a permission allowed to Jews in no other part of the world and entrusted the Jews of the city with a rotation on the wall protecting the city from Native American Tribes. This acceptance of Jews as equals has been a long part of American history and something that Jews have immense respect for. Similarly, George Washington's Letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport in response to Moses Seixas' Letter from Congregation Yeshuat Israel affirmed that from the moment of the US Constitution's enacting Jews would be equal citizens in the United States, entitled to all rights of the Non-Jewish majority. Now this is not to say that there was never discrimination against Jews in the United States, but that such discrimination was not led by the government. Anti-Semitism in the United States has almost exclusively been a social phenomenon and the government of the United States has almost consistently treated Jews (as a class) well. Apathetic Minority There is a small minority of Jews who do not care about America because they have little consideration for any non-Jewish State, but there is no animosity between them and America. They are only apathetic. (It would be similar to asking "the average American" about how he feels about Malawi; he wouldn't know anything and would not care to learn anything.)
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Why do they call the Northeastern U.S. 'New England'?

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People don't call the Northeastern U.S., "New England," because they are not the same thing. The Northeast region of the U.S. is comprised of two smaller regions, New England and the Mid-Atlantic States. The six New England states are Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The Mid-Atlantic States are New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and some people consider Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia to be part of the Mid-Atlantic/Northeastern region as well. So, New England is not the Northeast. New England is PART of the Northeast. The New England states are called New England because they were settled by the Pilgrims, who came from England. Except for Maine, which was then part of Massachusetts, and Vermont, which declared its independence separately, the New England states were all part of the original 13 colonies.
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What is the only state in the US whose name is just one syllable?

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Maine Maine and it's "syllable". Maine Maine is the only state with one syllable. Maine is the only state that is one syllable. All of the other states have at least two syllables. There are numerous states that have four syllables in their names. The answer s Maine Maine. Maine Only one: Maine. Maine Maine. maine one, Maine. The only US State with a single syllable name is Maine. Maine. One.....Maine. Maine has only one syllable. Maine is the only US state that has one syllable. If you include US territories as states, then Guam is also one. Maine The only state with one syllable is Maine. Must be Maine Maine. Maine Its Maine! One: Maine Maine is the only one. Maine. Maine. Only one - MAINE One. Maine.