An educator (or teacher) is a person who instructs and educates students. To be an educator, a person must obtain professional qualifications and teaching certification from a university or college.

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What is efficient teacher?

A teacher who can tune up with the students and can give them feeling that they are taking care individually. Also by knowledge good teacher should be efficient in answering the questions of students logically and correctly and should be master in his or her field of subject.


A teacher walks into the Classroom and says If only Yesterday was Tomorrow Today would have been a Saturday Now on which Day did the Teacher make this Statement?


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What is the difference between hearing and listening?

Hearing is merely the ability of ear to sense sounds around one, but, listening is more of conscious effort to interpret the sounds, requiring concentration of mind.


What is the role of philosophy in human life?

Purpose of philosophy is show things as they are.Otherwise human perception remains blurred and confused.

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How much money does a ROTC teacher earn?

The ROTC instructors in colleges and universities are military personnel and are paid the standard pay rates for their rank and time in grade.

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How can you contact Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam?

No 10, Rajaji marg,New Delhi -110011.


A debate question who is more important teacher and farmer?

Teachers are more important than farmers because every emitation must have original some where that means farmers are by-product of teachers,so without being taught by teachers how would they farm,how would they interact interms of exporting the good,how would they be known,how would they safe their farm produce for future Amayak utin.

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How do you find a leak in underground copper pipe?

i think the only way is to visual inspect it.

True but that is if you already know where the line runs and have a good idea where the leak is underground. However if you dont have this knowledge you will need to plot where your line runs and walk the area with a pole and look for a place that is excessively damp and probe the area with the pole not too hard or you may rupture the line worse. When you have found said leak (general area) get a shovel and start digging till you uncover the area to be fixed. Then depending on your leak shut off the main cut the pipe where leak is then solder a copper sweat sleeve 1" longer than your removed area to the pipe.

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Who is better teacher or doctor?

in my point of view doctors are better ,why because teachers can teches the lessons what can dpo? ,how we can operate?,how we can face the situvation?. but ,in case doctotrs can deal with patients,they can gudied others.
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Why teachers are better than doctors?

Because when a teacher taught someone then he/she became a doctor.

The previous statement is incorrect, teachers don't teach doctors, doctors teach doctors. But in reality, neither is more important than the other. Both are integral to how our society functions


What does it mean to be a teaching professional?

Like any other profession, to do it well requires expertise. A teaching professional is just that. Teaching involves much more than a knowledge of your subject matter. It requires also deep understanding of learning theory, psychology, human behavior, sociology, group dynamics, and school law. Teachers are by nature experts in multiple disciplines.

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Who was Raphael Sanzio's teacher?

he was influenced by Michelangelo and Leonardo da vinci. Buthis collegeprofessor was a man named pietro perugino

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Why you should not enter the laboratory without your teacher's permission?

Health and safety.

The school could be taken to court if you injured yourself by one of the chemicals or bacteria in the lab

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How do you answer 'Please give your reasons for making this application'?

You might also investigate the mission statement of the company and refer to the importance of that to your decision. Many of them refer to integrity, caring for the customer above all else and so on. You can give examples of your experience in that area.

The reason for formal applications is not to see if you've qualifed for the job, but to see how much you pay attention to details. They don't want lengthy answers, they want answers to be short and precise.

An answer could be:

This application is to help establish my qualifications for the (job) position as accurately as possible. It shows that I meet the required qualifications. My skills facilitate that I am able to make quick, sound decisions, and I am more than capable of adapting to any situation reflected by my previous experiences and training.


Why do teachers shout?

because if children behave badly for long period they get really enoyed and get fed up so all they think to do is shout because it normally makes all the pupils in the class be quite and respectable anyway they dont like to shout they dont do it because they feel like it it because they get stressed and dont know what to do but the best way not to get told off is

1. dont talk when the teachers talking

2. be apart of the lesson and try and answer the questions she/he asks.

3.offer to help

4. at lunch time obey the rules

5. and follow school rules all schools have different rules so i wont put any.

6. E.T.C.theres lots more things i could fill 100 pages but i wont so there it is

thnx for reading hope you like it!

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The difference between a coach and a teacher?

coach is a name given to a person who teaches us physical activities which we call games or sports. A Teacher is who gives us mental training to improve our mind level.


How many teachers are there in England and Wales?


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How do you write a letter of come back for a job i left 1yr ago for some personal reasons i want to go back to that same company can someone give a sample letter?

All business letters should have the same structure:


Name of person addressed

Name of Company or Organization

Address of Company or Organization

City, State, Zip (or equivalent depending on country)

Dear Name,

first paragraph: a sentence or two stating why you are writing.

second paragraph: give the facts and information supporting your request. This can actually be more than one paragraph or if several facts needed, use bullets. Don't use emotional language or go off the target of your request.

third paragraph: tell the addressee what you want them to do or what you want to happen. Be clear without emotional language or going off the target. Give your address and/or phone number at the end to be sure it's easy for the addressee to find.

Use Sincerely or Thank You,


Print or Type Your Name

This is a universal format. Good for any type of business letter. It is designed for a positive response even if the answer is no, leaving a good impression for further negotiations should that be necessary.

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How much do algebra teachers earn a year?

Average is $52,390

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What education and training do you need to become an English teacher?

That depends on each country and state. It also depends of the level you want to teach. Teaching English abroad as a second language requires sometimes less qualifications than teaching English language in an English speaking country.

AnswerIt takes 4 years to get a degree to teach English. You will have a major and a minor, plus about a year of education courses, including student teaching. However, there are other realities to consider. You may want to check area schools to see what the best teaching minor would be. I discovered that most wanted a PE degree. I did have computer science certification, but they did not hire English teachers for that, since it was part of the math department. Office computing was part of the business department and so you needed to have that certification. In addition, there are periods of time where the English departments have the lowest turnover of all types of teachers. If you want to try out teaching, once you have 60 college hours, many school districts will welcome you as a substitute teacher. For teacher certification, you will have to pass a state test in each of your teaching fields as well as a professional test once you have your degree. AnswerWell, in order to be a teacher k-12 you need to get a bachelor's degree which is 4 years, many teachers go for more. But in order to become a teacher you need at least four years of college.

Yes, that is true but you also need education credits as well as English credits. I have a bachelor's in business and decided to teach after 12 years in business. I am going back to school for the additional credits to get the license. (You can teach in private schools without a license but most will not hire you without the credentials and they traditionally pay less.) It will take 15 months, then I get my license and look for a job. After I get hired I go back for 9 more credits and I will have a masters in education.


When is teacher appreciation week in Quebec?

Quebec's official Teacher Appreciation Week for preschool and elementary teachers is held the first full week of February each year.

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What is the good slogan of teacher?

those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it

you are studying for your future not my future understood......


Who was the first deaf teacher in America?

Laurent Clerc

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How much does a Sylvan Learning Center Tutor cost?

A Sylvan instructional hour costs $45-50. The Sylvan Skills Assessmentâ„¢, which costs $149-199, gives an estimate

of the number of hours needed to meet a student's educational needs. Once a student is assessed and registered

to enroll, there is a $50 registration fee, there are no additional fees above tuition. Most families purchase the

entire program designed to meet their student's needs, and receive free bonus hours valued at 3% to 15%.


What steps do you need to take to become a teacher?

finish high school, go to college and major in education.. usually to get a job u have to have a certain college degree.. but with this ecomony good luck finding a teaching job..


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