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Unlike wristwatches, pocket watches lack straps. They are designed to fit comfortably into garment pockets. Pocket watches usually have a chain to secure the watch to the user's clothing. They are often considered to be a men's accessory, although some women carry them as well.

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How much is a 1886 elgin pocket watch worth?

about $200 to $300 if it is non working if it is, about $400 to $500

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What is a 1910 15 jewels waltham pocket watch worth?


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How do you change the battery in your fossil watch?

The cover on the rear OF ROUND FOSSIL WATCHES is usually threaded. Threaded covers have a series of square notches cut into the outside perimeter of the round back case. Use some tool (small needle nose?, I used a set of measuring calipers) to insert in two of the opposite notches on the cover. Spin it off counter clockwise VERY FIRMLY. Then carefully pull up the plastic retainer. Push the metal tab (over the one side of the battery) off of the battery and the battery will pop up. Reverse to reinstall. (Some batteries are not held down my a movable tab, but a tab that cannot be moved. At some top part of the battery along the outer perimeter will be a very small metal tab of part the watch over top of the battery. Do NOT pry the battery up there or you will bend the tab. Pry the battery up from the opposite end using a small screwdriver, and insert the new battery by sliding one side under this tab and pushing the battery down into place.)

For SQUARE or other unusual back covers, they can be pried off. Look carefully at the outside edges of the back cover for a place they put to insert a flat jeweler's screwdriver and pry up firmly.

Wear safety glasses and gloves to protect your hands. Pliers and screwdrivers can easily slip off and into your hand or eye.

All I know is that you have to have a special tool, as the fossil watches are pressure sealed to keep out particles and moisture. That's why it costs so much in the stores to get a simple battery replaced.

To remove the back cover I put a long nose plier across an opposite pair of notches on the back cover and unscrewed it gently without letting the plier pop out of the grooves. Looking at the exposed watch, there is a nylon like cover that partly covers the battery. There are open slots on the sides of this cover and it can be removed easily with a very small screwdriver by putting it in a slot and prying it out. Now, looking at the battery, (Different Fossil watches take different sized batteries. Remove your battery before buying a new one, or get the model number of the watch off the back and contact Fossil. Also, since you need to buy a battery anyway, Wal Mart or other jewelers can replace the battery for you since you're already there. It is held in place by a short partial ring on one side and by a long flat spring like device on the other side. The spring is pushed into a pin which keeps it from moving away from the battery. To release the spring, put the screwdriver in the center of the spring, about half way to the battery and lift up. The spring will come out of the locking pin and the battery will be free to remove. After replacing the battery, hold the center of the spring up in the center and push the far end down under the locking pin, and then release the center. (Note, most Fossil watches have battery holders where you simply pry the battery up without any pins or springs. At some top part of the battery along the outer perimeter will be a very small metal tab of the watch over top of the battery. Do NOT pry the battery up there or you will bend the tab. Pry the battery up from the opposite end using a small screwdriver.)

Another suggestion:

I tried the needle nose pliers method w/ no success. (Some needle nosed pliers are too fat at the tip, and require grinding down. Or, buy or use a tool from Wal Mart as you need to buy a new battery anyway!) I ended up scratching the plate a little bit. Then i took a flat head screwdriver and pushed on one of the notches to make it turn counterclockwise. This had a much better grip. Don't try the little watch/jeweler screw driver, they are too small to hold on well. Inside is a battery (SR927W). (Different Fossil watches take different sized batteries.)


I just used regular 'walmart' pliers to open my broken (glass broke somehow...) watch to end my burning curiosity. need to grip it in a vice grip but i used leverage by wedging it in the back end of a hammer i found lying around instead. just needed to push down hard to increase friction (and therefore grip strength) and everything worked fine until it slipped and scratches the bajesus out of it. good thing i didn't care anyhow...

The best choice for removing a threaded case back is to use a "case back removal tool", which consists of two or three adjustable "pins" attached to a handle (most WalMarts sell a two-pin tool in their jewelry department, and you can purchase a better three-pin tool from several vendors on eBay). To use it, start by placing the watch face-down on a padded surface (to avoid scratching the crystal). Adjust the pins so that they very snugly fit into the notches cut into the case back; if you don't, the pins can jump out when you try to use it and scratch the watch. Place the tool over the case back and engage the pins into the slots; then, holding the watch steady with one hand and the tool in the other, give the tool a counterclockwise turn to loosen the back (it may take a lot of force to do this, especially if this is the first time the battery is being replaced). Once the case back is loosened (usually about 1/4 to 1/2 turn), remove the tool and finish unscrewing the back by hand to avoid scratching the watch. Be careful as you remove it as some watches use a very thin O-ring on the back to make a watertight seal.

After replacing the battery and ensuring the watch is running properly again, carefully inspect the surface of the case and the threading on the case back and remove any dust or grimy deposits with a soft cloth. Then, place the case back onto the case, being careful to align the O-ring or other seals, as well as the case back threads (tip: to ensure the threads are lined up, place the back on the watch and turn it counterclockwise about 1/2 turn or until you feel the ends of the threads "fall" into place). Screw the case back down as far as possible by hand, then use the removal tool to tighten it the rest of the way.

I have a fossil watch with a square back and I just changed the battery. I recently purchased a battery changing kit from eBay for about $15 bucks and it paid for itself the same day. My watch back is not threaded, but it is snapped in place. It has four notches protruding from the case that you have to pry off that stick into the case of the watch. The tool kit I purchased comes with a tool that has a rounded knife end with a thick body to grip. I placed this tool into the top of the watch back, right beneath the bands, ensuring that I was in the groove. I tried my best to pry it off but I couldn't. So I placed the tool in that spot, and hammered it, and the back came off. I was able to change the battery and snap the back into place. I'm now wearing that watch as I type.

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How much is an elgin 1920's 15 jewel pocket watch worth?

It depends on several factors. If the watch is in good running condition and has a nice case crystal and dial it should sell for $100.00 - $175.00 on eBay.

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Meaning a hanging pocket watch tattoo?

A hanging pocket watch tattoo doesn't have a set meaning. It could mean anything from having time on your hands too remembering an important point in your life....or it could just be a pocket watch

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How much is your waltham pocket watch worth movement 13153779 17 jewels?

Hard to say. It depends on the condition and if it is made of solid gold or silver, not plated, that makes it a lot more valuable.

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What is the best quality brand name pocket watch?


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How much is a 1903 antique waltham pocket watch worth?

I have the same watch and your in luck, they are worth about $1000 depending on condition. I reccomend to hold on to it because its value will go up a lot.

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How do you tell if a pocket watch is solid gold?

There are 3 ways I can think of. 1: Usually gold items are marked either on the inside or outside of their case with a carat grade. 2: Gold is very soft, especially in higher carats, you could try the old fashioned 'bite' method to test it. 3: If it is plated it usually isn't plated all the way around the case. Try opening the face and looking on the inside for a color difference or using something small and sharp such as a pin to scratch an inconspicuous area to see if the plating flecks off.

Get a solid piece of gold of the same weight, if they are equal in mass it is solid gold

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What is the value of a Winton 17 jewel Timemaster Pocket Watch?

Mabye $230.00

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Home much does gold pocket watches cost?

Gold pocket watches usually cost a lot. If you do not have a lot of money to spend just go to Target. They have one for $39.99. If you would like a really nice one you can get it for around $300.

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When was the springfield model 67f 20gauge made?

I don't know when it was first made, however my Dad bought me a brand new one in about 1968 for my second year of duck hunting. I hope that helps. Tim

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What is the value of your Waltham pocket watch?

Waltham made millions of watches during its years of operation. Some were designed to be affordable; others were intended to be more upscale. The watch cases were made of anything from nickle to 18k gold. The value ranges from a few dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the fabrication, model, movement grade, year of manufacture, condition, and other variables.

It is impossible to answer this question without knowing more about the specific watch. If you can provide a serial number and some information about its condition, we can give you a better idea of the watch's val

my watch is an 1898 model 1890...material is u

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What is the value of a model 1877 American Waltham pocket watch?

The Waltham model 1877 was made in several grades, from 7 jewels to 15. Condition is everything, and a good example in working condition would go from 30$ to 60$.

Cases, which were sold seperately from the movements, vary more widely. The value on the case depends on the style, hunter or open-face, and what the case is made of, brass or gold. A good case simple case is worth 40$ for an open face and about 80$ for a hunter. A gold or silver case is worth its weight in scap value.

Best thing to do is check on Ebay and see what similar watches are selling for.

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How do you tell if a pocket watch is gold filled?

A gold filled American pocket watch case is typically marked 10 years, 20 years or 25 years under the back cover and sometimes under the dust cover. This was a warrantee offered by the watch companies. Anther way to test is to (*be carful) but very gently apply pressure on the back cover, if it is gold the will be some flex. Gold filled cases have a hard metal core that will not have much play.

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Who invented the pocket?

Pockets originated in Canton, South Dakota and were invented by a man named James L. Pocket in 1698.

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What is the difference in size 15 and size 18 in pocket watches?

Size 18 is for bigger pockets! Size 15 is for people with really good eyesight!

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Did timex make a pocket watch with tire around it?

Yes, timepiece is plastic cased (black back), dial is white with black lettering (TIMEX and SHOCK RESISTANT) in a sans serif typeface, around the edge the dial is marked off in minute marks, subdivided into 4, with every five minutes numbered). The surrounding tyre is a black rubber, with the TIMEX name raised in a serif font at the bottom of the tyre, which has four grooves around the tread.

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What is the age and value of my Waltham Pocket watch with movement 22045317?

I'm not sure of the value, but it was made between 1918 and 1919.

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How much is a 15 jewel elgin pocket watch worth?


a lot depends on the pocket watch such as the year of it the gold value the amount of gold you need to run the s/n from then back inside of the watch though a online database, it could honestly run from 20 to 10,000 dollars.
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Is a westclox pocket ben an antique pocket watch?

That's entirely dependent upon your definition of "antique." The Westclox Pocket Bens were made throughout the 1950s in LaSalle-Peru, IL. Perhaps these watches would be more correctly called "vintage."

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Are old wrist watches worth collecting are there any old wrist watches worth money?

Find some with the names:

Girard, some Longines, Omega Constellation, Patek Philippe Rolex, Audemars Piguet

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What was the purpose of the pocket watch?

to tell what time it was

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Is a pocket watch key universal to keywind a antique pocket watch?

No, there are at least 14 different sizes in which pocket watch keys have been made. The size used with a particular pocket watch depended on the size of the watch as well as the proclivities of the particular watch manufacturer. Jewelers and watchmakers typically have "bench keys" in their shop which can be used with various size and brand key wind/key set pocket watches.

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How much is a 17 jewels incabloc Swiss made pocket watch worth?

Around£1360 if in good condition


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