The Commonwealth of Virginia is dubbed as the “Mother of Presidents” because it is the birthplace of eight American presidents namely George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor and Woodrow Wilson.

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What is the supreme law of the land in the US?

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The US Constitution and federal laws and treaties that adhere to the Constitution officially became the "supreme law of the land" in the United States Article VI the document and the laws of the United States which "shall be made in pursuance thereof..." are the "Supreme Law of the Land." The phrase, "shall be made in pursuance thereof" indicates the Constitution is the ultimate authority to which all other laws and treaties must conform. Article VI, Clause 2 (Supremacy Clause) This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.
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What is the halfway point between Indianapolis Indiana and Richmond Virginia?

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Around just west of Charleston, West Virginia assuming you are taking this route: Take I-64 WEST to I-75 NORTH to GEORGETOWN and CINCINNATI in Lexington, Kentucky. Continue on I-75 NORTH to I-74 WEST via I-275 WEST. (EXIT 185 off I-75 in northern Kentucky near Cincinnati, then exit at EXIT 25 off I-275 in Ohio to get onto I-74 WEST towards INDIANAPOLIS.) Take I-74 WEST to Indianapolis. The milage is 665 miles.
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What is the closest airport to Quantico Va?

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MCAS Quantico or Dulles International Airport.
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Curfew laws in Norfolk Virginia?

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If you are under 18 it's 11 o'clock, not to be confused with the driving curfew laws which are anyone under 18 cannot drive after 12am-4am.
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What is the maximum length of time for collecting unemployment benefits in Virginia?

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The normal length of time is 26 weeks. EUC (Tier II) extends it another 20 weeks. 1) Regular Unemployment Insurance = up to 26 weeks 2) Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) Tier I = up to 20 weeks 3) EUC Tier II = up to 14 weeks 4) EUC Tier III (for states with a TUR of 6.0%) = up to 13 weeks 5) State Extended Benefits (EB) = up to 13 weeks Total = up to 86 weeks
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Who were the founding fathers of Colonial Maryland and what were the reasons for settlement?

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Maryland was founded by George Calvert, also known as Lord Baltimore, but he died before he could get the charter. So his son Cecilius Calvert was the one who got the charter. It was founded as a place for Catholics to escape persecution in England. It was named in honor of Henrietta Maria, Queen Consort of Charles I.
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What important things did Virginia Apgar do?

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Dr. Apgar was the founder of the field of medicine that dealt with newborn babies. See the link below.
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What US state was created from Virginia?

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West Virginia was once a part of Virginia --- it broke away from Virginia in the American Civil War and officially became a state June 20, 1863. It took military action credited to George B. McClellan, to do this.
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Virginia's state rock?

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The official rock of Virginia is unakite . I learned this in Virginia from a geologist that works for USGS .
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What county do you live in if your zip code is 22304?

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How much does it cost to homeschool in Virginia?

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It can be completely free. There are many way to home school your child.
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What is the climate and weather of Virginia?

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Virginia has a humid, subtropical climate (a humid continental climate in the mountains) with hot summers and relatively mild winters, though outbreaks of cold and snow/ice do occur. These are less common on the coast, and more common in the mountains and to the north. Thunderstorms are a common occurrence in the spring and summer, though don't turn severe as frequently as they do in the US South and Midwest. The coast is somewhat prone to tropical cyclones, which more frequently bring flooding rains than any storm surge or widespread wind destruction. Snowfall averages only a few inches on the coast, to a few feet or more in the mountains. Average snowfall is about 18 inches around Washington.
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What was the climate of Colonial Virginia?

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The climate was very much as it is today - a humid, subtropical climate (east of the mountains, which are the only parts that were settled) with 4 seasons. Summers were hot and humid, while winters were relatively mild, but prone to outbreaks of cold and snow.
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What does Appomattox mean?

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With the question asking the "meaning" of Appomattox, it most certainly refers to the US Civil War. It was the courthouse at Appomattox in Virginia where Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to US Grant, effectively , but not officially, ended the US Civil War.
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What is the best catering in Loudoun County Virginia?

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When was Jamestown founded?

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Jamestown, Virginia, was founded in 1607.
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Where is Chesapeake Bay located?

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the Chesapeake bay is located where the Croatians and the Roanoke colony lived of the coast of west Virginia
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What is the large bay found between Maryland and Virginia?

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Chesapeake Bay is located in the states of Maryland and Virginia. Its length is approximately 322 kilometers. The bay separates western Maryland and mainland Virginia from their counties on the Delmarva peninsula. chesapeak bay The Chesapeake Bay.
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What was the religion of colonial Virginia?

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The predominant religion in most of the colonies was Protestant. In Virginia it was Anglican for the most part, but there were other religions represented, including Catholics and Jewish.
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Was Jamestown a puritan colony?

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Nope. Puritans were MUCH further North, and later.
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What is the average last frost date for zone 7?

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The average frost date for zone 7 is approximately April 15th, with a variance of 15 days either way (~March 30 to April 30). Note that higher elevations may have an increased risk of frost late in the Spring despite the zone, and would fall on the later side of the average. There is no good way to guess the perfect date every year, but if you plant a garden and realize there may be frost, get your plastic and mulch ready.
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What are some popular drinks in Virginia?

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The official state beverage is milk. Virginians also enjoy coffee, tea, soda, water, and lemonade.