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Detroit originally was a National League team in the 19th Century but they were one of the charter members of the newly-created American League in 1901. Here you can ask questions about the team, the players and anything else about them.

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Who was the last Detroit Tiger who wore number 42?

Pitcher Fernando Hernandez in 1997.

Detroit Tigers

What Detroit Tigers catcher has the highest batting average in their history?

For catchers that had at least 1000 at bats with the Tigers, that is Mickey Cochrane at .313.

Detroit Tigers

How can you find an old Detroit Tigers team roster?

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What MLB game was won by the largest margin?

30-3 Texas rangers over the Baltimore orioles

AnswerChicago beat Louisville 36-7 in a game in 1897. Answer41-0 Colorado Mountaineers over New York Yankees
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What is the value of a 1935 Detroit Tigers team signed baseball?

A 1935 Detroit Tigers Team Signed Baseball with the key signatures: Gehringer, Greenberg, Cochrane, and Goslin is worth about $1,200.-$1,500.

Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Prices may also vary based on the amount of signatures, and key signatures acquired. The more complete the baseball with key signatures the more valuable.

In a recent auction (Oct.. 2007) a 1935 Detroit Tigers Team Signed Baseball sold for $1,434.00

If the signatures are not properly authenticated the baseball could sell at half the market value or less. For more information on team signed baseballs see Related Links below.

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When was the last time the Cardinals won the World Series?

At the time that the original question was asked (prior to the 2011 WS), the St. Louis Cardinals had last won the World Series in 2006 against the Detroit Tigers. They won in 5 games, winning games 1, 3, 4, and 5. The MVP of the Series was David Eckstein of St. Louis. However, the Cardinals again won the World Series in 2011 defeating the Texas Rangers in 7 games, winning games 1, 3, 6, and 7. It was their 11th WS title. The Series was noted for the dramatic game 6, in which the Rangers were one strike away from winning the WS in both the bottom of the 9th and 10th innings. Both times, the Cardinals erased 2-run deficits to tie the score, ultimately winning the game 10-9 in the bottom of the 11th on a walk-off home run by David Freese, who was also the Series MVP. In addition, Albert Pujols of the Cardinals hit 3 home runs in game 3, matching a WS record held by Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson of the NY Yankees.

Detroit Tigers

How do you contact a Detroit Tigers player?

Send a letter with a SASE inside to:

Alan Trammell c/o The Detroit Tigers 2100 Woodward Ave Detroit, MI 48201

- Ryan

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When was the last time the Mets won a World Series?

1986 was the last time against the Boston, Red Sox. They also won in 1969. They also appeared in the 1973 and 2000 world series.

Detroit Tigers

Where can you find information about a former Detroit Tigers player?

Well, if you want statistics, you can go directly to, click the top tab that says stats, then go to drop down menu on the left side and look under historical stats, you can go very far back, you can look at the tigers as a team and how they preformed over 1 year or many, or you can look at any player's specific stats, and if that doesnt help, you should try searchin over google or some other search engine, some players have their own sites.

Detroit Tigers

How can you find an older Detroit Tigers jersey to customize?

Except for the manufacturer and the MLB logo at the top for the neck (only on Authentics) the Tigers home jersey has been the same since they switched to the Doubleknit fabrics. The Road jerseys are a bit tougher to find. Majestic is making a reproduction of the 84 road jersey, but the font is too big, and the sleeve striping is off. To be honest, If you find an original (mad in that timeframe) you will be very, very lucky. Here's a link to a store that does an exceptional job on customizing Tigers jerseys

also, please E-mail me with any questions you have on jerseys

Detroit Tigers

How can you contact an active Detroit Tiger player such as Ivan Rodriguez or Dmitri Young?

contact them through the team address listed on detriot tigers web page.

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What was Charlie Gehringer's jersey number?

According to, Gehringer's number was 2.


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Who wore number 7 on the Detroit Tigers before Ivan Rodriguez?

Ivan Rodriguez has been with the Tigers since the 2004 season. The player that wore #7 before Rodriguez was third baseman Dean Palmer who played with the Tigers from 1999-2003.

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Who has worn number 10 for the Detroit Tigers?

Sparky Anderson

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What is a 1968 baseball worth signed by the Detroit Tigers team?

1968 Detroit Tigers Team Signed Baseball

A 1968 Detroit Tigers Team Signed Baseball with the key signatures: Kaline, Cash, Freehan, Lolich, McLain, and Mathews is worth about $300.-$600.

Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Prices may also vary based on the amount of signatures, and key signatures acquired. The more complete the baseball with key signatures the more valuable.

In a recent auction a 1968 Detroit Tigers Team Signed Baseball sold for $509.

If the signatures are not properly authenticated the baseball could sell at half the market value or less. For more information on team signed baseballs, links to full team rosters, key signatures, and price guide visit the following page from the link I left below.

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Who won the Hutch Award in 2006?

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Detroit Tigers
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How many times have the Detroit Tigers won the World Series?

The Detroit Tiger have won a total of 4 titles. 1984

Detroit Tigers

What is the Tigers Record for the Most Career Strikeouts by a Batter?

Here's the all-time list as of the start of the 2008 season:




1 Lou Whitaker 1099

2 Norm Cash 1081

3 Al Kaline 1020

4 Willie Horton 945

5 Dick McAuliffe 932

6 Travis Fryman 931

7 Kirk Gibson 930

8 Cecil Fielder 926

9 Alan Trammell 874

10 Lance Parrish 847

11 Bobby Higginson 796

12 Hank Greenberg 771

13 Bill Freehan 753

14 Tony Clark 721

15 Brandon Inge 711

16 Rudy York 672

17 Chet Lemon 647

18 Ron LeFlore 628

19 Jim Northrup 603

20 Aurelio Rodriguez 589

21 Mickey Stanley 564

22 Damion Easley 563

23 Tom Brookens 553

24 Don Wert 519

25 Mickey Tettleton 505

26 Harry Heilmann 498

27 Craig Monroe 488

28 Tony Phillips 480

29 Larry Herndon 441

30 Carlos Pena 437

31 Darrell Evans 433

32 Charlie Maxwell 432

33 Rob Deer 426

34 Dean Palmer 391

35 Dmitri Young 379

36 Jason Thompson 375

T37 Charlie Gehringer 372

T37 Vic Wertz 372

T39 Ivan Rodriguez 366

T39 Curtis Granderson 366

41 Steve Kemp 362

42 Jake Wood 359

43 Bobby Veach 345

44 Juan Encarnacion 339

45 Donie Bush 334

46 Mickey Lolich 331

47 Ty Cobb 329

48 Pete Fox 319

49 Shane Halter 318

50 Billy Rogell 316

51 Melvin Nieves 315

T52 Pat Mullin 312

T52 Carlos Guillen 312

54 Omar Infante 306

55 Frank Bolling 305

56 Rocky Colavito 301

57 Hooks Dauss 288

58 Gates Brown 275

59 Ray Oyler 273

60 Tommy Bridges 271

T61 Oscar Stanage 268

T61 Dick Wakefield 268

63 Hoot Evers 258

64 Bill Bruton 257

65 Deivi Cruz 256

T66 Ed Brinkman 255

T66 Ray Boone 255

68 Milt Cuyler 254

69 Gee Walker 253

70 Dave Bergman 248

71 John Wockenfuss 247

72 Marcus Thames 244

73 Lu Blue 236

T74 Marv Owen 233

T74 Mike Heath 233

76 Pat Sheridan 232

77 Brian Hunter 226

78 Gary Pettis 225

79 Ben Oglivie 224

80 John Stone 219

81 Hank Aguirre 218

82 Jerry Priddy 216

83 Denny McLain 215

84 Ralph Young 211

85 Mike Higgins 209

T86 Chris Shelton 208

T86 Dizzy Trout 208

88 Harvey Kuenn 205

T89 Bill Tuttle 204

T89 Robert Fick 204

91 Jackie Tavener 203

92 Joe Hoover 202

T93 Frank Lary 201

T93 Magglio Ordonez 201

95 Chris Gomez 197

96 Brad Ausmus 195

97 Jo-Jo White 191

98 Eric Munson 184

99 Roy Johnson 183

100 Matt Nokes 180

101 Eddie Lake 179

102 Ray Hayworth 178

103 Tom Veryzer 176

104 Chico Fernandez 175

105 Jim Bunning 174

106 Walt Dropo 173

107 Marty McManus 172

108 Johnny Groth 171

109 George Burns 170

110 Don Demeter 169

T111 Chad Kreuter 166

T111 Chad Curtis 166

113 Barney McCosky 165

114 Roy Cullenbine 164

115 Fred Hatfield 160

116 Jerry Lumpe 157

T117 Bob Jones 156

T117 Dale Alexander 156

119 Earl Wilson 152

120 Hal Newhouser 150

121 Rusty Staub 149

122 Jimmy Bloodworth 148

123 Eddie Yost 146

124 Bob Swift 145

125 Vic Sorrell 144

126 Al Benton 142

127 Red Wilson 139

T128 Bob Fothergill 138

T128 Ramon Santiago 138

130 Goose Goslin 137

T131 Wendell Magee 136

T131 Earl Whitehill 136

133 Birdie Tebbetts 135

T134 Kimera Bartee 134

T134 Phil Nevin 134

T134 Elden Auker 134

137 Topper Rigney 133

138 Jimmy Outlaw 131

T139 Glenn Wilson 130

T139 Ike Brown 130

141 Heinie Manush 129

T142 Darnell Coles 128

T142 Jim Delsing 128

T142 Billy Hoeft 128

145 Rondell White 125

T146 Dick Brown 123

T146 Dick Tracewski 123

T148 John Grubb 122

T148 Ted Gray 122

150 Paul Foytack 121

T151 Lloyd Moseby 120

T151 Champ Summers 120

T153 George Thomas 119

T153 Frank Croucher 119

T155 Chet Laabs 118

T155 Reno Bertoia 118

157 Johnny Lipon 115

T158 Dan Gladden 114

T158 Paul Richards 114

160 Steve Boros 112

T161 Eddie Mayo 111

T161 Danny Bautista 111

163 Gail Harris 110

T164 Mark Lewis 109

T164 Frank House 109

166 Curtis Pride 108

T167 Marty Kavanagh 107

T167 George Kell 107

T167 Al Wingo 107

T167 Howard Johnson 107

171 Joe Sparma 106

T172 Leon Roberts 104

T172 Ira Flagstead 104

T172 Sam Crawford 104

T172 Gary Ward 104

176 Harry Coveleski 102

T177 Steve Souchock 100

T177 Don Mossi 100

179 Tommy Matchick 99

180 Pete Incaviglia 98

T181 Scott Livingstone 97

T181 Ossie Vitt 97

183 Alex Sanchez 96

T184 Bruce Campbell 95

T184 Virgil Trucks 95

T184 Frank Catalanotto 95

187 Richie Hebner 94

188 Phil Mankowski 93

T189 Jose Macias 92

T189 Neil Berry 92

T191 Gary Sutherland 90

T191 Lou Berberet 90

T191 Jack Warner 90

T194 Bob Nieman 89

T194 Enos Cabell 89

T194 Frank O'Rourke 89

197 Bobo Osborne 88

T198 Kenny Williams 87

T198 Fred Lynn 87

T200 Doc Cramer 86

T200 Earl Torgeson 86

T202 Juan Gonzalez 84

T202 Don Kolloway 84

T202 Schoolboy Rowe 84

T205 John Flaherty 83

T205 Roger Cedeno 83

T207 Paul Bako 82

T207 Hal White 82

T207 Phil Regan 82

T210 Bernie Boland 81

T210 Heinie Schuble 81

T212 Ricky Peters 79

T212 Fred Haney 79

T214 Gabe Kapler 78

T214 George Lombard 78

T216 Ned Harris 77

T216 Mark Wagner 77

T218 Marty Castillo 76

T218 Nook Logan 76

T218 Al Cowens 76

T218 Junior Felix 76

T218 Raul Casanova 76

T223 Rip Collins 75

T223 Gabe Alvarez 75

T223 Bubba Phillips 75

T226 John Shelby 74

T226 Tony Taylor 74

T228 Johnny Bassler 73

T228 Placido Polanco 73

T230 Barbaro Garbey 72

T230 Don Lund 72

T230 Bob Hamelin 72

T233 Gary Sheffield 71

T233 Karim Garcia 71

T233 Chris Truby 71

T236 Joe Randa 70

T236 Luis Salazar 70

T236 Rich Becker 70

T236 Jim Price 70

T240 Dave Wickersham 69

T240 Joe Coleman 69

242 Kevin Witt 68

T243 George Cunningham 67

T243 Larry Woodall 67

T243 Gus Triandos 67

T246 Rick Leach 65

T246 Aaron Robinson 65

T248 Red McKee 64

T248 Juan Samuel 64

T248 Bill James 64

T248 Chief Hogsett 64

T248 Pinky Hargrave 64

T253 Sean Casey 63

T253 Eric Davis 63

T253 Skeeter Barnes 63

T256 Matt Batts 62

T256 Billy Martin 62

T256 Luis Gonzalez 62

T256 Skeeter Webb 62

T256 Lil Stoner 62

T261 Tito Fuentes 61

T261 Mike Roarke 61

T261 Harry Davis 61

T261 Johnny Neun 61

T265 Mickey Cochrane 60

T265 Dick Sharon 60

T265 Red Oldham 60

T268 George Moriarty 59

T268 Matt Walbeck 59

T268 Milt May 59

T268 Vance Wilson 59

T272 Harry Rice 58

T272 Bubba Morton 58

T272 Frank Doljack 58

T272 Randall Simon 58

T272 Craig Paquette 58

T277 Mark Carreon 57

T277 Howard Ehmke 57

T277 Lynn Jones 57

T277 Luis Polonia 57

T281 George Smith 56

T281 Eddie Ainsmith 56

T281 Sam Vico 56

T281 Mike Laga 56

T281 Jerry Morales 56

T281 Dalton Jones 56

T287 Dick Bartell 55

T287 Jean Dubuc 55

T287 Mike Ivie 55

T287 Babe Ellison 55

T287 Steve Gromek 55

T292 Mike Kilkenny 54

T292 Duke Sims 54

T294 Herman Pillette 53

T294 Art Houtteman 53

T294 Jason Smith 53

T294 Bobo Newsom 53

T298 Gus Zernial 52

T298 Nate Colbert 52

T298 Ken Holloway 52

301 Andres Torres 51

T302 Joe Ginsberg 50

T302 Jake Wade 50

T302 Eddie Williams 50

T305 Alex Johnson 49

T305 Tom Timmermann 49

T305 Ted Lepcio 49

T305 Bill Akers 49

T305 Dave Collins 49

T310 Ryan Raburn 48

T310 Wayne Belardi 48

T310 Dan Meyer 48

T310 Tim Corcoran 48

T314 Ruppert Jones 47

T314 Tom Tresh 47

T314 Duke Maas 47

T317 Nelson Simmons 46

T317 Orlando McFarlane 46

T319 Cesar Gutierrez 45

T319 Hugh High 45

T319 Merv Shea 45

T319 Les Cain 45

T319 Mike Brumley 45

T319 Bill Madlock 45

T319 Jack Burns 45

T319 Del Gainer 45

T327 Earl Averill 44

T327 Chuck Scrivener 44

T329 J.W. Porter 43

T329 Ben Dyer 43

T331 Paul Campbell 42

T331 Larry Sheets 42

T331 Marvin Lane 42

T331 Cliff Mapes 42

T331 Paul Easterling 42

T331 Warren Morris 42

T331 Stan Papi 42

T331 Elliott Maddox 42

T331 Mike Rabelo 42

T331 Johnny Gorsica 42

Detroit Tigers

How do you find the names and years for players on Detroit farm team around 1900?

There really were no farm teams back then. Players came from industrial leagues or semi-pro leages. there were minor leagues, but they were not affiliated with a team as they are today. They basically just sold their talent to the highest bidder.

Detroit Tigers

When does spring training begin for the Detroit Tigers?

the pitchers and catchers report this friday, feb. 15. The rest of the team reports next week.

Detroit Tigers
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What teams did Cecil Fielder play for?

Cecil Fielder played with the following teams:

Toronto Blue Jays, 1985-1988

Hanshin Tigers (Japan), 1989

Detroit Tigers, 1990 - 1996 (traded to the Yankees in July, 1996)

New York Yankees, 1996-1997

Anaheim Angels, 1998 (released August, 1998)

Cleveland Indians, 1998

Detroit Tigers
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How much is a signed Al Kaline bat worth?

About $150 to $300 depending on the type of bat, type of pen used, location of signature, and overall condition of the bat. Usually it's $184.99 or more.

Detroit Tigers

How did the Detroit Tigers get its name?

In the last years of the 19th Century and Early Years of the 20th Century Detroit had a baseball team sometimes called the Creams or the Wolverines. When George Stallings became the manager of the team he wanted his team to standout so they wore white socks with orange stripes. Early references to the team include one by the Detroit Free Press who referred to the team as "George Stallings Tigers".

Detroit Tigers
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What is the value of Detroit Tigers 1963 yearbook?

The 1963 Detroit Tigers Yearbook with the cover picturing the team logo has a book value of $50.00 - $60.00 in near/mint condition.

Condition is very important on getting anywhere near this price. Common flaws with yearbooks would be staining, foxing (yellowing), fading color, stains, creases, rips, loose pages, cracked binding, and writing on the cover.


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