Prison Incarceration

"Prison Incarceration" deals specifically with questions and issues faced by those who are in prison or the family members or friends of those currently incarcerated in prison. Questions addressing post prison incarceration issues are also welcome.

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Prison Incarceration

How big is an average prison cell?

A average prison cell is 6 x 8 feet, which is about 180 x 240 centimeters.

Prison Incarceration

How do you get off of prison isle on HorseIsle?

you have to talk to the troll and answer the quiz questions but if you chatting to someone you will have to start over

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Prison Incarceration

What are the visiting hour at chino prison in ca?

The California Institution for Men

14901 Central Avenue

Chino, CA 91710

(909) 597-1821

Visiting Days: Saturday, Sunday

Visiting Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Prison Incarceration

Where did Tupac serve his prison sentence?

Clinton correctional facility

Prison Incarceration

Where is Angola prison located?

It is 22 miles from Francisville, Louisiana in West Felicinana Parish..

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Prison Incarceration

When will South Park Mexican Carlos Coy be released from prison?

Carlos "South Park Mexican" Coy was sentenced to 45 years in the Texas State Penetentiary in 2002. He is due for release in 2047. He is eligible for parole on 7 October 2024.

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Prison Incarceration

Is spm blood or crip?

spm is most certainly a blood

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What is determinate sentencing and its strengths and weaknesses?

A prison term that is definite and not subject to review by parole board or other agency.

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Prison Incarceration

How do you find out someone's release date?

A person's release date appears on their official documentation. This can be discovered by contacting the law enforcement agency that has custody of the person: County Sheriff's Department in the event of jail incarceration, or Department of correction in the case of prison incarceration.

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Prison Incarceration
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What is a projected release date from prison?

The date that the prison has been told they will release the inmate. It is variable though, and can change based on new crimes being charged while incarcerated or a releasing authority changing the date. A projected release date is the first or next possible date of release in an indeterminant sentence. For instance: if offender Bob's sentence began on 1/1/09 and he received the indeterminant sentence of 3-15 years, his projected release date would be 1/1/12. As mentioned previously, a releasing authority such as a parole board or panel has the authority to change this date, usually extending it. A state's governor or the President may also change this date by commutting a sentence or issuing a pardon.

An inmate is given two release dates, ERD - Earliest Release date and Max Date - Max date. They will get out between this time. Usually the erd as long as they do not have any disciplinary problems. If they get into trouble time gets add, until their max date... Unless they commit felony's inside then that changes the release date completely.

Prison Incarceration

How do you go about getting married in prison?

If you wish to get married in a prison these are the steps to you need to follow to fullfill your wedding wish .

1st. Your fiance needs to put a application in to the prisons chaplin,

2nd. The chaplin will go to the inmate and ask him/her some details and ask them names and date of births and addresses of intended guests at the wedding.

3rd. The chaplin will pass all the information over to the govenor for him to do security checks on guests and to decide if your partner is elegiable to get married in the prison.

( Please note if the inmate is not doing a sentence over 6 months the wedding will be refused by the govenor)

4th.Once the govenor has done all apropriate checks he will then give 2 forms to the chaplin who will then forward the forms on to the fiance who is on the outside to take to the local registery office .

5th. Both yours and your fiance's Bands will be put in place for 2 weeks.

6th. You will receive a letter from your registey office informing you that a date can now be made for your wedding ceremony once the 2 weeks are over for your bands.

7th. Payment in full which is normally around £300 will be made to the registery office and the date of your wedding will be booked, the registra will give you written notice of the wedding date and time which you then forward onto the chaplin at your fiancee's prison.

8th. you will receive written conformation on recipt of the letter of the chaplin and you can then look forward to enjoying your wedding day.

This was the procedior i followed to get married to my husband whilst he was in prison and i hope the information i have provided will help all you anquious fiancee's .

Just remember to enjoy your wedding day , its well worth all the time and patience you put into it .

If i had been given the chance to ither get marred in a church or the prison , Hands down i would of still chose the prison. Me and my husband had a amazing day and i hope if your planning a prison wedding you have as much joy from your day as we did .

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Prison Incarceration

Is Carlos Coy the rapper South Park Mexican dead?

No. A rumor was floated that Carlos "South Park Mexican" had died in prison. This has been determined to be unsubstantiated. SPM is not dead. He was not shot; he was not stabbed, shanked, shived, or ganked; he did not commit suicide; he did not have a heart attack.

Rumors such as these start all the time. It is a phenomenon of the internet. People start them to gain attention or notoriety, it is possible it was begun as a marketing ploy by his production company. It might have been started out of some misanthropic attempt at vengeance. No one can really say.

But, Carlos Coy, the South Park Mexican is alive and well, incarcerated in the Texas State Penitentiary at Palestine, Texas.

Prison Incarceration

How many numbers make a prisoner's ID number?

depends on how many people are locked up 7 or 8 numbers

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Prison Incarceration

Did Carlos Coy the rapper South Park Mexican really commit the crimes of which he is accused?

The facts:

  • Carlos Coy was convicted of only the Aggravated Sexual Assault against a Child for the alleged forced oral sex with the nine year old friend of his daughter. The facts are that Carlos Coy has been accused by eight different girls and young women of similar types of sexual assault. They range from Aggravated Sexual Assault against a Child, Child Molestation, and Sex with a Minor.
  • In 2001 Jill Odom, the mother of a boy born in 1993 (who is now 16), filed a civil suit against Coy for paternal support. DNA testing proved that Coy is the father of the boy, and birth records prove that Odom was impregnated at the age of 13, giving birth at 14.
  • When Coy was tried in 2002, no physical evidence was offered by the prosecution. Coy was convicted on the testimony of his victims and witnesses.
  • Coy is guilty of sex with a minor with Jill Odom.
  • The various allegations that have been brought against Carlos Coy are the only criminal charges in the US that require (in most states) no evidence, no witnesses, no victim testimony in court, and have the highest conviction rate of any other class of criminal charge (90% or greater). Many judges when they give jury instructions state language to the effect: "If you believe he is guilty, then he is guilty."
  • Carlos Coy has ben convicted of a sexual crime, therefore by the perception of the vast majority of the citizens of the US and the US system of justice, he is guilty.

Conclusions that can be drawn:

  1. Coy could be innocent of any of the allegations and could have been wrongfully imprisoned for the charge for which he was convicted.
  2. The seven girls, excluding Odom, could be part of a conspiracy to extort money from Coy by using charges of sexual assaults.
  3. Coy could be guilty of some of the charges.
  4. Coy could be guilty of all of the charges.
  5. With so many different, unrelated accusers, it's not likely that he is completely innocent.And, it is established that he is not innocent in at least one of the cases.

Whether or not Carlos Coy is actually guilty of the crimes for which he has been accused is known only to God, Carlos Coy, and his accusers.

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Can a person who is in state prison and has a low probability of outliving his sentence get life insurance coverage?

A person can get life insurance NO matter where that person is ... it is up to the insurer to issue the insurance on the person more then likely the insurance company will not insure said person ...

Prison Incarceration

Is there a women's prison in Fond du lac?

Yes, there is a female prison on the outskirts of Fond du lac, It's called Taycheedah Correctional Inst. It is located right off the Hwy 151 bypass It's street address is 751 County Road K
Fond du Lac, WI 54936-1947
Phone: 920-929-3800
Fax: 920-929-2946

Prison Incarceration
The Shawshank Redemption

Is the prison in Shawshank Redemption real?

Yes, It is quite real.

The prison they used for the film is located in Mansfield, Ohio.

It is known as the Ohio State reformatory, or the old Ohio state prison. It was scheduled for demolition in 1990, but was fought for restoration by the Ohio historical society.

The building itself still stands today, and tours are conducted seasonally.

A quick Google search will bring up many pictures and links for more information.Mansfield, OH

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Why did South Park Mexican Carlos Coy go to prison?

Carlos Coy was convicted of Aggravated Sexual Assault against a Child. This is the only charge for which he has been convicted thus far.

And the only one he will ever be convicted for. LET SPM GO FREE

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Are most peckerwoods involved in prison gang activity?


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Prison Incarceration
United States

Which state has the most prisons?


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Prison Incarceration

What is prison slang for informant?

An informant in prison would be called a rat.

Prison Incarceration

Can you go to prison for being racist?

Nowhere in America. Racism is not a crime (for which you go to prison), and not even a tort (for which you pay civil damages).

Prison Incarceration

Why did Martha Stewart go to prison?

Martha Stewart, contrary to popular belief, did not go to jail for insider trading. She went to jail for lying to officials about it.

Had she admitted that she knew insider trading was going on she would not have gone to jail. Her sentencing was conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding, and making false statements to federal investigators. Her activity, while immoral, was not illegal, as she received the information second-hand.

Prison Incarceration

Where is a women's prison in Texas?

There are a number of women's "state jails" in Texas -- located all through the state; however, all of the women's prisonsare located in either Gatesville, TX (a complex of several women's prison units, including death row), or in Marlin, TX (the Hobby Unit).

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Where is Carlos Lehder?

Carlos Lehder's ongoing legal battles confirm Lehder remains imprisoned in the US, and that he is not likely to be released anytime soon. On July 22, 2005 he appeared in the US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit to contest his sentence. Lehder appeared pro se, arguing that the United States failed to perform its obligations under a cooperation agreement he had entered into with the United States Attorney's Office, after he held up his end of the deal. (United States v. Lehder-Rivas, 136 Fed. Appx. 324; 2005). In May 2007, he requested the Colombian Supreme Court to order the Colombian government to request from the United States his release because of the violations of his cooperation agreement.


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