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This category is for questions related specifically to jail incarceration, which is a sentence served at a jail facility for typically less than one year. Jails are county or municipal run correctional facilities, as opposed to prisons which are state or federally run long-term correctional facilities.

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How much jail time for impersonating a police officer?

Depends on what you did. Did you kill someone or were you just showing off to someone? So it depends on the action.

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What happens if you bail someone out of Jail and they are later found guilty?

You should still get your money back. The bail is just to make sure that they show up to their court dates. Sentencing shouldn't effect it.

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How many months is a year in jail?


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How do jail inmates make alcohol?

Any fruit or vegetable will ferment in water. Spit/saliva makes this happen faster. It is not difficult to make alcohol.

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Are you able to send Elko County Jail Inmates books?

Odds are yes. Typically there will be restrictions on what books you may send and from where. Usually there is no problem having books shipped from Barnes & Noble directly to the inmate. You will likely not be able to send the books yourself, however clergy have different priviledges, and you may be able to send a book in through a minister. Your best option is to call the Sheriff's office at (775) 777-2530 and ask specific questions: restrictions on types of books? restrictions on sender? restrictions on number of books? etc. Do not mention sending books by clergy. If you decide to do it this way, just do it.

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What does Release Revoked mean?

It meqans that the release that was granted to the defendant (probation - bail - etc) is revoked by the judge and the person is to be taken into custody and remanded to jail.

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What do you call the building where criminals are locked up?

A prison or penitentiary

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Is Assange still in jail?

No, Julian Assange (as of 3/9/2011) is not in jail. He was released on strict conditional bail by a London court but is still under house arrest as he is appealing the decision regarding his extradition to Sweden to face rape allegations.

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Can you goto jail for hacking in AQWorlds?

Yes you CAN & WILL.

Tooken from there DNs: -- This is an important notice. To create a fair and safe environment for all players in AQWorlds, the game has started automatically permanent-banning accounts of players who hack or cheat. Over 1000 accounts have been banned in the last day. Once an account is banned for cheating it will NOT be recoverable and all items will be lost. To all players who this is relavent to, please do NOT hack / cheat.

The system will be continually adapting, unexpectantly permanent-banning accounts using new hacks as they are attempted. Also, as you may already know our lawyers have begun taking legal action against several hacking sites, their respective owners and the authors of hacks found there.

And some MAY be IP Traced & Permanently Banned from our Websites, and the consequence may go DEEPER. Password Cracker are usually patched once they construct it, & the players who'm create it are known already by us, and will probably get SUED / JAILED sooner or later, if they continue.

I don't think, you'd want that Consequence? I believe NOT.

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What jail is Colton Harris-Moore in?

He's in a prison in Baltimore on Greenmount ave.

The jail doesn't accept incoming mail but you can send letters to the address below as long as you put his real name and not 'the barefoot bandit'...

Department of Corrections

720 Bosley Avenue

Towson, Maryland 21204

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How many months in jail do you get for hitting a cop?

6 months...but don't try it...

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What is sanjoaquin county jail address?

San Joaquin County Jail or Honor Farm

999 W. Mathews Road

French Camp, CA 95231

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How do you find out someone's release date?

A person's release date appears on their official documentation. This can be discovered by contacting the law enforcement agency that has custody of the person: County Sheriff's Department in the event of jail incarceration, or Department of correction in the case of prison incarceration.

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How long can they hold you in jail before trial in Indiana?

Once you have been charged and arraigned you should go to trial in 90 days or less (i.e.: right to a "speedy" trial). However, if your defense attorney requests a waiver of speedy trial and asks for more time (for whatever reason) the judge will usually grant their request. Also, if the prosecution asks for an extension of the time limit, AND YOUR ATTORNEY AGREES TO IT, the judge will usually grant that also. If you're that anxious to go to trial, speak with your defense attorney and ask them what the holdup is.

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Where is ben markowitz now?

he lives with his fiance and his new child

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What are the similarities between jail and prisons?

The both hold prisoners the obvious similarity would be that of restricted freedom - ie: you are held in a cell. more informative might be the difference - i believe jail imposed immediately after a crime is committed for temporary duration, while prison is sentenced for a definite time period after the alleged transgression has been tried in court.

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How much jail time for bank robbery in Mass?

Bank Robbery is a FEDERAL offense Massechussetts statutes may not even enter into the equation.

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Can you marry a jail inmate?

The rules vary in different states but generally, the first step is to contact the prison chaplain and request a marriage packet if one is available. That packet will contain forms and instructions. It is likely that the inmate as well as the potential spouse will need to contact the chaplain in writing. A marriage license must be obtained.

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What is a temporary release from jail?

Bail or furlough

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Can a 20-year-old guy go to jail for getting a 16-year-old girl pregnant?

It depends on what the law is in your state...my guess is that if you are asking this question, you are either the 20 year old, the 16 year old or the parent of the 16 year old. No matter which one you are, try to imagine what it would be like if you were in the position of the other two. If you are the 20 year old, take full responsibility. Sit down with the 16 year old and her parents and own up to it. Explain to the parents exactly what your plans are to take full financial responsibility for the child. But it doesn't end there. You will be a parent for the rest of your life, tasked with raising the child to the point where he/she is independent. If you own up and take responsibility, the parents may likely see that putting you in jail would not be good for the child, their daughter, or the situation in general. Keep in mind that the parents will probably not have a favorable opinion of you from the outset...you must show them that you know you made a mistake and are willing to take responsibility for it. It will be a difficult conversation, and emotions will run high, but it is the right thing to do. Let them yell at you and vent, they will probably need to. In the end I bet they will respect you for owning up to it. If you are the parent, take the above into consideration. A man in jail doesn't buy diapers and formula, or make a good daddy, and a criminal record may inhibit him from getting a good job and providing support when he gets out of jail. If he owns up to it and takes responsibility, I'd give him a chance to make things right, as much as he can in the given situation. Suggest the same kind of meeting referenced above, invite his parents if you feel it would be appropriate, and give everyone a few days to think things over before the meeting is held. Try not to lose your temper, and try to keep the discussion productive. You are concerned with the welfare of your daughter and the child. I know this next comment will sting, but this never would have happened without a failure of some kind on the part of both you and the parents of the 20 year old. Own up to that as well. If you are the 16 year old, you'd better make sure that the above referenced meeting happens and is a productive one. If not, you are the one who will bear the consequences. Too many young women are left alone with a child to care for. Emotional and financial support from the father, your parents, his parents, and your family in general will be critical. Above all, seek the most productive solution. Everyone involved should keep in mind that you will have to deal with each other on some level for many years to come...don't burn any bridges, this child will be a source of joy for many years to come...get off to a good start... HOWEVER, if the guy is a total dirtbag, don't hesitate to throw him in jail...it'll give him time to think things over... The age of consent in England and Wales is 16, the age of the male is irrelevent. IN WISCONSIN>>>Hell yeah and a sex offender for life...registering where ever you live.

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If a person in jail wants to get a divorce can he get a fee waiver to pay for his divorce?

Well in FL you can file a petition for dissolution even if you are "indigent". This means you do not have the money to pay and you fill out the forms and they verify you do not have the money , then your petition is allowed to be filed free of charge. Just get the information fomr the CLerk of COurt in the county you need the divorce in.

In Oregon you can fill out a application for a deferral or waiver of fees. If you qualify you will either have your fees waived or set aside for a certain amount of time..either way you can file without paying up front.

In Mississippi, my cousin was arrested and when he went to jail they suggested he get a divorce while in jail, they said it would cost about $15. It really matters on the state laws. I hope this was helpful to anyone that is in need.

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Can the president be sent to jail?

Yes: the President is not above the law.

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My husband has been arrested for domestic voilence. Can i remove the charges and have him get released from jail?

I'm not a lawyer, answer is specific to personal experience and knowledge of process in CA and NV. No, both of these states will continue prosecution based on original statements and complaint and report of arresting officer, law recognizes pressure on complainant (victim) and assumes role of complainant (State of CA vs. perpetrator). Even recanting complaint will usually not work and refusal to testify also not likely to work. Advise you let him sit in jail, be forced into court-mandated anger management program no matter how much suffering it causes you. you will both be better off. In most cases and most states when there is a domestic violence dispute with injury or serious complaint, an arrest must be made. Now what most people think is that YOU are pressing charges against a person. However, in reality the state or county is bringing the charges against the person arrested. You have the option to not testify and retract you original statement. However, you cannot force the police/court to drop the charges against him. Often when a spouse/family member/etc. chooses to no longer participate in a trial, it proceeds anyway with the ADA (Assistant District Attorney) as the 'accuser'. Many people who are victims of abuse are not able to see their loved one punished or admit to the abuse so this protocol of the state bring charges rather then the victim prevents victim intimidation/violence and means that more abusers end up being charged, tried, and convicted. You may as I said choose to argue your original police statement was inaccurate BUT most likely the police will dismiss your request and the court would most likely allow the prosecutor to read your original statement to the judge and have it be presented as evidence in his trial, without you present to argue you husband's side. If he has already been sentenced, there are no grounds for you to appeal the decision. Nothing you do at that point would make a difference. If you told the police you made a false statement, they would simply arrest you as well. I would recommend in this case only attempting to clear him of charges if he is totally innocent, has not yet been to trial, and you can get a good lawyer. Otherwise he is going to have to accept the consequences of his actions and you should contact a domestic abuse counselor that can help you deal with the situation.

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Did Trey Songz go to jail?

he never did, he always focused on his music

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Is there jail time for class 0 felony in Virginia?

ALL Felony offenses have prison time attached to them.


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