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New York is a state located in the northeast of the United States. It ranks 27th in terms of total land area and third in terms of population, together with the densest populated US city, New York City.

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How did New York get its name?

New York got its name from the Duke of York, who gained control of the land in the 17th century. Originally it was called "New Amsterdam" by the Dutch settlers but when control of this area was taken over by English, its name was also changed to "New York," to honor the Duke of York. There is an "Old York" (or just York) back in England. New York was named for the Duke of York, later King James II of England. It...
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What is the climate and weather of New York State?

New York has a humid continental climate. Weather in New York is heavily influenced by two continental air masses: a warm, humid one from the southwest and a cold, dry one from the northwest. A cool, humid airflow from the North Atlantic also has an effect on weather in the state, albeit to a lesser extent than the continental ones. Many continental frontal boundaries move across New York, and storm systems moving north along the coast often affect the southern areas of...
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What was the climate of colonial New York?

Colonial New York had a very similar climate to today's. See the related question for that description. ...
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Who founded New York?

Native Americans, including the Lenape Indians, inhabited the area long before Europeans arrived. In 1524, the first European to the area was Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian sailing for the French. The French never colonized the area. English explorer Henry Hudson rediscovered the mouth of the Hudson River in 1609 and explored Hudson Bay in 1610. Like other explorers, Hudson was actually looking for a shortcut to Asia. He did not found any settlement there. bob :) French explorer Champlain mapped the east coast...
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What channel is Saturday Night Live on new york?

NBC ------------------------- In New York, that's WNBC-TV, channel 4.
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How many blocks equal a mile in new york city?

In large cities the number varies depending upon the original grid layout. In NYC (Manhattan) the number of north-south blocks per mile is 20. East-west blocks (between avenues) are typically just under 5 north-south blocks in length, so the number of east-west blocks per mile is 4. ...
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How long is the flight from London to New York?

The flight from London to New York is just over 7 hours. Depending on the wind, the weather conditions, and other factors it could be up to 8 hours long. ...
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What natural resources were available in the New York Colony?

Some natural resources were water, fish, but mostly wood/lumber because the area is called the Eastern Woodlands,fish, lakes and streams, freshwater wetlands, oceans, wildlife, minerals, forests,fish, granite, marble, food, forests, iron, fur, water and minerals. ...
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Where can you find a map of colonial New York?

Answer The State University of New York at Stony Brook has digitized their map collection online and has many colonial New York maps available. They also have a map pathfinder with links to other digital maps of New York. See related links to go to the site. ...
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How many hours ahead is New York from Arizona?

New York is two hours ahead of Arizona. If it is 3 P.M. in Arizona it will be 5 P.M. in New York. During Daylight Saving Time (mid-March through early November), New York is three hours ahead of most of Arizona (everywhere except the Navaho Nation). ...
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What are New York's major landforms?

A major landform can be a mountain, and a lake etc.
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How many murders in new york per day?

Normally the rate for 2008 is 6.3
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What is the state capital of New York?

The capital city of New York State is Albany. It became New York's capital in 1797. Albany is the central city of New York's Capital District. It is roughly 150 miles or 240 km north of New York City. Albany is located on the west bank of the Hudson River about 10 miles or 16 km south of its confluence with the Mohawk River. Many people believe that the capital of New York State is New York City, partly because of the...
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How many restaurants are there in Manhattan?

In all five boroughs of New York City there are 23,499 active restaurants as of April 2010. There are no resources online with figures of the number of restaurants in just Manhattan. ...
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What famous people were born in Rochester NY?

There are many well known people from Rochester, NY; over a hundred of them in fact. This list includes people such as Kristen Wiig, a comedian from Saturday Night Live and Peter Hannan the creator of "CatDog". ...
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How far is New York City from York PA?

3 Hours and 25 Minutes
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How did mike bloomberg make all his money?

The 8th richest Jewish American Mike Bloomberg have made most of his money either through interest or dropshipping businesses just like the owner of in USA and UK. Mr. Bloombergs main holdings have been, and always have been, Bloomberg News and Publishing type organizations. He originally was a Partner of the famous Salomon Brothers Brokerage. He is heavily involved with the Dow Jones publishing group. Another major holding is the Bloomberg terminal, which is used as the working toll for trading and...
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What is it illegal to pawn in New York?

The American Flag.
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When will new york deer go into rut in 2010?

In NJ and some parts of New York we've seen bucks chasing does already but the does arent ready. I don't know if the rut has fully kicked in for the bucks, but this weekend (oct. 23) is a great moonphase to hunt, so if the rut is starting now like i think it is, Saturday will be great. ...
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What is the New York City pin code?

There is no such thing as a New York City pin code. However, there are New York City zip codes. For example, for New Hampton, NYC, the zip code is 10959. ...
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Where was New York's Five Points?

Mr. Mullins stated that the Five Points existed at the intersection of "Worth, Baxter, and Park Row". This would lie in today's Chinatown. He was close! There is no such intersection. Park Row does not intersect with Baxter. The Five Points can be found where Baxter intersects with Worth (formerly known as Anthony St). If you follow Worth east, you'll hit Park (formerly known as Chatham). Answer Original 5 pts was the intersection of Worth, Baxter, Mosco, and Pearl Street, which use to run...
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What are zones on long island railroad?

The Wikipedia page for Long Island Rail Road has a zone map. See "related links" on this WikiAnswers page. ...