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Major league baseball is a league of 30 professional baseball teams in the United States and Canada. The MLB was founded in 1869. Teams compete from April to October, when the World Series is held.

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How many children did Jackie Robinson have?

Three ... Jack Jr. was born in 1946, Sharon in 1950, and David in 1952.
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Who had the highest OBP in one season of MLB?

.609 by Barry Bonds of the Giants in 2004.
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What team had the longest winning streak in NHL history?

The longest win streak is held by the 1992-1993 penguins with 17 games. The longest home win streak is held by the 2011-2012 Detroit Red Wings at 23 games The 1979-1980 Philadelphia Flyers hold the longest undefeated streak (wins and ties) at 35 games. ...
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How much do MLB umpires make a game?

They get paid a salary. As a starter they receive $120,000 a year. But as an experienced ump, they get paid $350,000 a year. ...
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Why is a 'K' used for a strikeout in baseball?

The use of the last letter of Struck instead of the first to denote a strikeout dates back to when Henry Chadwick developed the box score in the late 1850's. Chadwick often used the last letter instead of the first, especially if he considered that letter to be the more prominent one in the word. Chadwick said "the letter K in struck is easier to remember in connection with the word, than S." He also used L for Foul and D...
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How many baseballs are used during a MLB game?

Using an average life span of a baseball in a typical game as 6 pitches and the average number of pitches being 275 per game. The number of balls used is 46. Factoring this number out to each team in the league playing 165 games and dividing by 2 since two teams play each other each game, the number of baseballs used during a typical MLB season would about 113,850 balls per year. According to MLB, between five and six dozen...
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What 4 teams did Roger Clemens play for?

1) Boston Red Sox 2) Toronto Blue Jays 3) New York Yankees 4) Houston Astros ...
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What major league team is the Somerset Patriots the farm team for?

The Patriots are not affiliated with Major League Baseball. They are a professional baseball team based in New Jersey and a member of the Freedom Division of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. ...
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Who are the most famous MLB players that currently wear the number five?

Albert Pujols is the modern day most famous the Yankee's joe dimaggio also wore this number ...
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How many players are there in Major League Baseball?

There are 30 Major League Baseball teams. Each has 25 players, so there are 750 players in the Major Leagues. From September 1 through the end of the regular season (usually the first Sunday in October) teams can expand their roster to 40 players, so during that period there can be 1,200 Major League Baseball players. Teams also have 10 players on their A, AA and AAA minor league affiliates ...
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Has a NHL team NBA team NFL team MLB team from the same state won their respective championship in the same year?

No. As of August 2015, that has never happened. Detroit won three championships in 1935. The Lions (NFL), Red Wings (NHL) and Tigers (MLB) all won their respective championships. Technically, Detroit had a perfect year because the NBA did not come into existence until 1946. ...
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Who coached a Rose Bowl winner managed a major league baseball team and coached an NFL team?

Hugo Bezdek coached a Rose Bowl winner, managed a major league baseball team, and coached an NFL team. ...
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What is the record for most consecutive shutout innings pitched by one team?

In 1910 The Portland Beavers won their second Pacific Coast League title, achieving a remarkable record in the process; the Beavers pitchers threw a baseball record 88 consecutive shutout innings. ...
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What pitchers in Major League Baseball history pitched perfect games?

There have been 20 official perfect games pitched, 18 in the Modern Era of MLB, as of May 29, 2010. 19th Century Lee Richmond (WOR) June 12, 1880 John Montgomery Ward (PROV) June 17, 1880 Modern Era Cy Young (BOS) 37 RHP, 8 K, May 5, 1904 Addie Joss (CLE) 74 pitches, 3 K, October 2, 1908 Charlie Robertson (CHW) 90 pitches, 6 K, April 30, 1922 Don Larson (NYY) 97 pitches, 7 K, October 8, 1956 (Game 5 of the World Series) Jim Bunning (PHI) 90 pitches, 10 K, June 21, 1964 Sandy...
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How much does a MLB player make?

The lowest paid players make 400,000 and the highest paid makes 30,000,000. ...
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What MLB team does Aaron Miles play for?

Aaron Miles is currently with the St.Louis Cardinals
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When was the first Major League Baseball night game?

The first MLB night game was played on May 24th, 1935 at Crosley Field in Cincinnati between the Reds and the Philadelphia Phillies. The Reds won 2-1. "The first game played under lights by major league teams didnot take place in Cincinnati. It occured in (an exhibition game) February 21, 1931 at (Houston Buffs) Buff Stadium in Houston (Texas) between the Chicago White Sox and New York Giants. It was the first time two major league teams played under the lights. During the...
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Can a player on the losing team be named World Series MVP?

Yes, but it has only happened once in 1960, when the New York Yankees lost the World Series to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 7 games. The Yankees were heavily favored to beat the Pirates in the WS in 1960, but lost when Bill Mazeroski of the Pirates hit a dramatic game-winning home run in the bottom of the 9th inning of game 7. It was the first and only time that a WS was won by a walk-off homer in the...
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What is the best record ever for an MLB team in a regular 162 game season?

116-46 by the 2001 Seattle Mariners, but they did not win the WS. Notably the 1906 Cubs went 116-36 which is the best winning percentage in MLB history; they also failed to win the world series. The best 162 game regular season record to win the WS was the 1998 New York Yankees who went 114-48 in the regular season and 11-2 in the post season for a total of 125-50, making them the most winning team in history. ...
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Where did clayton kershaw go to college?

Clayton was drafted by the Dodgers as a high schooler. He turned down a scholarship from Texas A&M to go to the major leagues. ...